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What do I do when it always feel like no one will ever like me?

A.Krisiak posted this thread...
Nov. 8, 2012 at 6:10 pm

 So everytime theres a guy I end up falling for, something always goes wrong. He either likes another girl or hears rumors about how I'm crazy and physcotic. I haven't been in a serious relationship in a while and I just don't know what I'm supposed to feel like. What do I do??

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JoPepper replied...
Nov. 10, 2012 at 3:21 pm

You need to pinpoint EXACTLY what keeps going wrong, trust me it helps to figure out what to do.  I'm going to go ahead and assume that you are not crazy or psycotic, but if a guy says no because of rumors then maybe he isn't that good of a guy.  I learned the hard way that you shouldn't always believe rumors...no matter how hard it may be.  But if the guy starts to catch wind of these rumors, you somehow prove you're not crazy...if that makes sense.  I've never been in a serious relationship either, so I don't know what it feels like.  But I think that you both need to feel understanding and no awkwardness between eachother...but I think it takes time to get to that point...

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CTS207 replied...
Nov. 11, 2012 at 2:29 pm

It's time to show your peers that these rumors do not bother you. Remove yourself from actively seeking a relationship, for a time and start searching for more friends. Building your world from healthy friendships will be good for you and in time may lead to finding what you seek. But for now I would urge you to leave the search for love behind, as hard as that is going to be. And put what remains of your energy after academics (and any hobbies/sports you like) and focus on building friendships. For I tell you the truth all 5 of my past 'serious relationships' were originlly friends and they still are, even after the breakup.

Simply because I built the friendship first and the relationship 2nd.

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