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It'll Work Out and Be Okay


It'll WOrk Out and Be Okay

It’ll Work Out and Be Okay

Beep! Beep! Beep! Nevaeh wakes up to her alarm clock screaming in her ear. She pushes the snooze button. Five minutes later she hears it again, but this time she finally gets up and gets ready for the first day of her senior year.
Nevaeh jumps out of bed and starts to get ready for school. She goes to her closet and picks out one of the new seven outfits she got for the school year and put it on. She picks out an American Eagle top and a pair of American Eagle jeans. The shoe’s she picks out are a pair of Sperry boat shoes. She goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She then puts on her foundation, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, and then her mascara. She sprays herself down with her favorite perfume Ed Hardy Perfume.
I have to smell good for everyone.
After she gets done she goes down stairs to meet her mom and her brother Chase. Her mom is making a wonderful breakfast for them all. They had French toast, bacon, sausage, eggs, and toast. As they ate, Nevaeh talked about how excited she was too start her junior year. She couldn’t wait to see what classes she had with Kristal and all of the rest of her friends. Her brother Chase jumps in and talks about how excited he is to start his senior year in college. He is going for engineering at SLU, “or St. Louis University.” And before they know it they all have to go, Nevaeh and Chase to school and their mom Kelsie to work.
As she drives to Kristal’s house she thinks about what everyone will look like. If they have changed or not. Maybe even if they grew or shrunk. Or have gotten fat or skinny.
When she pulls up to Kristal’s house. She jumps out and goes up to the door. Kristal’s mom answers the door while hollering. “KRISTAL! YOUR RIDE IS HERE.”
“Alright I’m coming I’m coming!” Kristal yells back to her mother.
“Hello, Mrs. Spencer, how are you today?” Cara asks.
“I’m fine, Mrs. Knight, how are you?” Nevaeh replies nicely.
”I am great, thanks for asking. KRISTAL!”
Running down the stairs Kristal yells! “Oh my goodness! Nevaeh!”
“Kristal! I am so excited! I can’t wait for school.
“Yeah I know, I can’t believe it is here already.”
On their way to school they talked about their summers and how they missed each other. They didn’t get too see much of each other, Nevaeh was at a summer college trip, where she spent the whole summer playing the whole college experience, and Kristal was mostly at multiple church camps and various other camps. So they hardly had any time to spend together. Then Nevaeh starts talking about this guy she really likes and about how he went to the college thing that she went too.
As they pulled in the parking lot of McKinley High, they saw many kids chatting away like they haven’t seen each other in a year, but really they probably just saw each other the other day.
Getting out of the car Lila greets them both. Lila is captain of the cheerleading team, debate team, and is valedictorian because she loves being on top. Oh yeah she is very very competitive. Her boyfriend is Chandler Miles. He is the captain of the football and lacrosse team and is on the Scholastic Bowl Team, also. She doesn’t care what others think of her. If they think that she is snotty she just says, “Oh well let them think what they think they want to. If they believe it then that is truth I guess”.
When Lila greets them she says, “Welcome back! I am glad to see you guys come back this year! Now we only one more to go.”
“Good Morning Lila!” replied Nevaeh and Kristal.
“How are you Lila? Did your daddy buy you a new nose over the summer?” Kristal says sarcastically.
“Yeah, thanks for noticing guys.”
“Well, hate to cut you short and everything but we got to go. We don’t want to be late. So see you soon then.” Nevaeh replies back.
“Alright, see you later.”
