Diagnosing "Queer"

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There are words people dance around; queer, gay, aromantic, transgender, genderfluid. The problem isn't that words like this exist, it's the simple fact that they're just taboo.

There are words people dance around; mentally ill, cancer, tumor, disease, psychotic. The problem isn't that words like this exist, but that they have a definitive meaning associated with destruction and malintent.

The real problem with naming problems is that it defines them as problems, and people tend to avoid problems they feel uncomfortable with. The case with taboo words is that we can't seem to acknowledge them until someone brings it up.

With maliciously associated words comes a certain power: diagnosis.

“You have cancer?” or “You have schizophrenia? Does that mean you're psychotic?”

Allow me to rephrase.

“You have lesbian?” or “You have trans? Does that mean you're gay?”

What the diagnosers don't think about is that being queer isn't a disease. Sexuality doesn't need to be identified by a word, especially one associated with sickness and damnation. Gay isn't a disease. You can't catch lesbian. You can't rain down a plague of transgender. It shouldn't be associated with that at all.

I remember something my mom told me a while ago. We were in the car and I was antagonizing yet again over my sexuality, since I had recently discovered that I found girls attractive as well as boys. Aloud, I was questioning if I was bisexual or pansexual or something inbetween, and without taking her eyes off the road, she asked, “Does it really matter?”

No, I thought to myself, settling back in my chair. It doesn't matter at all.

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