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Busting Through (A "Busting" Roleplay)

leafy replied...
Mar. 4, 2013 at 8:23 pm

((Hm...are you sure you're getting the whole link, Dani? If it doesn't end in .jpg, then you're not (you kinda have to highlight it to the next line for it to copy the whole url, that makes sense). And ah, I see. I probably won't end up changing it all though, since that'd take a bunch of time :P
Also, Dolphin, I'm trying to find a picture that might resemble Kors (or at least one close enough that I can edit), but it isn't exactly working :P. I'm trying, though! haha))

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Mar. 4, 2013 at 9:30 pm

(Leah: You're awesome, so never feel that you're not just because other people can't see it. I know the whole friend issue is hard, but we're always here for you!
Dolphin and others doing the time skip: Certainly! I think we're all ready, correct?)
Hail: Fort London
My God, he thought, taken aback, as Aurora stood and tucked away her pride, though with a noticeable grimace. Raising his eyebrow, he quickly shoved down the snide comment rising on his lips. After all, this show of respect had to have cost her; pushing her, despite the fact that he could, wasn't necessary.
Hail stomped away the unwanted demon in him and nodded his head at her. "Very well." He didn't miss how she had paused upon calling the young girl "Wright", and no doubt knew those names were fake as well. "You certainly can."
At the mention that Hail was free to tell General Vrain of the message, he relaxed visibly. "Good, good. I'll inform General Vrain..." He stood slowly to his feet, rubbing the back of his neck absently. "We'll go to the room next door. We won't be staying in here," he informed his brother, gazing at him with one last, burning look full of questions.
Hail was the first at the door, and he opened it for the other two to step through first. "First door on the right."
Nyx: Fort London
Nyx watched Quinten curiously as he gave his story, his face earnest and showing he spoke nothing but the truth. Her interest wasn't quenched, however; it merely intensified.
Grew up around Britain...and, well, he's certainly human. But what is his family story?
She tore her gaze from him reluctantly at Eve's question, and she opened her mouth to lie...but why? General Vrain would know, surely, once Jem had told his brother everything. Nyx had sensed something between Vrain and Hail that went beyond professionalism; he would tell her, she was sure, that Jem and Tesla were Gifted. No doubt he had already explained what they all were, excluding Quinten.
"Er...no," she answered truthfully, smiling bashfully. "Not exactly. Well, not at all, really."
Bobbi: Fort London
Noah's enthusiasm was infectious; Bobbi chose to ignore Jaden for the moment as the soldier left, peeling off her soaked jacket and shirt but keeping her relatively-dry tank top. There was no privacy in this room, and Bobbi thanked the fact that she had worn compression shorts beneath her cargo pants; she changed quickly into a dry pair, though they were slightly big on her. She fixed that with a belt before turning to the others, finally turning her gaze to Jaden distastefully.
"Please. You're the only one here making this mission more complicated than it should be. Of course there's a plan." She refrained from calling Jaden an imbecile. "We weren't sent here to make things up on the fly, though the attack and your appearance was inconvenient." Bobbi ignored the fact that Jaden had taken part in getting them out of that tough spot; for all Bobbi knew, she was what had drawn the soldiers' attention.
She waved a hand, sitting down at a cluster of chairs away from the other new arrivals, each of them wet and muttering darkly to their neighbors. Clearly, they were also waiting to be interrogated; Bobbi caught sight of a large, brutish man in the back, his full red beard and large black scar making her grimace before looking away. She counted about seventeen others in the room, but none of the soldiers looking about seemed bothered. New arrivals were, clearly, expected.
Lowering her voice so no one else would hear, Bobbi explained. "Our names and pictures are in the system...or, mine and Noah's names and pictures are in the system. I'm Administration, and Noah's Captain. They'll check our files and we'll be cleared." Her eyes went to Jaden. "You'll have to stay in the guest terminal of the fort, but I doubt they keep people for more than a few days. I don't think making an excuse for you would work, not any longer than you hanging back as a civilian would." Bobbi frowned. "We might have to find a soldier to kill off for you to impersonate, but you'd have to stay in. I can only keep up a change in your appearance for so long."