Nevaeh and Kristal are on their way to the office to get their schedules when they are stopped by Chandler Miles, Lila’s boyfriend.
“Whoa there! Have you guys seen Lila? She keeps running off and greeting people? Are we supposed to be getting our schedules?” asks Chandler.
“Yeah she is in front of the school stopping people and telling them that she is glad to see them.” Nevaeh replies.
“Thank you very much Nevaeh and glad to see you. Oh yeah and you too Kristal.”
Beep! Beep! Beep!
"Ugh! I don't want to get up for school." Replied Riah
"I don't care what you want to do. You are getting up and going to school. It is your first day.”
“Alright! Fine! I am up and getting ready.”
“That’s my boy.”
Riah gets out of bed slowly and goes to his closet to see what he is going to wear to the first day of school. Riah is going into his senior year, and can’t wait until he graduates from McKinley High. He wants to go to college for Underwater Wielding, but he has a whole year to change his mind and maybe even think about which college he wants to go to. He is hoping that he gets in St. Louis University.
Still at his closet, he wonders what he is going to wear. So, he picks out a pair of American Eagle jeans and a Aeropostale shirt. Then he goes and puts on his boots. Riah hardly goes anywhere without his boots.
He slowly goes down the stairs, still not awake and sees that his mom is him breakfast. He tells her that she doesn’t have to cook him anything, but she says, “Well I don’t care. You are eating whether you are hungry or not.”
“It’s not that I am not hungry, you didn’t have to do that. I could have grabbed a pop tart or banana or something.”
“I know you could have, but I thought it would be nice to have a breakfast cooked for you. It is your first day. You need to eat a good healthy breakfast.”
“Thanks mom I appreciate it very much. Thank you again for thinking of me.”
“You’re welcome. No problem. If you want me to cook just ask and I will.”
As they sit down to eat Azariah realizes she cooked a whole lot of food. I guess she expects me to eat a lot. I should try to eat as much as I can so I don’t waste most of it. They discuss what they think their days might turn out to be, and what they plan on doing for supper.
“Maybe we should go out for dinner tonight, I mean because we are both going to be overwhelmed with work and school today. I thought maybe it might be a good idea. What do you think?”
“Yeah Mom that sounds superb. What about going to Fitz’s? Does that sound good?”
“Great that sounds perfect. We haven’t been there in a while.”
“Alright. What time do you get off?”
“I get off at 6:30.”
“Then meet there about 7:00 tonight.”
“Okay I will meet you there.”
“Well it is time for me to go. See you tonight. Love you.”
“Love you too, Riah.”
Azariah walks out the door and gets too his car when he realizes that he left his bag in the kitchen beside his chair. When he goes up too get it his mom is at the door holding it.
“Thanks Mom! You always have my back.”
“You’re welcome! Now get to school before you are late.”
Grace is still standing by the door until she cannot see Riah going down the road anymore.
Azariah had just pulled into the parking lot at McKinley when his best friend Chandler Miles comes up too him and greets him. “Hey Riah, how have you been?”
“Hey Chandler! You know what? I have been good. My summer went just fine, and now I am ready for school to start.”
“Yeah me too. My summer went fine too.”
“Well I hate to cut this short and everything, but I need to go to the office to get my schedule and see what and where my classes are.”
“Alright, well I have to find Lila anyway.”
“See you later”
Riah makes his way to the office without any more interruptions from anyone. He gets his schedule and this is what it says:
1st Hour - Civics
2nd Hour – Spanish III
3rd Hour – Pre – Calculus
4th Hour – Study Hall
5th Hour – Advanced Anatomy
6th Hour - Speech
7th Hour – Auto
8th Hour – Athletic Conditioning

