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Name Change?

The charger comes to a stop and the door burst open. My makeup bag sits next to me and I squint from the glare of the sun.
“Welcome Courtney Shay. We’ve been expecting you.” A voice calls from the outside.
My throat tightens and I climb of the charger to reveal the scenery around me. Trees tower up hundreds of feet tall, grass is kept short and a vivid green, new looking buildings are located in the middle, all with one way mirror walls.
A guy with short blonde hair and clear brown eyes stands before me. His arms are crossed tightly across his chest revealing sets of muscles and engulfing his broad chest. On his face a faint scar runs from his eyebrow bone to halfway up is nicely tanned forehead.
I furrow my eyebrows in confusion and reply, “Thank you…”
He nods, “My name is Ryker. Please follow me.”
“Ryker?” I question.
He nods “All information of your existence will be erased your name, fingerprints, photos, records, and everything else. Intelligence here at FLEET picks your name through inauguration. Ryker was my middle name but Intelligence let me keep it since it suited me. I was lucky.”
Intelligence, decides your rank, training experience, and identity. My mom used to be an active member of Intelligence. She worked at FLEET for years then retired. She said it was of old age but she was blooming at only 35 years of age.
Whenever I tried to ask her about it she simply said “You’ll understand someday.”
Angrily I push her thoughts away. I won’t think about her nor Intelligence. For now I’ll simply focus on the task at hand and it’s getting through inauguration, but more at hand Ryker.
“What was your first name?” I ask and after looking up at his scary expression I add, “If it’s appropriate to ask.”
“It was Joshua.” He glances over at me.
Joshua a simple boy name perhaps one that held a story. Ryker looks like he might have been a jock before tough on the outside but with a soft inside. Possibly at one time he had a girlfriend who he’d take home and kiss at the doorstep. Or better yet a little brother who he’d teach to play football.
Ryker furrows his eyebrows, “You probably won’t get a name change either.”
“What? Oh why?” I shake the thoughts out of my head.
“It’s uncommon that you keep your name. People go from Jessica to Skander or George to Ace. There are times when the name you were given from birth suits you and you get to keep it.”
I nod and Ryker looks down at me scornfully. His face hardens into a mask and all traces of friendliness disappear, “No more questions until you are inaugurated. Everything you need to know you will learn from after the ceremony.”
I say nothing and follow him down into the building and down the seemingly endless hallway.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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