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leafy replied...
Mar. 4, 2013 at 9:43 pm

(Yup, I'm ready :) )

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leah1027 replied...
Mar. 4, 2013 at 10:10 pm

(I'll wait for Skyye before posting for Noah :) And thanks Carson... Actually, I think I would like to talk about this with you guys if that's okay. I'll make a separate thread in the rp section.)


Caterina sucked in her breath when Wright- if that was even her real name- hesitantly admitted to being gifted. A gifted in the base? She thought worriedly. How on earth was this allowed to happen?

But outside of her worry and surprise Caterina felt extremely curious, maybe even a bit wistful. She tried her best not to, but she couldn't suppress the memories that rushed back to her from when she was growing up back in Italy. All of her family had been gifted, and all of her friends too. She had been completely surrounded by them for the first half of her life.

Because of that she hardly feared the gifted as much as the average human soldier, so finding out that these soldiers were gifted wasn't too outrageous to her. But still, it brought back a fresh sting of betrayal.

Caterina desperately wanted to question the two of them, but she knew her place and kept quiet. Hopefully General Vrain would get this all sorted out.

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iluvnacho replied...
Mar. 5, 2013 at 5:32 pm

(Promise I'll reply back as soon as I can tonight! Sorry guys! The time skip for the Maerica people is okay for me :) )

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Mar. 5, 2013 at 8:14 pm

(Alright, Leah. Just tell us when you've made it and we'll be there!
If everyone's ready (I know Dolphin is for sure), we'll skip ahead now for the Americas. It'll be a three day skip, so everyone should have time to have their characters travel.)
Leona: Arizona Base
It had been an agonizingly awkward and long three days, filled with nothing but silence in the Jeep---the boy, Leona was surprised to find, was well-behaved, if not because of his loss of the girl, Jo, and his kind savior, Hector---each individual lost in their own thoughts. Leona had been pondering her next move, but what was there? Hector had seemingly ruined the prophecy, though Leona wasn't sure a prophecy could be ruined. After all, the future was set in stone; so how, then, would Hector play as she had thought he would in the makings of things now?
Her dreams were uneasy, filled with a forebodding she could not explain. She felt as if something approached, and only twice before had she felt such a gut-wrenching sensation. The first had resulted in the murder of her stepfather, a moment that had changed her life; the second had come in the form of the General, Delias, arriving in her dreams, confirming the destiny that had been laid before her path and the paths of the others she had sent to be found.
Nothing good could come of this feeling. It would no doubt result in something tedious or otherwise stressful. Would it be a change in the prophecy? Would the world Leona wanted to prevent happen now that Hector had bowed out? How many others had rejected her message?
And yet, despite her troubled thoughts, the group arrived at the Arizona Base no sooner than the third day, the afternoon sun hot but, she noted, not quite as scorching as the blazing southern heat had been. Her reappearance caused a stir, and she was not surprised when, with their Jeep now parked its inhabitants slowly crawling out, several of her advisors and officers strode up to her, giving well-wishes with anxious looks that told her they wanted nothing more than to get down to business.
I'll need to see Wade, she thought, thinking of the man that had, for many years now, been a friend and advisor, whose relationship with Leona had only grown with the scandalous affair that had involved his own boyfriend as well as hers. He'll have the most accurate report...I don't need pieces here and there. I need it all.
Leona kindly waved them down, announcing quickly, "As you can see, we have a guest. I'll call a meeting at nightfall, in which I'll need full reports on all fronts."
This seemed to calm her officers, as they each, with nods and more warm welcomes than she had first received, left. Their appearance had drawn the eyes of soldiers walking through the camp; they cast her curious looks, noting the return of their Commander and her strange visitors: a small boy and a woman who, to put it in the boy's words, appeared more ghost than human.
Leona turned to Umbra and the boy---how had she not got around to asking him his name?---giving a warm smile, some of her ice having melted at being back in her homeland. If Leona was comfortable anywhere, it was here.
"Welcome to the Arizona Base. I can assure you, you're stay here will be comfortable...though I can't promise to compare it to your base back home." She nodded her head to Umbra, wondering what she thought of the place, with all of its tight corners and rigid soldiers. "I'll have to leave you to your quarters after dinner, but until then, I can give you a tour. If you would rather rest in your quarters after the long journey, however, I can provide a meal and a bed."
Her eyes went to the boy and then to Umbra, two figures who stood out more than Leona herself did, boy and ghost woman, looking out of place if only because of the attention they drew. Had the others ignored their existence, Leona knew they would have blended into the background, unseen and unheard.
But it can never be easy, she thought with a sigh.

