August 8, 2017
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I laid in my bed the other night

-With the silver and golden glow of the lamps on the sheets-

And I pretended that you were lying with me.

We were at arms length from each other

Our words keeping us warm despite

the distance

I said how unbelievable it was that you were here with me right now

And that you'd stay with me till morning light

But the lights had to go out

My Heart gave a sigh

It wasn't sad, but the yearning dug its way back


When I finally woke up, of course, you weren't


I went about my day as usual

But ever since the summer started

There hasn't been a day that I haven't thought

-about you

But what's there to miss?

A voice chimes in my head

I mean

All we have are a few awkward 'Hi's'

A couple of games

A study session where I thought my heart would


And a few other things I'd rather not mention

But still

I miss the days where you'd walk down the

halls and, for a fleeting moment, I'd pass you

I miss stealing glances at you in class

And then turning away quickly whenever I thought

you were looking my way

I miss your eyes

The shades of willow leaves and mint

The color of eternal spring in your gaze

I miss the sound of your voice

Somethig so soft and low that I can't even

find the words to describe it

All I know is that it reminds me of caramel

with its tender and comforting flavors

And I miss your smile

A nice little array of square pearls

That pull your lips into a goofy grin

that makes my heart melt.

I miss you!

I just miss you!

And I don't know what's going on but the 

thought of being apart from you for a year

almost makes me wanna cry.


Because I've told God I wanna be with you.

And I know he listens.

He listens and he speaks:

So He'll tell me to let you go

Or we'll be strung together into a wonderful tapestry.

But for now:

I want to laugh with you

Walk and talk with you

Settle down a heated argument and remember

that we're friends after all

With you

I want to be there when you shed your tears

And I want you to be there when I shed mine

I want to remember God with you

To be reminded of His love for us and how it

relates to us.

I want to know your story

And for you to know mine.

And to say "I love you" with all sincerity

But for now

I'll just wait.

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