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February 6, 2019
By anastasi SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
anastasi SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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one sec i'm busy writing i thought of something cool

“Morning Mountain” by Ellie Burns is an exceptional poem that emits a soothing aura. Even with three lines, the words depict a clear image. The reader thinks of the fog curling around the peaks of mountains in the morning. The imagery and vocabulary utilized work together to create an aesthetic thought.

When I visited Lake Placid in October, I recall the vivid mornings. I observed the clouds dance around the humongous mountains. Crisp zephyrs brushed my hair away from my face, and this poem triggers my jubilant memories. “Morning Mountain” states, “Atop the mountain/Fog hugged the uneven space/In the morning light.” When Burns describes the fog embracing the sharp peaks, the reader is overwhelmed by lulling pictures of the early scene. The lines are crafted with compassion and is shown by the result: a marvelous poem.

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