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iluvnacho replied...
Mar. 5, 2013 at 11:15 pm

Eve Fort London
If it wasn't for Nyx's youth, Eve probably would of slapped the girl.
Quite an irrational thing for her to think, but Eve couldn't help bing biased towards the Gifted. They had killed her parents, afterall. Even given her a scar from an attack, one that she wanted to badly to touch on the spot. Instead, her fingers stopped drumming against the table abruptly, and her eyes seemed to freeze over completely.
"So you're telling me that you are a Gifted." Her words were steady, but detached. Somehow, that made her fury all the more tangible. Eve couldn't believe the girl hadth nerve to smile...
A knock broke Eve's haze of wanting to pin Nyx down. She cast a sharp glare at both of them, swiftly getting up to answer it. Standing at the door was Keegan. The sight of him made her heart jump in both surprise and something else. Eve quickly took in Jem beside him, and his Captain.
"Immepcable timing."Eve murmured, letting the three of them in before she closed the door."Let me guess; you two are Gifted as well?" Her tone was more weary than anything else as she resumed her seat behind the table. The room was rather cramped with six people in total, though she had much more important things taking space in her thoughts.
Snooze Arizona Base
The next three days of travel was a blur to Snooze. He sat between two ladies; Ghost Lady, and Lion Lady, though he had tried referring to them by their actual names of "Leona" and "Umbra" outloud. His nicknames would stick mentally for quite a while.
It was a pattern of clothes sticking onto his chest, coated with sweat, to sleeping. He tried not to think of Jo, or Hector. Everytime their face flickered into his eyelids, a new flmae of betrayal burned his insides. It was tough, but Snooze knew it would pass over time. Over time, everything got easier, he decided.
Most of the time, Snooze disracted himself. He so rarely got to travel by car, and he would take in the landscapes of mountains and plains with wide eyes. He tried to memorize the beauty, to draw down later. His sketchbook was in his backpack, but he was much too shy to reveal any of his drawings to either of the woman he was traveling with. On occasion, he would stare at Leona, getting the odd color of her eyes, or Umbra's peculiar skin color. They both looked like that got over loaded with one color.
The worst part was Snooze's dream watching. Two of the three nights, he would wake up leaning either against Leona to glimpse images that sent shivers down his spine, or Umbra. Somehow waking up against her was even worse; she hardly dreamed of anything! At least Snooze knew Leona had some feelings. Umbra was an eerie blank sheet of paper.
And then, they finally made it. To the Arizona Base. The first thing Snooze noticed was how much cooler it was than in South America. Sure, it was hot, but the humidity was replaced by dryness. The people, too. All of them were obviously Gifted, some with even stranger features than Leona or Umbra.
On instinct, Snooze wanted to stay as close as possible to Lion Lady. Sure, they might of gotten a rough start, but Snooze forgave her. At her offer of a tour, he hovered closely to her side. Probably an annoyance, but Snooze couldn't help the fear that was leaking thorugh him. It was thick in his blood, like poisened syrup.
"Leona," Snooze's voice was raspy, and he swallowed. It had been a while sicne he last drank..."Can I please have a tour?" Really, he could care less about getting around. Frankly, he wanted to prolong his stay with her as long as possible, and if he was going to get a tour out of it, then so be it.

