What Goes Bump In The Night

February 18, 2018
By Kalopsia BRONZE, Livingston, Texas
Kalopsia BRONZE, Livingston, Texas
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You live a simple life with your Aunt and Uncle in Nebraska after a tragic car accident took your mother and father when you were almost too young to remember it.  You live just like every other teen in the country until one fatal day flips your whole life and what you thought you knew upside-down. After being rescued by hunters Sam and Dean Winchester, you battle internal struggles and fight to stay alive as the true reality of what is really out there reveals itself to you. This 17,000 word fanfiction describes another day in the life of a Winchester—except this time, it’s through your eyes. Describing discovering yourself as a person, forming a relationship with the brothers from the hit series Supernatural, and facing death itself, my fanfiction’s goal is to bring you through an original version of another Supernatural episode, and to give you the glimpse into the life of a hunter. 

Sarah L.

What Goes Bump In The Night

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