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Running Roads

Author's note: I thought of this novel, and randomly decided to start writing. My inspiration comes from my...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I thought of this novel, and randomly decided to start writing. My inspiration comes from my mind..., and that's why I am writing it.

I hope you all get that you can't run away from situations. You have to deal with it, because most likely you'll end up in a worse situation.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter Five

Xavier invited Andrew and Michelle over to his apartment for movies and drinks. Michelle loops her arm through mines as we head out towards the parking lot to leave Red Robins. "See, he was thinking about you in there. Relax and let's just have fun." She grins. "I know. But, I can't drink, ya' know." "So...that is stopping you because?" My face cracks a smile at Michelle. She seems like a who-give-a-f*** girl. "I don't know. Oh...and by the way...does Zach seem to know that me and Xavier are dating? He believe Xavier when he told him we were siblings." I twist my face up, trying to hold back a laugh. "Nope. We didn't tell him because he is such a law-abiding citizen." She grins, brushing her hair out of her face. I nod my head. "He wouldn't understand, although...that's how we were." She mutters the last part. I nod my head, not knowing how to respond to that. I am pulled away when Xavier's arm wraps around my waist. "See you in a minute Michelle." He says, swinging open the passenger door for me. I duck down and get in the car, shutting the door behind me. After a second, Xavier gets in the driver's seat and starts the car. "Enjoy dinner, babe?" "Yea, it was good." I pause, "Michelle and Andrew seem cool. Where did you meet them at?" "School." Xavier grins, placing his hand on my thigh. "You and Michelle seemed to click quickly. I hope you weren't talking about me." He glance over at me to see my expression. I turn my face and chuckle back a laugh. "Not really. Other stuff though." The car goes quiet for a minute. "I'm sorry about getting mad about your best friend coming over. I just freaked out and didn't want her to snitch and...you know." He says, tapping his nail on the wheel. "I really love you, Maria, and I just- but regardless, it was stupid for me to get so upset. She can come over if she wants, butnobody else. Alright?" I smile slightly, "Okay." ** I change into a pair of jogging pants and an oversized t-shirt. Xavier changed into his jogging pants and a graphic shirt. I get startled when I hear a knock on my bedroom door. Michelle peaks her head in. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Can I borrow some shorts and a tee?" She walks in and shuts the door behind her. "I don't want to wear this anymore." She grins, plopping down on my bed. "Course!" My closet is sorted out neatly, so I pull out my drawer full of shorts and toss her a black cut-off pair, along with a white tank-top. "That should work. But I want those short back, those are my favorite." I laugh. "You'll never get anything back from her." Michelle begins to strip out of her clothes to put on the ones I gave her. I turn away towards the mirror and examine my hair. It is still up and fine, but I decide to yank it out of the bow and try and redo it tomorrow. I pull my hair into a high ponytail and put a headband over my hair. "I'm going back out." I turn around to see Michelle walking towards the door. "Okay." I examine my hair once more before following her out into the livingroom. Andrew and Xavier have cups in their hands with a bottle of Red Wine sitting on the table. Xavier has the remote in his hand and is flipping through the movies on the screen. "You guys are super ghetto!" She exclaims, popping them each on the back of their heads. Andrew looks up with a confused look, but Michelle just struts out of the room into the kitchen. I laugh and go over and sit down next to Xavier. He pulls my legs up over his lap and wrap his arm around my neck. Michelle returns with four Wine Glasses and sets them down in front of us, "Be classy." She grins. "Whatever." Andrew says, grabs the wine bottle and begins pouring the wine into the wine glasses. When he hands me one, I take it and bite my lip. I begin to debate on whether I should drink it or not. "C'mon. Try it." Andrew urges, pushing the glass towards my mouth. I glance over at Michelle and she is already sipping on hers, and Xavier