I Am .. Lust

I am the feeling before the realisation of truth
The desirable sinking of teeth into the forbidden fruit
Whether it is succulent...that remains to be tasted
Your minds drools with intense anticipation as if its been years that you've waited
But it's only been seconds since you saw her..
As far as your concerned in your mind's eye you've already done the deed
Burnt the calories
You've put your mind on a racetrack
Leading the flesh into a race it probably won't win
But it's determined to finish, raise the trophy of sin
And your soul's like whoa..
The soul can't always contend with the beast inside
Hungry to the point where you'll sacrifice your pride
To satisfy urges that could lead your moral and physical demise
I am Lust
What she has; you want, but only if she flaunts
If you can't see then i can't see, I won't speak, I won't breathe
I won't talk but don't blame me
I'm just a feeling, your hands do the feeling
Your mouth does the talking
Your feet do the walking
Your hips do the swinging...
As you dance to the tune i play for you
I am Lust
My brother is Greed
I guarantee you'll run into him if you stay close to me
We'll be a team
Whether (weather) we win through (window)
Is down to you
If memory serves me well
You once had an outlook that said we won't excel together
Ok...so forget about spreading love on her sheets
Seeking power points to stay above the weak
I am Lust
I can also draw you into the canvas of success
Make you blind to failure
Make your heart pump faster in your chest
If ignorant you will face my first son: Regret
Or if smart you may date my daughter: Content
Which one you meet is down to your intent
I'm not obsessed with just flesh
I'm obsessed. Period.
I can fuel your desires
But will only direct you to your chosen destination
Do not confuse me with drive or motivation
I am Lust
I see the now but not the after
That's down to your character
Down to your vision, down to your willpower
My power is yours
Use me as you will
But remember: Do not blame me
I am Lust
Infamous to many and to a few an unsung hero
I am also victim to your whims, you know?
I am Lust
And once you use me, so are you
I sleep, Your urges are like an alarm to me
The snooze button is right here (your mind): Think and act accordingly
Whenever you're feeling me make sure you're feeling yourself
Because once you've done the deed, i go back to sleep
Whether you're filled with Regret or Content, it'll just be yourself
I am Lust
How may I be of service?

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