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Stroke of Midnight chpt 1

Author's note: i hope u all like this
Author's note: i hope u all like this  « Hide author's note
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the text messages

“Are you sure that is what happened?” Mikayla gasped
“That is exactly what happened.” I explained
“He even said the word husband?”
“Yes and he was refering to himself.”
“You girls sure love to gossip. I hope you know that talking about somebody else’s love life won’t get you one.” We all turned to see Kai leaning against the door frame. How long had he been standing there?
“A while.” He answered my unspoken thought.
“We already
this is not the last chapter of the book because well th ebook isnt finished yet =v) i havent worked on it in a while so hopefully i will get to working on it soon. hope ya like what is most of the book. it is 105 pages and not even half way finished so i hope ya like reading =v)
have a love life.” Catherine remarked
“Then stop talking about mine.”
“It’s just that your’s is so much more exciting.” She whispered
He rolled his eyes and folded his arms across his chest.
“You can be such a snob at some times.” Mikayla whispered
He let out a deep breath and looked down.
“So what was that all about?” I glanced up at him. I was his girlfriend he would tell me no matter what.
“It doesn’t matter now.”
“Yes it does.”
“No it really doesn’t.”
“And why not?”
“Because it’s over.”
“So that whole thing was over a kiss?”
“No it was not smart a**.”
“Shut up. You are just a worthless piece of s***.” He went back in the room and slammed the door shut.
I felt the tears streaming down my face. “Why are being such a b****?” I screamed.
Mikayla put her hand on my shoulder but I flicked it away.
“You don’t need him. Paige probably planned all this out so that he would say that to you.”
“What if he did mean it thought? Then what?”
“Maybe he is trying to tell you to leave him. That you would be better off without him and a lot safer.”
“I don’t care about my safety at the moment.”
“And that scares him.”
“Why would that possibly scare him?”
“He loves you.”
“Then why am I worthless?”
“He has problems we all know that.”
She petted Blitz for a while and I looked into the dog’s beady eyes. Staring at my blurred reflection from my teary eyes.
“Who does he think he is, making you cry like that?” Mikayla’s lower lip was jutted out as she pouted.
“He thinks he is him and nothing else.”
“He’s trying to play God.”
“If he was playing God then he would be nice for a change.”
Catherine shrugged. “He’s Bi-Polar, it’s just a phase.”
“That’s what Logan said when Kai was hurting me. Wow, that seemed like ages ago that that happened to me.”
“They were all lies.” Catherine whispered
“Yes, and Paige being an innocent secretary isn’t her story either. She was a pregnant-at-fifteen tramp.”
“Claire!” Mikayla gasped
“You know what I’m going to go give Kai a piece of my mind.”
“You go do that and tell me how it turns out for you.” Catherine had already made herself comfortable in the bed.
“I’m coming with you.”
Mikayla jumped up and opened the door freely without even knocking. That wasn’t like her. Following close behind her I shut the door and listened in a tiny crack. She actually wasn’t doing to bad. I waited a few minutes until the door opened and she nodded for me to go in. Walking dramatically slow I sat on the bed in front of him. He looked up for a minute and sighed.
“What?” He growled
“Excuse me?”
“What do you want?” He repeated
“What I want is to understand why sometimes you will love me and other times you will hate me?”
“Do things only go through one of your ears and out the other? I’m sure I have explained this to you a million times like everything else.”
“I thought you would always be there for me but I guess I was wrong.”
He pulled me into his lap and buried his head in my hair. At first I thought the position was to comfor tme but then I realized it was to comfort him. Maybe all the fuss was just about something we talked about. About his mom…
He moved his body a bit to where we were laying down in the center of the bed. I kissed his neck and he wrapped his arms around me in a comforting way.
“What is going on that has made you so upset?”
“What did Paige say last night that is hurting you so much?”
“She didn’t say anything.”
“If your worried that I am mad then please know that I am not.”
“That’s not it.”
“If it’s about what you told me about your mother…”
“I told you that on my own free will.”
“What is making you so upset?”
“Please stop worrying.”
“I can’t.”
“Then nothing is worrying me and nothing happened.”
I felt my cheeks get red and a small growl escaped my throat.
“Kai Christopher Pattinson tell me now.”
“Aren’t you just a feisty little thing.” He murmured
“I heard that.”
“You were supposed to.”
“You think you can just call me names and I’ll be fine with it don’t you?”
“Well news for you I’m not.”
“Could of just said that.”
“I have and I will again. You take me for granted Kai and I can’t deal with that anymore. You can’t just mess with me like I’m your own personal toy. I am still human and I still have feelings.”
He hugged me tighter to himself and breathed in my ear.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered
“How many times am I going to have to hear that come out of your mouth? You think you can just kiss me and everything you have done to me will just fade away. You’ve cut me too deep this time and you can’t stitch me back up, Kai. You think I won’t remember anything you do to me but your wrong. I remember you hitting me, grabbing me, biting me, all just to amuse your friends. I still remember when you got drunk and tried to carve into my skin with a knife. Kai, you can’t fix the things you have done, it’s too late.”
He ran his fingers down my leg and let a deep breath out. I could tell he wasn’t going to look at me. I reached out to grab his hand and a soft growl came out of his mouth. Sometimes he acted more like an animal than I did. Wrapping my legs around him he picked me up and carried me to a wall, holding me there.
