You. (The Real Rhing)

December 13, 2009
in real life its nothing like in the movies.i don't feel heat at the end of my fingertips(ecspecially when its 10 degrees outside).i don't want to faint everytime our lips touch.though there are some times that i can't stand straight. and i don't ache at the thought of having to wait five more minutes to see you.
but i do think about you nonstop. and i do want to be with you every second of my whole life.and when i even think of losing you for good. or sharing you.i want to throw up.and every time that i have any kind of intense happiness or sadness or boredom. the first person i think of is you. and when im angry, just thinking about holding your hand or hugging you calms me down. and even though there is all this other junk in life that makes me feel so overwhelmed like i can't handle it. you always make me feel like we are the only two people on earth. and that no one else matters. cause nothing else does matter at that moment.i love you.

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