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Don't Go Anywhere

The wonderful aspect of all this mobile technology these days is that it has made waiting for stuff so much more bearable. Whether it's standing in line at the post office or sitting on a bench at the DMV, phones and tablets and other gadgets have made it possible to be entertained at all times, in all places. Nowhere is this more clear than on the commute or on a trip. As long as you're not the driver (and there are still books on tape), you now have the freedom to be constantly soothed and entertained and stimulated for your entire journey. (Read more »)

Bullying Under Attack

True Stories Written by Teen Victims,
Bullies and Bystanders

Now available at Amazon.com,
BN.com and
bookstores everywhere

Read an excerpt from Liv, Forever
by Amy Talkington

"I looked around--no one was coming--so I leaned on the well, trying to calm down. I looked into its blackness. Abyss. Then something suddenly rushed up from the dark, and that cold chill slapped me in the face. My head whipped back from its force. And that's when everything went black..."

Keep reading: https://medium.com/

Make the Most of This Summer: Language Immersion & Cultural Exploration

At the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy you'll enjoy a unique, pre-college experience while gaining confidence communicating in real-life settings and accelerating your language growth by at least one level in just four weeks! 8th-12th grade students learn Spanish, French, Chinese, German or Arabic in a supportive, fun environment. Save $500 when you apply and pay in full by March 31. Use code SAVE500 at check out. Download a complete guide to the Academy to learn more!

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