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Stroke of Midnight chpt 1

Author's note: i hope u all like this
Author's note: i hope u all like this  « Hide author's note
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vampires come to town

“So she’s still evil?”
“Thank God I can’t stand her being all nice.”
“We need to get to school.”
He drove me there like always and all the classes went by in a fast blur. When I got to lunch everyone was there. Mikayla ran to our table crying. She was the only person I have ever seen actually cry beautifully.
“You just got rejected.” Will teased.
“You know what vampire boy I’m sick of you making fun of me so leave me alone before I rip your head off!”
“You just got rejected.” He mocked again
“Will.” Kai warned. He know longer had to wear contacts since his eyes were a honey-gold hue but I saw them quickly flash then go back to gold. He had to keep his emotions under control if he wasn’t going to wear them.
“Yes sir.” Will murmured.
“Can we go swimming?” Paige pleaded him.
Logan closed her eyes and opened them winking at Kai.
“What’s wrong, Mikayla?” I said ignoring their conversation to help my crying friend.
“Well this guy said that he really like me so then he took me out on a date. Then when we were in his car he tried to kiss me and I pulled away. Then this morning he hits me and tells me that he doesn’t love me anymore.”
“Well the world isn’t a fairytale.”
“It is for you! You have the boys, the hair, the eyes, the face, the body. Everything!”
“What are you saying?”
“That you are perfect! I don’t think you can get more perfect than you.”
The bell rang to indicate that lunch was over and I hugged her before walking out the door with my other friends. Kai drove straight to the beach, not bothering to go to the house and get bathing suits. We walked up a tall cliff were the rest of his family was. They were tearing their clothes off and jumping into the water from the height off the cliff. I took a quick glance becoming nauseated when I saw how high up we were and the jagged rocks straight below.
“Kai, I think I’ll just sit on the beach and watch you.”
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m afraid.”
I didn’t notice he was walking towards me until I was up against a tree. His palms were face down on the tree and blocking me from getting away.
“What are you afraid of?” He blew a breath of intoxicating air into my face and I was sure I would faint if not that then hyperventilate.
“Of heights, jumping, sharks, being pierced to death by those rocks.”
“Do you think that a shark will hurt you?”
“A shark won’t hurt you.”
“Yes it will I’m going to get bit then start bleeding.”
“What are you more afraid of: bleeding or the sharks?”
“Is that all that you are scared of?”
“The height, the jumping, the rocks. They don’t scare you anymore?”
“The jumping and bleeding.”
“Is anything else bothering you?”
“Those are the only three things?”
“Why are you afraid of jumping?”
“Because I’m afraid of bleeding and then you will loose control.”
“I won’t loose control.”
“You don’t know that.”
He blew into my face again and I forced myself not to look in his eyes but an icy finger lifted my chin up.
“You won’t loose control.” It was like he had hypnotized me.
He kissed me softly and smiled. I undressed myself and he held my hand as we jumped. My hair was sticking straight up and I could hear my ears ringing as I screamed. We plunged into the water and I kicked my way to the surface. Kai was in front of me smiling.
“That wasn’t so bad was it?”
“I guess not.”
“You have a loud scream by the way.” He laughed.
“Well that was a long drop.”
I looked over at Will and called him over to where I was. He came at a faster speed than his usual fast speed.
“What do you need.”
“What do guys see in girls?”
“What do you mean?”
“How old are you?”
“Then what do you like in girls?”
“Looks, personality, things like that.”
“Then why don’t guys like Mikayla?”
“You can’t be a matchmaker for everyone in your life.”
“Why don’t guys like her?”
“She’s cute but not in a way that makes every guy in school chase after her.”
“What can I do to make guys like her?”
“Fix her up some. When she came to school all fixed up on the first day of school she was pretty hot.”
“You are useless.”
“Glad to be of service.”
He disappeared under the water and something grabbed my leg sharply. I screamed but was dragged under the water before it even got out. I looked down to see a shark on me. I screamed more and the water quickly filled my lungs. Something dragged me up and I was clinging to Kai’s marble chest. He was laughing at me and Clide was behind me doing the same.
“What is wrong with you two?” I coughed. “I just got bit by a shark.”
“That wasn’t a shark.” Kai explained between booms of laughter. “It was Clide it wouldn’t of hurt you. Clide ended up being able to make mirages so I though it would be funny to play a prank on you.”
“I about drowned.” I remarked flatly.
He smiled apologetically and kissed my forehead. I kicked his gut in response and he dropped me into the water harshly.
