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Inside the trailer, it was girls paradise. pink walls with yellow carpet and pillows on pink chairs. yellow vintage fridge and yellow bowls, plates, and cups. it was aweing really.
"i know right? this is mah baby. worked day'n'night on this beauty for three weeks. back there behind the curtain is my room. go through my clothes and pick out a few shirts and bottoms." she smiled, opening the mini fridge and pulling some strawberries and eggs out.
behind the sequined yellow curtain was a white framed bed with a pink and yellow polka dot comforter and fluffy pillows. the walls in the room were painted a soft, lemony shade and light was being filtered in through gauzy white curtains. i smiled and walked over to the closet, a small little thing--to be greeted with not hung clothing, stacdked. folded and set-halfway up the height of the college. denim, chiffon, cotton....it was an array of shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, shorts, capris, skinny jeans of every color, jeans, pants, sweats..
my eyes goggled slightly and i went over to a pile i hoped was tshirts and lifted a creamy one from the top, it was light and airy cotton. it felt smooth and soft under my fingers. gently peeling my own sticky black tshirt over my head and slipping it on. sliding the doors over to the otherside, i lifted up some of the other sweaters off the one i wanted, a grey, light one. as i put it on i realized...her clothes fit me perfectly.
grabbing a pair of light denim beaded skinnys from the middle of a pile and tugged them on, sliding them up over my ankles, my calves, my thighs, and up to my hips, buttoning them and grabbing a pair of black flats, i stepped out to see ana standing by the oven, holding a frying pan over a burner munching on strawberries. i stood and watched her for a minute. she had headphones in her ears and her shoes off, and she was dancing.
leaning against the wall, she continued on obliviously. dancing around the tiny kitchen barefoot with her curls long and loose down her back. smiling i stepped forward, grabbing her arm lightly and turning her towards me. then without really thinking, i slammed my lips into hers.
She reacted quickly, dropping the pan with a clang, spilling half cooked eggs. wrapping her arms around my waist, she pulled me into her. my fingers wove their way into her raven locks, deepening the kiss. her tounge wormed its way into my mouth, exploring slowly asmy hips were pressed into hers. i bit her tounge gently, and a low moan escaped her throat.
i felt her pushing me back gently, and i fallowed. her hand pressed to the small of my back as she held me closely, pressing my against the wall. her lips trailed from my lips to my neck, nipping and kissing in spots and extracting feelings in the pit of my stomach. a quiet moan erupted from my lips and she kissed harder, trailing her toung alone the line of kisses and bites. i stratched my neck back and bit my lip to avoid noise making.
i felt her smile aainst my throat as she licked from my collorbone up to my chin and across my lips, where she kissed me again. the taste of strawberries on her lips.
suddenly she pulled back, looking at me approvingly.
"good outfit." she smiled, wiping her mouth and turning back to the mess in the kitchen.
"thanks" i said breathlessly, smiling to myself.
"ah, no use cryi n over spilt eggs ya know? let's finish with your makeover. then lets go out."
"out where?"
"two towns over theres a club."
"how are we gonna get in?"
"uhm...we're hot?"
i laughed, falowing her into the bathroom.
"ssit on the toilet." she insttruced, and i did.
from under the sink she puled out a huge, silver box with two ways to open it from the sides. she opened one side, reveling makeup galore.
and she set to work.

two hours later i stood in front of the mirror, heart hammering in my chest. my blonde hair was teased and fell around my shoulders artisticly in beautiful ringlets. my eyes were lined with dark kohl liner and my lips were glossed pink. i was a creature from another world, with the queen of tha beautiful world standing behind me aranging my curls in the most atractive manure,
"hunny buns, u were beautiful before i did this. i just made u sexy." she smiled, her golden eyes flashing.
"you succeed..." i smiled shyly as she pecked my cheek.
At the party, anna waltsed in, smiling and greeting people with hugs and flips of her long, long hair. i stood off to the corner, leaning against the wall as boys walked past me, eyeing me hungerly. girls strutted to and fro from rooms, their heels catching on the boards hunder drunken feet. music throbbed, and i could feel it reverbating in my chest.
"Hey baby" a voice slurred in front of me, i dragged my eyes slowly from an interesting spot on the floor to the face of Kry, mishapen with achohol and a bloody nose and bruised eye.
"Kry! what happened?" i gasped, steppin forward and touching his bruise softly
he winced
"Got in a fight allycat" he shrugged, his voice thick and his tongue triping over itself to get the words out.
"over what?"
"i cant remeber"
"Kry...." i groaned "You're drunk"
"No i'm not, allycat" he scoffed, throwing his hand out and snorting.
"Yes you are." i said firmly
the smell of his breath alone was rancid, much less the sweaty smell of blood and body odor that hasnt been washed off since the day befopre, even after feild nwork all day
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6

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