The girls in books

November 5, 2017

You read books about perfect girls who go on adventures, and save the world,
And who have perfect romances,
Like sunsets in potion bottles
And words like moonlit water
They have ghosts who they can leave once the day is done
And teeth that have never seen a lipstick stain
They’ve seen many days of heart break, but there's little rain
And just a few words of love for a week wash away all the pain

There are books about girls who get away with emptying that dark bottle of whisky
They get away with snorting white, dust like powder
And lighting that white and yellow cancer stick between their teeth
All because their parents are unattettive

We’ve read books where they get deep into love triangles without meaning to,
And most of the time they discard their best friend in the dirt,
And I’ve read books where girls can manage weapons and throw punches perfectly
They have blood stained lips,
Bruised hands and knees,
And dreams that could shake the sea
And words that could tear the world apart,
And ambitions that could make the earth make way before them, 

But their best friend couldn't scare a common house fly


There are stories that make your mind pace behind a dark cup of tea
And flower at every word

There are novels you would happily feed to the flame,
But maybe even the fire will spit it back out too

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