“I love you.” He reminded me.
“Yah yah.” I growled.
“You are mad at me aren’t you.”
“You don’t think.”
He flipped on his back, grabbing me and setting me on his stomach. I laid down and set my head on my elbows, digging them into his skin on purpose. He looked up at the night sky and I crawled off his stomach as we both swam back to shore. No one bothered to get there clothes but Kai gave James a look and tossed him a lighter. When We both got in the car I switched on the heat and leaned back on the seat.
“What was James doing?”
“Burning our clothes.”
“Remember how I said not everyone likes the idea of us being together?”
“Well it’s just a precaution.”
“Why can’t your kind just understand why we like each other?”
“Your kind doesn’t understand either.”
“How will we know if they are coming after us?”
“My eyes will turn blue.”
“What’s for dinner?”
“How am I supposed to know? Go and cook something yourself.”
“But you cook for me.”
“I’m not supposed to treat you like a kid anymore.”
“Can Maria cook for me?”
“Maria has to go to work.”
“Ugh.” I moaned.
“You have gotten spoiled since you came to live with me.”
“That’s because you and you’re family baby me.”
“But we stopped.”
We sat in silence for a moment as I carefully picked my next sentence carefully.
“When I was dying, Kai, why didn’t you…bite me?”
The car swerved to a stop and he was staring at me. His eyes were still gold but I was sure he would get mad at me in a minute.
“How do you know that?”
“Mikayla told me.” I instantly thought about Mikayla’s safety and finished the sentence quickly. “She told me to look it up on the internet and I did but I didn’t think I would actually find it.”
He started the car again so I assume the worst is over.
“I didn’t bite you for a reason.”
“A reason that you aren’t going to tell me.”
He drove up to the house and opened my door for me. He opened the door and I went straight to the kitchen. I pulled out an assortment of vegetables and a frying pan. Heating the stove, putting the frying pan on it, and grabbing a knife to slice of the vegetables. The only food I was good at making was stir-fry. Anything else I tried to cook on a stove ended up being fed to the neighbor’s dog. I threw the knife in the sink, retrieving a spatula from the drawer. The sink ran and something sprayed on me from behind. I forgot I was still in my underwear until the cool water hit my bareback. I turned and Kai was holding a faucet connected to a cord. One of those kinds that allowed you to stretch all around the sink. Scowling, I went back to the stir-fry but was sprayed again.
“Kai, stop.”
Of course he ignored me and sprayed the water continuously.
“I’ll tell my mom.”
“Go ahead.”
“Leave me alone so I can finish cooking.”
He dropped the faucet and walked towards me.
“You can cook?”
“Your surprised?”
“Yes, actually, I am.”
He hugged my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. I finished the food but didn’t eat it yet. We hadn’t moved an inch in the past five minutes. He turned his head to kiss me and I kissed him back and something was in the doorway.
“Sorry to interrupt the moment but I need to talk to you, Kai.” It was Will, I could tell from the voice.
He turned slightly then turned back to me. A yellow line crossed his eyes and they turned a gorgeous royal blue. Will left and Kai hugged my waist again. He wasn’t going to let go anytime soon so I ate the food out of the pan with the spatula.
“Let go of me I need to take a shower.” I commanded with a mouth full of food.
“You don’t need to take a shower.”
“I have to take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, and go to bed.”
He let go and I skipped up the steps. I closed the door quietly and got n the shower, washing the saltwater out of my hair. The door opened and I sighed.
“What do you want?”
“I’m going to be protective over you and your friends for a while.”
“Vampires are coming into town and I want to make sure nothing happens.”
“Who are they?”
“A coven from New York.”
“Why would they travel all the way to California?”
“That is what we are worried about.”
“Well they can’t be trying to hunt us down.”
“Cecile is from New York and she is part of Thanos’s coven.”
“So you think that she drifted away from him, got her own coven, but is still taking orders from him?”
“Why are you going to be protective of my friends though?”
“Who knows what Catherine will tell a hot guy in exchange for a date.”
“I guess your right but Mikayla Is smarter than that.”
“But she’s still small and weak plus she has a tendency to snap at people when she’s mad.”
“How do you know that?”
“I have looked at her past a few times.”
“What else do you know about her?”
“She’s tiny and aggressive.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 16 Next »

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Nothingbetterthanawesomeness said...
Jan. 6, 2012 at 7:57 pm
I think your story is ok, but work on explaining things more; i was confused about a lot of things, like if Logan was a boy or girl.

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