is just staring at me with his eyebrow arched. Slowly, I lift the glass to my lips and I take a quick sip. The taste of the red wine runs down my throat and I shrug my shoulders. "It's...okay." When I sip a little more, my throat begins to tingle. "I knew you'd like it." Michelle grins, sipping more of her own. "What movie are we watching?" "I don't know. Saw III?" Xavier asks, turning towards me. My cheeks turn beet red and I shake my head. "I don't like scary movies. Choose something else." I quickly gulp down the rest of the glass and sit back on the couch. "Like a comedy." "Stop being such a punk, Maria." Xavier teases, grabbing my waist and pulling me towards him. I roll my eyes and lean forward to set my glass down. Xavier pushes my feet off of him and stands up to go cut off the lights. He then returns and pulls me on top of him. I glance over at Michelle and Andrew and they are talking quietly. Xavier turns on Saw III and I sigh. "I don't want to see this." I grunt. Andrew laughs. "That shows your age. Your attitudes." He grins, and I ignore his comment and just focus on the movie. The previews begin to go, but Xavier fast-forward pass them. The movie now comes on. ** Within 40 minutes of the movie, I am strictly horrified. I force myself out of Xavier's grip and quickly walk out of the livingroom and back into my bedroom. Shutting my door, I flip my light on and glance around. I knew I shouldn't have watched that movie. I go over to my bed and lay down on my stomach, and take a few deep breaths. Closing my eyes, I try and forget about the movie, but images keep finding their way back into my head. I jump when I hear a creak, but calm down instantly when I realize it is Xavier. He comes over to me and rests his hand on my back. "You okay, baby?" "I told you I didn't want to watch that." I say, lifting my head. He chuckles, but doesn't respond. Instead, he turns my body over so that I am laying on my back. Leaning forward, he presses his lips onto mines and hovers over me. "Sorry. I though you'd get over that..." He mumbles in between kisses. His tongue finds its way into my mouth and I begin moaning softly. I feel his hand beginning to roam up my shirt and rest on my breast. He squeezes softly, and then begins to move around to unhook my bra. "You want to...?" He quits kissing me to see what my response is. I shake my head when I realize he means have sex. "No. I-I don't think I'm ready." I grab Xavier's arm and try and move it from my bra hook. "I said no Xavier." I grunt, when he doesn't stop trying to unhook it. He groans in irritation, but starts kissing along my neckline. "Why?" He groans, lifting my shirt up slightly. "I know you want toooooo." He sings, chuckling. I guess the alcohol has gotten to him, so I guess I need to stop this. "You are drunk, Xavier. Please quit." I whine. "I am not drunk, Maria. Babe...come on. Let's just do it." He mumbles, standing up to take off his shirt. I use this opportunity to climb off the bed on the opposite side so Xavier can't stop me. He rolls his eyes. "Maria! Get back on the bed." He orders, taking a step towards me. I step onto the bed and quickly run across it, hopping down onto the floor. Quickly, I head towards the door, but Xavier grabs my waist and flings me over his shoulder. I whine loudly, and squirm, trying to get out of his grasp. "No! Let go of me." I cry. Xavier tosses me down on the bed and sits down ontop of me. He grabs the end of my shirt and prys it over my head and then he tries to pull my jogging pants down. "Quit. I said no." I exclaim. "Shut up, Maria." "No! Quit!" I yell, but Xavier quickly puts his hand over my mouth and shoots me a warning glare. I shut my eyes, not willing to let tears fall. Xavier replaces his hand with his lips and his kisses become less romantic and more forceful. He yanks my pants down finally and then begins to pull my panties. My underwear is halfway down when the door swings open. "Oh my gosh! What are you doing!?" I hear Michelle say. I feel Xavier lift up from off of me and I instantly pull my panties back up. Searching around, I grab my shirt and jogging pants and fumble with them until I finally get them back on. "What they f*** are you doing in here?" Xavier yells, grabbing Michelle's arm. She snatches away and glares at him. "Don't touch me, Xavier. You need to go to bed. You are f*ing up big time right now, and Maria grab a bag." Before Xavier can respond, I walk over ot the closet, grab a pink duffell bag and begin