Finally letting me down he picked up my chin imbetween two of his pale fingers and kissed me. I expected it to be a small apology kiss but I was dead wrong. He twisted my little hands in his and held them above my head on the wall, pushing his body against mine and forcing me onto the wall even more than I originally was. I was trying to push him away from me-to show him I was still upset and that I didn’t want to kiss him-but he didn’t seem to care.
“Kai!” I pushed at him again but much to my dismay it didn’t work. “Kai stop your hurting me.” I was up to the point of whining now.
His hands were like cool, iron fetters around my wrist and I was sure they were bruised by now.
“Ow.” The word was weak but somehow it dragged on. I loved him to death but this wasn’t what I meant when I thought it.
His lips never seemed to get tired and I was at the point of crying now. Something flashed in my mind though soon after and I felt Kai’s grip loosen. The picture was black and white and blurry with splothches of bright red in the corners almost like a bad photograph. There was an old fashioned bed on the left with some liquid on it but to the right was a young girl in the same position as I was. She was torn and I could see that her legs had been completely torn to where blood could easily been seen pouring out. In front of her was a man that I easily recognized as Kai in the same position he was in now, holding the girl down.
Something happened to where the picture somehow rewinded itself and started playing over. Kai had grabbed her, slamming her against the wall. He held her in the position I was in and she screamed the three exact same lines I did. The picture quickly faded away and my vision of the present came back. Kai was on the bed with his face in his hands while I was still on the wall. I looked down. No blood, no gore, not even a bruise. I sat next to him and he door opened with Mikayla on the other side.
“Is everything alright I heard-”
“I’m fine thank you.” I interupterd. Kai was already upset there was no need to make him any more.
“Oh, but I heard-”
“Everything is fine Mikayla.” It was almost a growl.
“Pushy pushy.” She muttered unintelligibly and shut the door.
I turned to Kai and hugged him but only to be pushed back by a strong hand and a growl.
“None of this was-”
“My fault? Yah right.” He finished for me.
“Who was that little girl?”
“What happened? Did she make you upset?”
“No, I made the idiotic choice of getting drunk and I hurt her.”
“What did you do.”
“After she woke up or before?”
“Cleaned up the mess and threw out every piece of alcohol I had. Know one knows what happened except for Paige and Andrew.”
“Were you upset?”
“Yes, how could I not of been? I hurt someone that I loved, Claire, and I about did the same to you.”
“You still care for her.”
“Is that supposed to be a question?”
He was finally looking at me.
“No it was a rhetorical question since I already know the answer.”
“Then what is it because I’m not so sure myself.”
“It’s yes. You still ove her and still regret hurting her so many times. You forget sometime how important she is to you and take that for granted like you do a lot of things.”
“Who are we talking about again?”
“What I am saying is that you still have a special place in your heart for Paige that know one will be able to get into, not even me.”
“That was the cheesiest sentence ever.”
“Not everything needs to be taken seriously.”
“That’s what you say.”
I hugged him and this time he wrapped his arms carefully around me also.
“I love you and I always will.” He whispered
“I know.” I whispered back and a single tear streamed down my eye.
“Life is to sjort to cry over.”
“Your right.” I said, wiping away the tear.
“Paige isn’t a tramp.”
“You aren’t her husband.”
“I have a ring to prove it.”
“I hate her.”
“I love her.”
“Why? She’s a horrible person.”
“What makes you think that?”
“The way she acts.”
“I could act like the nicest person in the world but would that mean I was?”
“Then why are you judging Paige like that?”
“I don’t know it’s just that she loves you and you love her and-”
“You use the word ‘love’ to much.”
“It’s a good word to use. Sisters love brothers. Brothers love sisters. Fathers love their children-”
“Not always.”
“Huh? Oh…uh…yah.”
“Sorry to throw you off track.”
“We should get going.”
“I don’t see why. Not like we are going anywhere or anything.”
“Well I am leaving anyway.”
“How rude.”
I got up and shut the door but Mikayla opened it and went inside. I heard laughing behind the dorr and then a shrill “Ow!”. I started to open the door but Catherine’s hand stopped me.
“I want to see too.”
I nodded then opened the door quickly. Kai was on top of Mikayla playfully growling while Mikayla was laughing uncontrollably.
“What are you two doing?” Catherine screamed before I could.
“Nothing much.” Kai’s answer was bleak like what they were doing didn’t look wrong at all.
“We are just playing.” Mikayla laughed
“It looks a little more like your having-”
“I where a virginity ring you know!” Mikayla’s face got red though and not from embarasment.
“My mom did too but I was at her wedding.” Catherine layed her hands on her hips.
“We weren’t doing anything wrong.” Kai’s velvet voice filled the room and Mikayla stuck her tongue out at us.
“Fine. We are leaving then I guess.” I trailed Catherine out of the room and closed the door behind me.
“Something is going on between them.” She screamed in a hushed whisper.
I sighed. “I know, I know but maybe they weren’t doing anything.”
“His voice is all that is needed to clear your mind isn’t it? We caught them red-handed. He is cheating.”
“They weren’t doing anything.” I felt a growl come out of my throat.
“Then what were they doing? Playing tag? Tickling each other?”
“Well she was giggling…”
“And Kai was growling!”
“What does that mean?”
“I’m calling Paige right now and asking her about this.”
“No! She will just tell Kai and he will be pissed off.”
“What is her number?”
I sighed in defeat. “She’s on speed dial.”

