The swirling thoughts a torrential flood, an overwhelming desire to free new blood.
Those battered faces caked in mud, the grenades for hearts simply duds.

Struggles for another day, down on their bruised knees as they pray to take all the hellish things away, and ensure that it all stays far away while they decay all those horrible things that stifle... Please don't bring us close that we all might fall.

Put down those blades, sharp and reddened, you've no idea down that road you're headed. There's better thing to do than harm, better than to maim or scar.

Despite that life, Fate, God, and war may cause us pain, hatred, and more... Never let ANYTHING bring your fears past the point of tears.

Stand up and realize you aren't alone, neither far or even at home. You should know that you're the perfect example of you and ONLY you. As hard as they try, no one can take that from you. It's impossible. A choice made by you alone.

Don't feel unloved, unworthy, like there's no hope. Don't be that way, you've got a way. Even on your darkest days, you're never alone.

I may be a stuffed animal, a lyric or two, or even simply you. But everyone has that single thing that makes the bad just go away.

So show your scars, your past's okay, and I know that after every day, you'll look back and finally see...

"I don't have to be perfect, I'm simply me."

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