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Thick and Thin

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The boy woke up on a comfy bed, and in some night clothing. He sat up, with difficulty, to find a girl, sleeping in a chair. “He-lo?” He said slowly, and the girl woke up with a jolt. She stared at him with disbelief.
“Seven, your alive!” He looked around, Seven, he thought. That can’t be my name.
“Who-are-you?” He asked, like a baby learning his first words. The girl looked at him in shock.
“Seven, I’m Five, is this some joke.”
“No-joke.” The girl named Five (she must have a mean mother to be named that) started to cry. A boy came in with a muffin, and two cups. In his mouth was a circular piece of food. He ate the circle in record time, and looked at Five.
“Richelle, what’s wrong?” He asked Five.
“I-thought-her-name-was-Five?” the boy asked.
“Danny, he doesn’t remember a thing!” He ran to the boy named Danny, crying on his shoulder. He patted Richelle/Five on the back with his muffin hand, and pulled her away.
“Richelle, take a breather, I’ll talk to him.” She nodded, taking the muffin, and one of the cups, and stepped outside. The boy walked over to the boy. “Steven, remember me? I almost killed you yesterday?”
“You must be the not so nice guy,” the boy said, “Is that girl, the not so nice girl?”
Danny took a sip from the cup, “She’s your best friend, Steven, and you’ve known her for 13 years.”
“What’s a friend?” the boy asked. He guessed his name was Steven.
“You really don’t remember a think, now do you?”
“Not one smallest bit of information.” Steven frowned. He tried to remember the dimmest memory, a smaller boy, playing with doll, and a small girl, playing with an animal. He remembered slightly them talking, but he forgot what they said.
The boy sat down, what a sigh, “Richelle isn’t going to like this.” The boy sat up, “Do you think me punching you will help?”
Steven knew enough that punching hurts. “No thanks,” he said quickly. A lady walked in, and Danny stood up. The lady looked at him suspiciously, but said nothing.
“Yes?” Steven answered, readying for the long explanation.
“I’m the nurse, let me take your blood pressure. Your surgery was a success. If you feel better today, you can be released early, and have time to study for your exams tomorrow.”
“Um, Miss-“ Steven started to say, but Danny interrupted.
“That will be great. Richelle will be so excited. Why don’t you tell her before you take his blood pressure?” the lady nodded, walking out. “Ok, Steven, here’s what happened.” Danny explained to him what happened with the gun, and bullet, and his best friend, Richelle (who he called Five, and she called him Seven, for reason’s unknown) was running away. “Your guys’ saying is ‘thick and thin, thick and thin.’” Danny took a long sip of his cup, “so that’s the basics.”
Five and the lady returned, and long black lines were streaming down Five’s face, from her eyes. “Richelle,” said, wiping his eyes, “Your eyes.”
“I know, you dolt!” She glared at Danny, “Does Steven remember?”
“Yes,” Danny said, as Steven said “No.”
“So which one is it?” she almost screamed.
Danny whispered to Steven, “Say yes, man, or she will kill me.”
“Yes,” Steven said.
“How much?” Five raised an eyebrow.
“You are Five, I am Seven. Danny is the bad man, and our motto is ‘thick and thin, thick and thin.” Five ran over, and hugged Seven.
“You do remember, you do remember!” Steven pushed her off. She looked at him rejectingly, then her face turned to stone. “You don’t remember, you don’t…” she looked at the lady, who looked shocked.
“I don’t ever see this before, I need to take a look at your heart.” She walked over to Steven, and called someone on her phone. She started to push Steven out, of the room. “You two, stay here. We will be right back.” She walked out with Steven.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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