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I'm Okay

June 21, 2015
By KawaiiCooper DIAMOND, Winter Garden, Florida
KawaiiCooper DIAMOND, Winter Garden, Florida
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I’m sure you’ve heard,
But I’m okay now.

I know you worried
About if
I would become
A responsible
As we sat
At that tiny table
During visitation hours
The first time.

And the second and third time,
When I cracked.

I’m sure you felt
Like having me around
Was getting old
And that I would never
Crawl out of the hole
My genetics dug out.

But I’m better, now.
I’m okay, now.


It’s funny, really.
While I cried at the sight
Of you
The fourth time
I was sent
To the hospital,
For residential,
I thought I would die
If I didn’t leave with you.

And I suppose a part of me


But that’s okay.
Because that part of me
Was naïve
And fragile.

And I know
You noticed
How I matured
After I left.

That’s because
I saw
What could happen
If I didn’t get
My s*** together.

People came in high,
With bloody stitches
On their
Wrists and arms,
With teeth rotted
From puking
Into toilets
After eating.
And there were people
With STD’s
From bad choices
They made
When they
Were ten.

I realized,
That you did love me.
That you were putting up
With me
Because you cared.

And while
It may not seem
Like it
Because I get
And lock myself
In my room
I really do
Your patience.
And I try
To be nice.

Because I’m okay now.

And I don’t want
You to worry

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