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What I Lost at the Lake

Author's note: This piece was written for a short story assignment in school, but I fell in love with the piece....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This piece was written for a short story assignment in school, but I fell in love with the piece. So much I got carried into it. This is a story that describes how even though what we perceive as being in 'like', has the possibility to turn into what we call 'love'. And how 'love' can turn into grief.  « Hide author's note
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The Kiss.

When I made it into the house, Noah had already almost finished preparing lunch.
“Hungry?” he asked us.
“Very,” I replied, making my way to the barstool. Elli declined, making her way up to her room.
“ So,” I started, making sure she had made her way up the stairs, “What’s the story behind Elli?” I asked as I picked at the sandwich Noah had set in front of me.
“She’s a looker, huh?” he said, propping his elbows up, making himself taller.
“Yeah she’s cute, but what’s the story with you and her?”
“There’s not much of a story; we meet at a mixer, swapped digits, ya’ know, the usual,” He stated.
“Oh, that’s cool I guess, so are you guys serious?” I said, but quickly reconsidered. “I mean like do you like her?” I asked,
“I don’t know, she seemed cool at the mixer and she’s not bad looking. “
“She’s cute.” I said. Staring at my sandwich, I murmured the words, “Beautiful.”
“Hmm?” Noah asked.
“Nothing,” I stated quickly, biting the sandwich and making sure my thoughts stayed thoughts.
The way Noah could be more interested in his sandwich than his girlfriend didn’t surprise me. Noah had a bad reputation in school, but mostly with girls. He was the type who liked someone to hang off his arm, that’s it. After he’d finished with one girl it was on to the next. He was a player, but the kind that left a mess of people hearts.
After finishing my lunch I made my way to my room. It would only be hours till the party would ruin any peace that the lake house still had, and I had to rest. I set my bag on the bed and lay down, closing my eyes once again. It wasn’t for long though, because as the sleep began to take over, there was a tapping on the door.
“Yes?” I said.
The door opened slowly, Elli’s old converses peeked through the door and were followed by the rest of her.
“Hey, would you mind helping me set up outside?” she asked.
“Sure” I said. I leapt up from the bed and followed her outside.
While we prepared, we began to talk. I’d never meet someone that fascinated me so much. The short time it took for us to set up disappointed me, and I found myself slyly becoming a little less intelligent, slowing down the process, hoping it would give me more time. It was if the knowledge that came from her lips had hindered my ability to function.
After setting up, I decided to show her the dock. I had spent many summers here with Noah when were young, and I wanted to share the magic of it with her.
“Sam, it’s gorgeous,” she exclaimed, pointing at the surface of the grey, glittering water.
“It is, isn’t it,” I said. “It’s my favorite place to come.”
“Wow,” she started, and then turned around and whispered, “I’m glad I get to share it – with you.”
Her green eyes locked into mine, challengingly calling me closer. The electricity seemed to spread through the lake, its ripples growing larger, and the water shining brighter than ever, even though the sun had begun to set. I stepped closer. We were now breaths away from each other. She grinned, the tips of her smile turned upward and her eyes measuring every angle of my face.
“Sam,” she breathed.
“Yes?” I asked, but it was barely a question.
“I like you,” she started again. “Do you like –“ she tried to ask, but I wouldn’t let her finish.
“Yes,” I interrupted. “Yes, I like you too.”
“Well alright then.” She smiled.
The breaths between us disappeared. My hands glided up her neck, my fingers intertwining with her long brown hair. She cupped my cheekbone delicately, moving her thumb back and forth stroking my jaw. I kissed the corner of her mouth first, cautiously, she was still Noah’s, but right now I could barely remember. She didn’t seem to remember either, it was if she had thrown her feelings in the lake and had let them stay there. She kissed me harder, this time pressing her lips against mine. For a second I thought it would last forever, and looking back on it, I wish it had. But when do wishes ever come true...?
Noah called from the house looking for us. As we drew back from each other I expected shame on her face. There was anything but. She looked found, like she had found her something in me. I was her key to happiness, and she had finally decided. I don’t know if I could call it love, but her kiss had fostered warmth in me that I had never felt for anyone else, and I liked it.
Noah began to call again, and this time she gave in, slowly walking off the dock and back towards the house. I stayed on the dock till the sun set into the lake and gave way to star spotted darkness. All I could do was think. I had loved every moment with her, despite the fact that we’d only known each other for hours. We’d said more with our eyes than could ever be said with words. She’d done the right thing by throwing her judgment into the lake, or at least that’s what I had thought.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 Next »

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nemish23 said...
Mar. 31, 2012 at 10:25 pm

short and sweet yet very sad :(

i love it! you could stretch the story out for longer though, you know, building suspense and stuff.

xxmanziexx replied...
Apr. 1, 2012 at 10:06 pm
Thanks so much for reading! Also, thank you for the feedback. When i get some time to work on the story i hope i can develop the characters more. Maybe then you can come check it out again! (:
Bookworm1998 said...
Dec. 26, 2011 at 7:29 pm
so sad :( this was good, though some longer chapters to support their feelings for each other would be better

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