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The Forgotten Goddess

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Why me?

I sat in my tree, it was my tree. Where I could get away from all of my problems. From Kiera and her snobby friends, from my adoptive parents, Tori and Ross. The only reason they adopted me is because, they wanted a “playmate” for Kiera. But, now they can’t return me. So, I’m pretty much stuck with them until I am 18 years old. I looked nothing like them. With my long brown hair and my misty grey eyes. And them, with their white blonde hair and bright blue eyes. No one would be fooled for a second that we were relatives. Tori was a retired model and now she is a fashion designer. Ross works at a modeling agency, finding new models and that’s where he met Tori. Kiera is a wannabe model, with her long white blonde hair and bright blue eyes she might actually be a model. She says when she turns 18 (which is 3 years from now) she’s going to become a model and not even go to college. Which I think is a pretty dumb idea because, I plan to be an author and/or an architect and actually go to college. My thoughts were interrupted as Kiera and her snobby friends, Kenna, Klarissa, and CeCe came giggling out the back door. I swore under my breath. You gotta be kidding!
They were here to torment me, I couldn’t get away this time, through my open window. My room was on the second floor and My Tree was right next to my window and I could easily slip into my room. But, I wouldn’t dare do it in front of them and Kiera would just tell Tori and Ross and they would just cut the tree down.
“Hey! Freak!” Kiera called up, as her cronies giggled.
I didn’t answer, I knew answering would just put more fire to the flame. After a minute or two, Kiera got annoyed and started to climb the tree. I knew for a fact she would get stuck in the tree and cry for help. I just climbed higher. Then, she came to the hard branch. The hard branch is very fragile and you have to be very quick when stepping up on it. Of course, Kiera had no idea of this branch and when she stepped on it. It gave a sickening crack and Kiera went down, hard, flailing 6 feet to the ground. Kiera screamed when she hit the ground. As CeCe, Klarisse, and Kenna went to tend to Kiera the worst that would happen is that she could get a broken leg, I slipped into my open window. I tumbled to the floor. I got up and looked at my desk. There was a package on the table. It was wrapped in brown paper and tied with rope. There was no name on it so I untied the package and opened the paper. Inside was a box. I opened the box and there was a letter. It said,

Celeste Nova Nighte,
You are in grave danger, the Parkers are working for Chaos. You have to get out of their before it is too late. Leave the house with your belongings and do not tell anyone about your whereabouts. They are planning to kill you tonight. Leave now.

Blake Nighte

I was taken aback. I knew the Parkers were evil, but I have never heard of someone called Chaos. Also, Blake had the same last name as me. But, my father and mother died when I was little so, he could be my older brother. Or something like that. I followed his instructions, I didn’t care if he was really lying. I was ready to leave. I packed my gray messenger bag with some extra clothes, my laptop, several books, a hair brush, and some other things. I looked outside, it was already getting dark out. This was my time. CeCe, Kenna, and Klarisse were already sent home so, I was clear to go. I opened the window and I stuck a foot out of my window and put it on one of The Tree’s branches. As I got to the lowest branch, I jumped and landed on my feet. I looked around and saw that the street lights had already gone on. I hoped the fence because, the fence had a combination on it even I didn’t know. Then I heard a small voice, crying, coming from a bush. I cleared the branches away and found a small girl huddled in the bush. Her hair was tangled mess and she had a large but on her cheek. She shrunk away from me when she saw me.
“It’s okay,” I said soothingly. “I’m not going to hurt you.”
She slowly crawled out of the bush. Her blonde hair was a mess and caked with dirt and some dried blood. Her blue eyes were wide, full of fear. The cut on her cheek looked new and there was still blood coming from it. She looked about 5 or 6 years old. But, when light shown on to her, I saw two light brown wings on her back. Then I got a flash of her thoughts, terror, curiosity.