We listened to the ringing for a while before Paige finally answered on the fifth ring.
“What do you want from me?”
“How did you know that Kai was cheating on you?” Catherine whispered.
“I asked him and he told me. We were always honest with each other-he would of told me everything.”
“Well I think Kai is cheating on Claire.”
“All you have to do is ask him and he will tell the truth if he loves you.”
“I doubt that.” I said into the side of the phone.
“Doubt it all you want- I don’t care.”
“Your no help.” Catherine said and hung up the phone. More giggles came from the room and I walked back to the door sighing.

The morning was awkward with Kai’s phone repeatedly ringing and Mikayla holding the cross on her neck. Catherine was chewing angrily on her fork and I was staring at my hands that were folded on the table. I stared down at Kai’s phone for a minute and saw Will’s name in graffiti on the phone I read the text.

Oh my god Kai you won’t believe what your sister did last night! I never knew Sunee had a naughty side if you know what I mean. I will never look at her the same way again. Oh and by the way Sunee has a killer body. -Will M. Puckett

Stay away from my sister perv. -Kai C. Pattinson

Hey no need to be such a hater I’m just saying she is DESPERATE. -Will M. Puckett

I am going to kick you a** one of these days little boy. Stay away from her. -Kai C. Pattinson

Hey, Clide got a kick out of it just ask him when you get the chance. -Will M. Puckett

Will Mason Puckett just stay away from my sister. -Kai C. Pattinson

Hey aren’t you supposed to be Asian? What type of name is Kai anyway? Didn’t your parents have any knowledge of what ASIAN is? Lol. -Will M. Puckett

Why is your name WILL? I mean don’t you think your mom could have been more creative and made it William Mason Puckett instead of just Will Mason Puckett? -Kai C. Pattinson

Why don’t I know your dad’s name? Or your mom’s? - Will M. Puckett

You don’t need to know that. -Kai C. Pattinson

Touchy much? Your mom had to be awfully sexy for Sunee to end up like that. Not to be weird but your pretty good looking too. -Will M. Puckett

We look nothing like our mother and lol. -Kai C. Pattinson

“Don’t read my text messages.” Kai growled
I nodded but continued to read them.

Why hasn’t mom come back yet? I was just thinking about that and how she would be disappointed with what I did last night. -Sunee N. Pattinson

She was like you. -Kai C. Pattinson

Did she have our last name? -Sunee N. Pattinson

What? -Kai C. Pattinson

Were are parents married? I don’t remember a wedding. -Sunee N. Pattinson
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 14 15 16

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Nothingbetterthanawesomeness said...
Jan. 6, 2012 at 7:57 pm
I think your story is ok, but work on explaining things more; i was confused about a lot of things, like if Logan was a boy or girl.

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