“Well that was a little weird, don’t you think?” Nevaeh says confused.
“Yeah isn’t it though? They were never apart last year. Now this year he has to find her or catch up to her.”
“Yeah I can see him now. Chasing after her trying to get a kiss or trying to give her morning coffee.”
“So where are we off too?” Nevaeh takes a look down at her schedule and sees her classes:
1st Hour – Civics
2nd Hour – Spanish III
3rd Hour – Pre -Calculus
4th Hour – Physical Education
5th Hour – Advanced Anatomy
6th Hour – Speech
7th Hour – English IV
8th Hour – Study Hall
“I have Civics, Spanish III, Pre- Cal, P.E., Advanced Anatomy, Speech, English IV, and then I have Study Hall.” Nevaeh tells Kristal.
“We only have a few classes together this year. That is P.E., English Four, and Study Hall. Huh! Isn’t that crazy? We usually have at least five classes, and this year only three.”
“Yeah it is like they don’t want us together this year, because we get in trouble or something.”
“HAHAHA! We both know that. That is true.”
“Yeah well we can’t help it. We have been best friends since like, fourth grade.”
“We can’t change the past and I wouldn’t want too anyway. I am so glad that we are best friends. I would not know what to do without you beside me. I think I might go crazy.”
“Aww! Thanks Kris! I wouldn’t know what to do without you either; I would also probably go insane.”
“How about we go and see where are classes are.”
On the way to each class Nevaeh explains what this guy looked like. She told Kristal each and every detail about him. Of course, that seemed a little stalkish, but he was the perfect guy for her.
“Kris, he had baby green eyes and was tall and slim. He was everything I had dreamed in a guy.”
“Oh I am sorry!” As she looked up she realized that she knew that face. “Hey don’t I know you from somewhere. Oh yeah you are that girl that I met at college this summer. You didn’t tell me you went here.”
“Um, can you hold for just a second?” Kristal asks. “That is the guy you were talking about.”
“Yeah. Isn’t he handsome?”
“Uh yeah. Go get him and don’t let him get away you hold onto him.”
Nevaeh walks back to Riah and says, “Hey sorry about that. She had to ask me something.”
“Oh that’s okay. But again, you didn’t tell me you went here.”
“Well, you didn’t ask, and if I recall you didn’t tell me either.”
“Touché. How are you, Nevaeh?”
“You remember my name?”
“Yeah of course. Why wouldn’t I? It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”
“Thanks, and you said that your name was Azariah.”
“I’m surprised you remembered.”
“I am good with names and why wouldn’t I remember, there is nothing about you that I don’t remember.”
“So what classes do you have this year?”
“Um pretty much all hard working classes.”
Nevaeh shows Riah her schedule. He is shocked because they have almost every class together.
“Wow it’s like they knew that we were going to meet.”
“Yeah, weird, huh? Well I think we should hang out sometime.”
“Yeah I think that we should. You never know by this time next week, we could be a couple. Here give me your number.”
Nevaeh gives Azariah her number and they said their good-byes. Nevaeh runs too her car because she realized that it was time for everyone to go home. On her way she had gotten a call from Cara, Kristal’s mom.
“Nevaeh, where are you?” Cara said crying.
Nevaeh was wondering why Cara was crying. Things went through her mind just as fast at they came in. Then she thought of Kristal.
“I am on my way home. Why what happened? What is going on? Did someone get hurt? Is Kristal okay?”
Nevaeh didn’t get an answer. She had gotten really scared.
“Cara are you there? What is wrong tell me.”
“Kristal had gotten a ride from someone at school. I heard about it but didn’t think anything of it because I know you are a safe driver and I knew she would be with you. Then the next thing I know I get a phone call from a police officer saying that my daughter was in a wreck with some kid. I rushed to the area where they had the wreck and saw Kristal on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance. When we were are on our way to the hospital her heart monitor went blank. They tried to do something, but they couldn’t help her. So the first thing I did was called her father and then you.”
Screaming and crying Nevaeh says, “WHAT? Why did this happen? OH MY GOSH! “
“Nevaeh, I am sorry but it has happened.”
A week passes and Kristal is still on her mind. She doesn’t know what she is going to do without her she hasn’t went to school and Riah is getting worried. He doesn’t know what to do because she won’t talk to him. One day she finally shows up to school still not understanding the fact that Kristal is gone. Riah talks to her and she tells him everything. Even about how excited she was to tell Kristal that they were going to date. And then she finds out that her best friend is dead. All Riah could do is comfort and hold her. They sat and talked and she invited him over to talk more about anything and everything.
A couple years have passed and Nevaeh still gets upset every now and again because she has something important to tell Kristal and she can’t. Until one day she realized that she could still talk to her. Azariah and Nevaeh are still together they both go to college at SLU, they have a happy life together. As long as they have each other Nevaeh will be okay. But, she will never be great or wonderful.

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