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Thick and Thin

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Steven kicked a tin can as he trudged down the street. Five was his best friend, she was sure to come, the only thing he was scared about was that his mom might reveal the secret. He never told anyone, not even Five, that his mother abused him. Sure, telling her about her drug addiction is fine, but not this. He just had to find a way to tell her in a calm manner before they entered his house at seven.
He smiled, as he remembered the joke, ‘Be there at seven’ their joke they always shared. Five always had him over at five, he always had her over at seven, always been that way. He walked fast, zipping his jacket. Leaves crunched under his shoes as he turned the corner. He was so lost in thought that he ran straight into a burley body. He hit the ground with a large, oomph! And looked up, to see he ran straight into Danny. He striated himself up quick, and looked at Danny with distaste.
“Steven, where is Richelle?” Danny asked, grabbing the collar of Steven’s shirt.
“I ain’t telling you,” Steven said, spitting in Danny’s face, so he let go.
“Oh, yes you will,” Danny smiled, and his teeth were yellowish. He had smoked, and he was also a drug addict and an alcoholic. “You will tell me.” He pulled from his jacket a revolver, “Or else, I’ll have to shoot you, now do you want that?”
Steven balled his fists, holding his tongue. The guy was burley, but his weapon wasn’t strength, Steven established that when he gave the dude two black eyes a few months ago. No, Danny now knew, Steven could never go up against a gun, he was too good of a kid to carry one of them. “Danny, you really don’t want to do that.” Danny gave him another yellow smile.
“Oh yes I do, unless you tell me where Richelle is.” He pointed the gun at Steven’s heart. Steven distinctively put his hands up, but stood his ground. He shook his head, and smiled.
“Oh Danny, you don’t have the guts, to shoot me,” he was stalling for time, thinking of a plan to get out of this. Danny fit his finger around the trigger, readying his gun.
“Yes I will, so spill!”
Danny almost pulled his trigger, when Steven yelled “Stop! Ok, ok I’ll tell you. She went the park down the road, at Roaring Rivers. She’s just about to leave.” Danny twirled his gun back into his pocket.
“Nice doing business.” Danny pushed Steven out of the way, and he fell to the ground again.
Once Danny was out of sight, Steven ran straight to the bushes, letting loose a paragraph of curses. “Have to get Five. Danny’s no idiot.” He took the short cut through the under bush, and ended back up at Five’s house. He banged on the door, screaming to be let in.
Richelle opened up the door calmly, giving Steven a look of confusion. “Back so soon?”
“Five, listen to me. Come with me, if you want to survive.” Richelle looked at him with disbelief. Steven told Five the story quickly, and he saw a mask of dread cover her face. “To my house,” he said.
“Got it.” She shut the door, locking it, and grabbing Steven’s hand. He pulled her along the under bush again, just in case Danny or any of his hooligans came by her house.
After one in a half hour, they arrived at his house. He knocked on the door, when from behind he heard, “There his is!” then a loud bang! Five pulled him to the side, and a nice bullet sized dent was made in the door.
“Seven!” Five yelled, and he pushed open the window right above him. Another shot rang, and they ducked. Steven boosted Richelle up, through the window. He started to climb, but then another bang was heard, and searing pain hit his shoulder blade. “SEVEN!!!!” Five screamed as Steven fell down, cursing. A bunch of laughter was heard from behind, and then steps receding. Five climbed out of the window, and fell over Steven’s body.
“Mom,” Steven mumbled, almost inaudible. Five looked at him like he was crazy. “MOM!” He now screamed, and fell into unconsciousness.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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