Is this girl someone to trust? The little girl was saying in her head. Is she like me?
I rubbed my temples, wait hold on, why am I reading this girl’s thoughts?
“You have wings.” the girl said looking at my back.
I nearly jumped a mile when I heard this. I touched my back and felt feathers, I tried craning my neck around so I could see my wings. They were a soft, gray color.
“Can you help me?” the girl asked.
“Why do you need help?” I asked.
“Bad people, chasing me.” the girl answered.
“Who are the bad people?” I asked.
“Chaos,” the girl answered.
“Well, I happen to be running from Chaos too.” I said, telling the truth.
She stared at me, wondering if I was telling the truth. Can I trust her? She thought. After how my mom and dad attacked me? I thought I trusted them.
After pausing a long time, she answered, “Okay. Can I come with you?”
I was taken aback by this question. Come with me? I didn’t even know where I was going.
“Uh- okay.” I answered.
She threw her skinny arms around me.
“My name is Anastasia, call me Ana though.” she said.
“Celeste Nova Nighte.” I said, “or Celeste or Nova.”
She then started pumping her wings and she started flying in the air.
“Come on!” she yelled down.
I pumped my wings and I rose above the rooftops. It felt so wonderful, I felt free for the first time in my life.
“What are we?” I asked.
“We’re descendants from Angels!” Ana called back. “We don’t have the halo and stuff, but we do have the wings.”
Before I could process that, Ana screamed. I looked behind us. There were women, but the women weren’t normal. They had long white hair that floated around them, they had long white dresses down to their feet, if you could say the had feet. Their dresses were covered in dried blood. They also had fangs and black eyes, no seriously, their eyes looked like eyes but the eyes were black, the whole eyeball. The worst part, they were coming straight for us.
“What the-” I started.
Ana cut me off, “Spirits, spirits out for revenge and brought back by Chaos. They can fly and have fangs. They resemble vampires! They are called Amanteia”
“You shall not flee us! You shall be killed by us!” one of the Amanteia screamed in a raspy voice.
“Revenge, Revenge!” another one screamed. “Revenge for our master! Revenge! Revenge!”
Okay, these things were really starting to creep me out now. Ana pointed at the busy city of Chicago.
“Let’s go there!” Ana said, shouting over the wind.
I tucked my wings in and dove toward Millennium Park. Just as we landed softly on the grass we started sprinting toward the city. I was thankful for the trees, it gave us cover from the Amanteia. I heard them screaming above in the sky. As we got to the sidewalk, I ran across the street, I heard many people honking and yelling curse words at us, but I didn’t care I wanted to put as much space between me, Ana and the Amanteia. As we were in the middle of the other sidewalk on the busy street Ana stopped me.
“What?” I asked crossly. “As you can see we are being chased by demon dead ladies!”
“Read their minds.” Ana said.
“Wha-” I started saying as she cut me off (again).
“You can read minds, I felt you reading my mind. Read their minds, focus on them and then you will be able to see what they are thinking and where they are going.” Ana cut in.
“May I just say, you are a creepy 6 year old.” I said.
Ana just smiled. I knew she was holding something back.

I closed my eyes and focused on the Amanteia.
Rip, Tear! Blood! Meat! Revenge! Revenge! Master! one of them was thinking.
“Uh-, Ana they aren’t pretty thoughts. They want to rip and tear us to pieces and get revenge for the master.” I said.
“Keep walking, we have to keep walking.” Ana said, shoving me slightly.
We kept walking, pretending we were just regular people (which we weren’t). Just as I was walking a girl ran into me.
“Whoa!” the girl exclaimed as we both fell backwards.
“Sorry,” I muttered.
“Do you see those Amanteia?” she said in an undertone.
“You know about the-” I started.
“Yes, I see your wings. We have to leave.” she said in an undertone.
“How do we know we can trust you?” I asked narrowing my eyes.
She sighed, and then she had gold wings, with silver they looked like- “fairy wings?” I asked.
She nodded, “I’m a fairy, well, fairy descendant. I’m guessing your an angel descendant, right? By the way, my name is Jemma Rivine.” she said.
“I’m Anastasia, but call me Ana, and that’s Celeste.” Ana said, trusting her full heartedly.
I looked around and saw the Amanteia swooping gracefully between the buildings, but to the humans it didn’t look like anything unordinary was happening.
“C’mon,” I said starting to move.
Jemma and Ana followed me.
A little while later, Ana spoke up, “I’m hungry.”
I looked around and saw a little bakery right next to us.
“Let’s go into the bakery.” I suggested.
To tell you the truth I was very hungry too. I glanced at my watch, it was 9 o’clock. I pushed open the door and a bell rang as I entered the bakery. I closed my eyes and inhaled the aroma of fresh bread and cakes and baked goods.
After we got our food and sat down at a table. Jemma started looking in her backpack.
“What are you looking for?” I asked.
“A letter, that I got from someone.” she said not looking up at me.
“Ah-” I said, “from who?”
“From Blake.” Jemma said,
After seeing my puzzled expression she said, “Ya know, like the Leader of the White Rose. Your older brother.”
“Oh yeah, I got a note from him. Saying to leave my adopted family.” I said
“Who were your adoptive family?” Jemma asked looking up from her bag.
“Tori and Ross Parker and their stuck-up brat daughter, Kiera.” I answered.
“Oh my god!” she screamed.
Making the cashier give her a dirty look.
“Shush it!” I whisper-yelled.
“They were the people who, killed your parents. Ellie and Andrew!”
It felt as if a stone dropped right into my stomach. The Parkers? Really! I lived with them for almost 14 years now and now someone tells me they murdered my parents! This day couldn’t get any worse.
Unfortunately, having the rotten luck I had...
it just did.
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