The World is Dead

The world is dead.
So very dead.

Don’t let their pulses fool you-
they are far from being alive.

I have spent years trying to pull colors out of the grey,
but all of my efforts have gone in vain.

I always tried to make music out of the silence,
but the world wants to crush my song.

Maybe if I just let myself go...
Maybe if I were to let myself die on the inside, the world would accept me as one of its own.
My flesh and blood would become one with the soil and I would live with the Earth as one.

But instead the Earth senses my life.
It sees me as a virus.
It sends its antibodies around me; always trying to destroy the life.
If the Earth is a body, then it is a deranged one, in which the goal is to stay dead.

There is no beauty in a passionless life.
What is it that we are trying to accomplish?
Why do we long for the mundane?

Don’t you see your hollowed faces?
Why have you lost the spark in your eyes?
There’s more to life than just existing,
and more to existing than just to live.

I have never seen the beauty in trying to be dead,
when we are supposed to be alive.

I see it overcoming you,
don’t let it take you in!
The darkness has encased you.
Your existence is wearing thin.

You must hurry now,
and act while you still can.
We were never meant to live like this.
I promise you, there is a greater plan.

There was a man, you see, who died already, He died for you and me.
He died so you could live,
He died and set you free.

What a precious gift that is!
Why would you throw that away?
You’ve chosen a life of slavery and bondage,
but there is a better way.

Don’t be afraid of joy,
and don’t be afraid of love.
Ask for help from the King of Kings,
ask for help from above.

Only after you have done these things
will you ever truly see
that you were born to be alive.
You were born to be free.

So stand now, stand bold and stand strong!
They will try to take your life from you,
but they can never take your song!

The Earth has proven that death is contagious,
well then life must be, too!
So do us all a favor,
and always be alive.
Finally then you will see
that you can always be you.

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