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_Skyye_ replied...
Mar. 6, 2013 at 12:09 am

(Every single one of my characters are in Fort London O_O)
Quentin: Fort London
Quentin stiffened as he saw the iciness spread over Eve's features. Her eyes were like shards of glass, all pointed at Nyx. Quentin straightened his shoulders, feeling defensive Nyx.
His own eyes hardened as he watched Eve, almost daring her to threaten the younger girl. She wouldn't, would she? Nyx had done nothing to Eve, but it was obvious-at least to him-that she had no kind feelings toward Gifted.
He was jerked from his thoughts from a knock on the door. He warily watched as Eve opened it, revealing Hail, Jeremy and Tesla. Jeremy and Hail both looked the same, yet very different. Tesla looked like she'd stuffed a lot of pride away for the sake of her mission. He respected that.
Quentin rose to his feet, making sure he was at full height. He crossed his arms, making his shoulders look even broader. He silently watched as Tesla answered Eve.
"Yes. I am Gifted, I suggest you don't have a problem with it."
Tesla eyed Eve openly, her blue eyes-quite a few shades darker than Eve's-firm and unflinching. She was no stranger to hostility, from the Gifted to the humans or vise-versa. She didn't tolerate it in those directly under her command, or at least when they were in her presence. Eve seemed to have no kindred sentiments.
"My name is Montange, Aurora Montange."
She held out a hand, waiting to see if the woman would shake it.
Jaden: Fort London
Jaden shrugged of Bobbi's distainful look--which was easy considering she wasn't supposed to be able to see it. "Oh, am I, Mimic? The best I remember it was you and Noah who got yourselves found by a band of soldiers, not me. And I'm not making anything more complicated."
She smirked at Bobbi calling her an inconvience, "Oh, honey, I've been called a lot worse than that. If you're gonna insult me do it a little better."
Jaden leaned forward and propped her chin on her palm, her clothes were already drying, which she was thankful for. It was taking all her control not to let loose even the tiniest of sparks. It'd hurt like he.ll if one got on her.
"Oh, Mimic, I don't need a fake name or a dead soldier to get what or go where I want. And you're not touching me with that mimickry of yours, I'll do fine without it."

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leafy replied...
Mar. 6, 2013 at 9:02 pm

