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JK Rowling

February 26, 2018
By Katielynnekearns SILVER, Stockton, Kansas
Katielynnekearns SILVER, Stockton, Kansas
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This paper is about the world's most well paid author. J.K. rowling. She is quite famous for her series of Harry Potter books. She doesn’t just write in her spare time ,in fact, she is mostly doing charity work in her spare time.

Her past
Joanne rowling was born July 31, 1965 to Anne and Peter Rowling. Her mom worked as a teacher in science at Joann's school while her father worked as a aircraft factory manager. She started writing at the age of six. When her mother praised her on her story she asked her mother if she could publish it. She admits that it was a odd question for a six year old to ask. When she was eleven she had wrote her first novel.

When her mom was diagnosed with MS Joanne did everything she could to help her mother. She also was teased in high school and grade school because of her last name and for lots of other stuff too. After she graduated her parents convinced her to go to college in paris where she studied french. When she later graduated from there she got a job offer in Portugal to teach English as a foreign language.


When she was teaching English she met Jorge Arantes and later married him. In the three years they were together she had a child with him. After a year of marriage they divorced leaving Joanne a single parent. She named her daughter Jessica.

While sitting on a delayed train she got an idea for a book.  She wrote down that idea on a napkin. 

She moved to Scotland to be closer to her sister after her divorce. She was penny- pinching her money ,in fact, she would take her and jessica  on walks to the park just to stay out of the house so she could save money. When Jessica was asleep she would head to a Cafe in town to write about her ideas for her book.

She was close to being done with her book when her mother died. She went into a deep depression and stopped writing for a while after that.

She sent her first three chapters to a publishing company. They rejected her. After that she retyped it and sent it to Bloomsbury press who later accepted it and gave her an advance of $4,000. Scholastic later bought rights to sell her book.

After her first book ( Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone) sold she donated her money to charity funds. In fact, she started her own charity fund called Lumos. Lumos helps children in institutions get a family. She also helps in these charity funds- gingerbread for single parents, and comic relief for a world free of poverty. She also gave money to build a hospital ,Anne Rowling Neurology clinic, Where she met her second husband.

She remarried Neil Murray and had two kids, one girl one boy. She named her new daughter Mackenzie and her new son David. By now she has three kids.

She  may be famous but she hasn't forgot what it’s like to be poor. So she helps as much she can to make the world a better place. JK rowling has had a long, hard past and worked very hard to get where she is now. 

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