A Poets Power

December 3, 2013
By Marissax3 PLATINUM, Bakersfield, California
Marissax3 PLATINUM, Bakersfield, California
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We stitch thoughts that become fabrics of emotions Cloaked in poetic apparel from Tailor-made experiences with the sweat of our pen’s brow
We Labor hard, in scorching fields of ink
Collecting melted vowels and consonants
Metamorphosis of words, burning relevance Into the minds, hearts and souls of our audiences

We disrobe on paper and strip on stage
Wearing only words
Exposing our inkwell for all to witness
As poetry flows through our veins
Revealing personal secrets and battles scars
Coaxing us to pen our victories in beautiful bold fonts, So others can see that giving up, is not an option
We are strength, courage, hope and inspirations; in words

We arm ourselves with lethal words
Release them through our poetry
Creating abstract art; painting belief on despair’s canvas with the brush of a poet’s soul
Molding words of motivation
Stirring passion and evoking intimacy
With ballpoint pens that drip fantasies
Our words are powerful and weapons of change

Unbeknownst to us,
we have become oracles for readers and listeners
who sit in quiet calm to read our words… or listen attentively to the vibrations of emotions in our voice. We touch so many.... with simple words

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