shoving dresses, underwear, bras, pajamas, pants and shirts in there, along with a pair of sandals, Vans and black pumps. "Where are I going?" I mutter. "With me, c'mon." Michelle grabs my arm and begins to lead me out of the room, but Xavier grabs my waist and pulls me back towards him. "Let her go." Hisses Michelle. Andrew comes up behind her, confused. I'm guessing he is drunk, too. "What the hell are you doing, Chele?" He asks, combing his fingers through his shaggy hair. Michelle ignores him, and finally snatches me away from Xavier, who has a look that can kill in his eyes. She shoves me in front of her and I swing open the door and shuffle down the steps with the sound of her slamming the door and jogging behind me down the steps. We both go to her Red Convertible and get in. Once Michelle starts up the car, pulls out and is onto the road going towards her home, she glances at me. "You okay? He do anything?" "No...just kissed me." I stutter, still shaken up from the fact Xavier tried to force himself on me. "Is he just acting like this because he is drunk?" I stare out at the passing trees and flowers and stuff. Michelle sighs. "I'm sure it is. I've never seen him act like that, but maybe it is because the alcohol. Hopefully." She murmurs. The car stops once the light turns red and Michelle plops back in her seat. "Zach will be here. I will just tell him you and Xavier got in an arguement and I invited you to stay over." "Okay. I'm surprised he doesn't know any of this." "You'll be surprised." Michelle smirks, drawing her lips in a straight line. "I hope it's okay that you'll be sleeping on the pullout couch. This was kind of unexpected." Glancing over at Michelle, I nod my head. "Yea. That is okay...but I could have just stayed there. Xavier would have calmed down eventually." "No. He was in one of his moods, and he would've probably taken it out on you...or he could've finished what he started." The car goes quiet, and the only sound is the car driving over the pavement of the streets. Michelle pulls up into a tall, brick home driveway. "This is a nice home." I say, examining the exterior of the house. "Thanks, hun." We both climb out of the car, and I grab my duffel bag. Michelle leads me to a door around the house and she sticks the key in and twists it open. The door swings open and a bright light shines out. I follow Michelle towards what I guess is the livingroom. Zach is sitting there with some basketball shorts on and no shirt on. The first thing I notice is his abs. He has a 8-pac...wow. That was unexpected. He glances up with a smile towards Michelle, but his expression turns confused once he sees me. "Oh- hi Maria. What are you doing here?" "Her and Xavier got in a fight. Long story." "Oh...are you okay?" He raises his eyebrows, and his voice is alot huskier than earlier. I nod my head. "I'm fine." "So I am guessing, we are doing the tutoring here...tomorrow?" He glances over at Michelle and she nods her head. "Well, I'll see you upstairs babe, and night, Maria." Standing up, Zach climbs the steps leading upstairs. "Night." I mumble, placing my bag next to the wall. "So...is this the pull out bed?" I ask, raising my eyebrown towards Michelle. "No. It's in the den."She motions for me to get my bag and I oblige. Michelle leads me down a hallway into a medium-sized room. There is a couch in the middle of the room, with a bookshelf, computer desk and a laptop sitting ontop of it. A TV is placed on the wall and a phone is next to it. "This is nice." "Yea. I'll help you pull it out, c'mon." Once we pull the bed out, I see that is has bedsheets already on them. The bedsheet has flower designs on them, along with white petals every other place. "Thanks, Michelle. You really did not have to do this for me...but, can you call Xavier and see if he's calmned down...I'm afraid to." "Sure thing. Night." Michelle walks out and shuts the door behind her. I grab my bag of clothes and pull out some pajamas. Taking off my clothes, I replace them with my Tweety Bird pajamas and matching socks. Finally, I get a chance to get to sleep. I pull the covers back, and slide in. Damn...this is comfy, I think, letting my head hit the pillow and closing my eyes.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5

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Naomi__ said...
Oct. 1, 2011 at 11:53 pm
OMG! This is ah-may-zing! <3 You are a wonderful writer, pleaseeeee finish. :)

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