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November 18, 2015
By KawaiiCooper DIAMOND, Winter Garden, Florida
KawaiiCooper DIAMOND, Winter Garden, Florida
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I asked my
Best friend today
If I could talk
To you,
Say a proper
The truth was
That my face
Missed the heat
That accompanied
Your presence.


I craved you
Like Earth
Craves water.
I craved sarcastic
Cryptic inside jokes,
The time we
Sat, mortified
As our teacher
Showed us a video
Of a mother in labor.
When you made it
A joke,
Grunting like a gorilla
And croaking,
“Mm… science!”


The way
I always seem
To laugh endlessly
Around you.


She said you left,
Like me.


And that deserted
Pang I felt
In the dark corners
Of my soul
Was the first
Certain emotion
I’d felt in ages.


I confided in her,
Told her how I felt,
About you.
That I liked
You before
You and my
Friend became
The school’s
Cutest couple.
I was there
Before you two
Ever said a word
To each other.


And even through
The pain,
My mind
Drew on the
To create
Reason number
One-hundred ninety-seven
Of why
We could
And should always
Be together.


But, I suppose
I should be


Because when
Daydreams and
Fantasies conjured
In the middle
Of Journalism
Emerge into reality,
The bond between
The oxygen and
The two hydrogens
And everything
Falls apart.


Just like we
Learned in biology
Together after
We cracked
Up at a YouTube
Video in the
Back of the room
Because the chromosomes
Looked like turds.


And while
The pain
Of what could
Have been
And will
At least
This dream
Is healthy
And whole.
Sweet and
Innocent and
Drunk on

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