(Whew, sorry it took me a while to reply. This week is super-busy for me, so I doubt I'll be able to post tomorrow, and I know I won't be able to Friday. After that, though, I should be good :)
Also, so today some guy who works on the AVATAR comics came to speak at our school! :D Apparently they're doing a series to connect ATLA and LOK, where questions like what happened to Zuko's mom will be answered (I tried to get him to go ahead and tell me, but he wouldn't :P ). I didn't buy a copy, but a few of friends did, and the few pages I've looked at look awesome.
Like (I'm not giving much away, since this happens near the beginning), there's this one woman who tries to assassinate Zuko, and I dunno if she becomes major later on since I've barely read any of it, but she looks so BADA.SS OMG. 
Sorry, just had to get that out. It was quite funny to see all the people (who I totally would not expect) to come to his book signing -- students and teachers alike XD
Also, on another note, will anyone be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this year? It's in April and you choose whatever you want your wordcount to be. Thought I might ask, to see if any of you would want to be in my cabin (and another one of my friends asked me the same thing haha ) :) ))
UmbraArizona Base
The drive to the Arizona Base was strange, to say the least. Nothing too terrible went awry in the three days once they got going and Snooze finally accepted the fact that Jo would not be travelling with them, but the boy still wasn't exactly happy about it. For some reason, he appeared to be blaming Umbra partially for his companion's decision, though she didn't feel bad.
In the end, it was Josepha's decision. Hector didn't try to use his Gift to convince her to stay, and she could've left with us, if she wanted, she thought. And if Snooze was hurt by that, well, it was better that something like this would help toughen him up before something major hurt him even worse. And in a world like this, where you're a boy wandering by yourself? Bad things are bound to happen.
Even taking that into consideration, Umbra could have sworn she could see from the corner of her eye the boy give her strange looks. She remembered vaguely that his Gift had to do with sleep, and dreams-- though she didn't see how that would scare him. Rarely did anything ever emerge in her dreams; it wasn't as if he could be frightened by any vivid nightmares---but she didn't let that bother her, either.
And Leona? Well, Leona looked happy---or, as happy as she could ever be---to be back in Arizona, where she obviously was much more comfortable in. Once they arrived, Umbra looked around, trying to internalize as many details as possible---and it looked like the soldiers were doing the same for her and Snooze. Their arrival, being unexpected, must have surprised them, but she ignored the stares. Even though there were plenty of Gifted who had stranger appearances than her, she was still used it.
The weather was one of the first things she noticed. The heat still remained---if anything, it was hotter---, but the air was much drier, which was an interesting change. South America was obviously much more humid, and even her home back in Canada had its fair share of humidity. But the most obvious difference between her base down south and Arizona was, well, the neatness.
In South America, soldiers hiked up their tents where they wanted to---usually their acquaintences or their "captain," if you could call it that title. People who had more stationary positions in certain bases---like her---had their quarters in a building, though it wasn't exactly fancy. The system worked, since most people were constantly on the move, though everything was generally louder and with a, ah...controlled chaos. 
The people are free, but it's Hector and his ideas who bind them together.
The situation in the Arizona Base, however, was much different. Everything and everyone was tight and organized, from the lined-up tents to their crisp uniforms---which were a stark white, she didn't fail to notice, with her black cargo pants and dark gray tank-top on. Many people continued on with their business after seeing them, though even the ones who stopped to look still kept up their formalities.
Once again, it was strange...and reminded Umbra of one of the reasons why she joined Hector in South America, rather than enlisting in the North American military. Hector might have considered her more open-minded---and that probably was true---, but there was a reason why she traveled over three thousand miles to take part in an army, rather than going somewhere closer to half that distance.
The three of tem paused for a moment, and Leona offered to give them a tour of the base or to lead them to their quarters, if they wanted. Snooze---although looking exhausted---immediately asked for a tour, and Umbra didn't think that sounded like a bad idea. She was tired, though no more than she usually was---and she was used to going about her business with some level of weariness---, and if she was going to be here for a while, she might as well knew where everything was.
"A tour would be fine," Umbra answered, giving a short nod in agreement. She wondered what the American soldiers would think of her, once they knew (unless they already did) who she was and where she came from. In South America, most of the soldiers didn't try to hide their dislike for Leona, but everyone here seemed so...rigid.
HectorCentral America
The course of the next few days was same ol', same ol', pretty much. Jo decided to stay with him without raising much of an issue, although Snooze did seem pretty devastated by it. He didn't like to see the kid so sad---especially since this would probably be the last he'd see of him---, but having someone else go up to North America would just be too much. Having just Umbra go up was already pushing his luck.
Once they finally left, everything returned to its previous state. It was a bit weird not having Umbra in the morning meetings, but it was fine, and the general animosity concerning Leona's presence disappeared. Matters became normal again---though 'normal,' per se, in South America, especially for those who were Gifted, wasn't exactly normal for most people.
And now that everything was as it had been again, Hector saw no reason not to continue on with his previous plans---which included the attack (or rather, it was more of a surprise attack, or ambush) he'd been considering, for the Bogota Human Base in Columbia. It lay just past the outskirts of his own land, and although it wasn't their largest base---no, that was much farther south, in Buenos Aires---, it was still a fairly big one, and capturing it would be noteworthy.
And after Bogota, who knows where we'll go next? Mauve said just a couple days ago that the most recent factories are now in use, and Beck told me today that a significant number of trainees just graduated. Gifted, human... I-- we, we're just waiting to expand.
In the meantime, Hector sat up from his bed, getting ready for the new day. It was early---early for most people, anyway---, but after a frew set of clothes and a quick hair gelling and a shave, he was ready.

