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Postcards from the Island

Author's note: I'm a freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University. I was inspired to write this while pulling an...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I'm a freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University. I was inspired to write this while pulling an all nighter studying for finals before Christmas break, hope everybody likes it! (again, just the first two chapters)  « Hide author's note
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Day 0

Before today Colbi Rogers had never know heartbreak. She thought that her heart had broken when her boyfriend of almost a year spontaneously dumped her via text message, but it turned out that seeing him passionately kissing her cousin in the hallway after school hurt much, much worse. Colbi cried in her car in the back parking lot while her classmates excitedly compared spring break plans all around her bubble of misery. She would be spending the week watching sappy and depressing movies on Netflix and eating ice cream by the gallon with her best friend, Marley Clarke. As if on cue, her phone buzzes: a text from Marley. Hey, guess what?!! (: Before she has a chance to reply, the phone begins to buzz more violently.
“Yeah, Mom?”
“Are you going to be home soon, sweetheart? I thought school let out early today.”
“It did. But then there was Zack… And Amber… I just can’t talk about it.”
“Oh, honey, I’m sorry. But hurry home, alright? Your father and I have a surprise for you. And call Marley. Love you!”
Colbi pressed Marley’s call button.
“Hey, what’s going on? Why did my mom just tell me to call you?”
“Because… I’m going to Florida with you! Get your butt back to your house; we have a flight to catch!”
“I haven’t even packed!”
“Got you covered, Chiquita. I know your closet better than you anyway. Dolphin Key best prepare itself, because it’s never seen anything as wild as the likes of you and I!”
Seven stress-free, relaxing days on Dolphin Key with her best friend? Just what the doctor ordered.
“Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign. You are now free to move about the cabin,” the disembodied voice of a flight attendant informs us.
“Excellent!” Marley shouts, immediately jumping up to retrieve her carry-on bag from the overhead compartment, earning herself a stern look from the body behind the disembodied voice. “What,” she asks, “You said we were free to move!” This earns her another disapproving look, but she doesn’t notice because her face is buried, already digging through her bag. She’s been a curly ball of energy ever since we left for the airport, sustained, I suspect, by the several trips to Starbucks she made in the terminal.
“Alright, Colbs,” She says, coming up for air holding a notebook and a neon orange pen, “This trip is about one thing and one thing only. Helping you move on from this unfortunate incident with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. In order to accomplish this we need to make a list of rules and operatives before we land. This week will make you into a stronger person and I am determined to show you exactly how much you don’t need somebody like him in your life. We have two hours, get thinking.”
By the time we landed, the following document had been drafted:
Colbi and Marley’s Spring Break Extravaganza!
1. There will be no mention of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named if it can be avoided. If it cannot be avoided he shall hereafter be referred to as ‘Voldemort’.
2. Colbi has dibs on all boys, unless Marley calls dibs upon seeing them first. Colbi says that this is already the principle of ‘dibs’. Marley says that Colbi should shut up.
3. If Colbi thinks a boy is cute she must flirt with him. Marley will be the judge of the cute factor. Also of age.
4. No jail bait.
5. If we are invited to a party, we have to go. Unless we’re invited by losers.
6. No loser parties.
7. At least one hour will be spent getting tan every day. Beach is a necessity.
8. Colbi is not allowed to check Facebook. No contact with home for Colbi.

To get over and forget about ex-boyfriends.
To get tan and look really good in a bikini.
To buy a new bikini.
To make new friends and flirt with lots of cute boys.
To make out with cute boys.
To party.
To get Colbi drunk.

Marley and I signed the bottom to solidify our pact to lose ourselves on the Key. When the plane landed, we stepped off as two girls on a mission, full of confidence, charisma, and energy, running to the baggage claim while my dad crossed the street to pick up a car rental.
My mom, Marley, and I sat on the curb with our bags waiting for him to pull around. Pretty soon a shiny, red, hard top Audi convertible came screeching up to where we sat. My dad rolls down the window. “You ladies waiting on me?” He asks with a grin.
Marley and I jump up and down and shriek. “This is so cool!”
“Tonight we’re staying at the Homey Inn, then tomorrow we’ll pick up the keys for the condo and you girls can unpack all your stuff. After that, the week is yours.”
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