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The Few, The Tired, The Proud; Night Owls

October 20, 2010
By Jenny Tatara BRONZE, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Jenny Tatara BRONZE, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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Wake up, hit the snooze button, and repeat. This is an action done by numerous people who suffer from being what is considered a night owl. A night owl refers to a person who gains a large portion of their energy at night, resulting in a difficult time arousing in the morning. It is most commonly seen in teenagers, but unfortunately, some are never able to grow out of their sleep schedule. Society puts these people at a disadvantage in life, making institutions such as work and school begin early in the morning, sometimes just a few hours after the night owl is able to fall asleep. The schedule of such a person is unique to others and results in many obstacles that most of the wannabe nocturnal have to overcome due to their odd sleeping hours.

After returning home from school, a night owl is exhausted and spent, so they may take an hour or two nap. Then it’s time for dinner and after that they have to begin homework. By the time seven or eight o’clock rolls around, the night owl finally seems to get a second wind. They become more productive and and their creativity begins to flow. After completing homework, showering, and preparing for school the next day, it’s around ten or eleven o’clock and the night owl may make the mistake of trying to sleep. The more someone tries to fight being a night person, the worse the situation becomes. I’ve been a victim to this countless times. Hours and hours pass of tossing and turning, for my brian is still in full throttle. Thoughts, ideas, and reminders sporadically pop up in my active mind, disrupting my attempt at sleep. This unsuccessful attempt will only result in frustration and hours of wasted time, since this is the when the night owl’s performance is at its peak.

An experienced night owl will inform you that the best way to overcome your situation is to accept it. It’s much more productive to work with your sleep habits than against them. There are different solutions and many beneficial schedules for those who have to wake up early for either school or work. When you get home from school, take a nap until sunset, and then complete all necessary tasks until midnight, or time needed. The four hour nap combined with around six hours of sleep allows for the night owl to get the desired ten hours even, if it’s broken up. This is a good alternative for the night owl because you will be exhausted after school and not able to complete your work with your best capabilities. The nap will leave you feeling refreshed and in the mood to be productive, leaving you ready to conquer all work that needs to be completed.

When you are a night owl, the morning person; a person with cheer, perk, or any form of enthusiasm before noon, becomes the enemy. These people are out to make you look bad, and to annoy others who do not share their energy. This breed of people is a mystery to the night owl, who cannot figure out what the secret is to be able to go to bed and wake up early. The best tactic is to ignore them, or do whatever possible to lower their spirit to match yours. A night owl may attempt to mimic the good mood and energy of a morning person, but this is nearly impossible and will only result in a worst state than before. Another common mistake of an night owl is when they allow themselves to be brought down by the morning person. They may envy the morning person’s ability to smile before noon, but it is vital to remember that they are not better, just different.

Although it is apparent that there are many disadvantages of being deemed a night owl, there are also useful benefits. At social events such as parties and sleepovers, night owls have more energy and can be the life of the party, while others are struggling to stay awake. Another benefit often overlooked is that when the night owl is up, most people are asleep. Therefore the house is still and quiet so the person still awake can get things done in a peaceful environment. Mornings are often chaotic while the night is calm and relaxing, so the night owl tends to be more tranquil and collected.

A common misconception about night owls is that they are lazy. Because they are typically tired during the day, some believe that they aren’t putting forth effort, when in reality, their true potential is being conserved for a later hour. Night owls will be offended if someone does not take the time to realize their sleep habits are a natural biorhythm and they do not stay up late for the heck of it. It’s a serious condition that needs to be recognized and respected, and is often overlooked by schools where a majority of night owls suffer. Since society favors the morning people and use insulting quotes such as, “The early bird gets the worm,” night owls are forced to be a suppressed minority. They have to find an alternative route in order to be successful and accepted into a civilization where functioning in the morning at full competence is something expected and even demanded.

Although the term night owl has a negative connotation, those who prefer the night are just as capable and can be as productive as people who have energy during the day. Every generation will continue to produce the misunderstood who would be nocturnal if society would permit. People should not fear the night owls who wake up groggy and grumpy, but give them the respect they deserve for actually being able to force themselves out out a warm bed after a few measly hours of sleep. Trust me, it’s much harder than it appears. So if you fit the description of a night owl, do not fret or begin to distress. Though there will be times when you wish you could work like the early bird, it’s the night owl who soars with energy and ideas when the rest of the world is asleep.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this article because I was feeling like I was at a disadvantage in life being a night owl, but then had the revelation that night owls can be just as productive as morning people, we just work in a different way.

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