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leafy replied...
Mar. 6, 2013 at 9:31 pm

(Whew, this thread was quick to bump down to the next page! Also, Carson, just so you know, I bumped up a thread for us with some more info/ideas :) )

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_Skyye_ replied...
Mar. 6, 2013 at 9:45 pm

(Leafy! What's your Camp username? I wanna try and get into your cabin!)

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leafy replied...
Mar. 6, 2013 at 9:55 pm

(It's ElizabethEmanuel :) )

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_Skyye_ replied...
Mar. 6, 2013 at 9:57 pm

(cool :)   

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leah1027 replied...
Mar. 6, 2013 at 10:14 pm

(Leafy: I've read it :) I don't remember it too well because the last part was released in October I think. It was pretty awesome though- in the last few pages Azula showed up! XD Also what's camp Nanowrimo?)


"Just give it a rest already," Noah said, glancing quickly around the room. It wouldn't turn out well for them if anyone overheard Jaden talking about fake names and dead soldiers. Seriously, if those two couldn't quit it before the interrogation he was going to ditch them.

And speaking of the interrogation, Noah thought. We still don't have a plan, do we? Now that he thought about it more, most of the mission hadn't gone according to any plans at all. And sure, they made it into the fort but not before they'd been almost caught and killed by a group of human soldiers. Maybe they should give planning ahead a shot.

"So what about the interrogation?" He asked. "What's our full story?"

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dolphinportkey7 replied...
Mar. 7, 2013 at 5:53 pm

Wade: Arizona Base
"I don't have for you right now," he told Ameth. Wade took a step to the left to get around the purple-skinned, black-haired teleporter. The young fighter blocked him. 
"Ameth, Leona's going to be back any minute now, I-"
"When are we going to work this out?!" Ameth said. "Just...take a second to sit down and talk?" There were tears in his eyes. There had almost been some in Wade's , too, when he figured out what had happened between Ameth and Kors. 
"When it's good for me. That's what I get for your makeout sessions with Kors, dibs on scheduling," Wade snapped as he took another step to the left. Ameth let him pass this time and walk out of the tent. Outside, the clouds were forming up, chalky white with streaks of river grey. 
It's funny, he thought, because he thinks I'm too hurt to talk to him. He probably thinks I feel dirty when I look at him...like I'm afraid if I kiss him, I'll be kissing Kors. Which is stupid, because Kors is probably a terrible kisser. A roll of thunder boomed across the sky, and Wade's eyes darted towards the sky. Several people around him looked up, as well; it hadn't rained for months. Crops were grown here thanks to Gifted with water and plant-related abilities, but actual rain was a rare thing until the season came around. 
He's wrong. I need time to figure out how I feel...what I want. 
He waved to a lion-eyed girl, spotting her near the edge of camp with a boy and a young woman. 

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_Skyye_ replied...
Mar. 7, 2013 at 9:34 pm


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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Mar. 7, 2013 at 10:25 pm

(Mmm...I've never done Camp NaNo. I might check that out if I have the time. But I also hadn't heard of that Avatar news. I'll have to check it out ASAP. :D)
Nyx: Fort London
General Vrain's words were like acid, cold and hard, immediately dousing Nyx's inner flame. She hadn't spent more than five minutes with anyone who had hated Gifted passionately, as most of those meetings ended with a dead human or an abandoned mission. Having someone sitting so close, who had so recently showed some small affection only to turn and snap, hit Nyx in ways she didn't expect.
She shrank back in her seat, feeling ashamed of herself as her smile slipped away. Had it been wrong of her to smile? What was in this woman's past to make her hate Nyx at the mere mention of her being Gifted? Nyx had clearly said something wrong, besides the obvious; she was plainly used to those who were annoyed by her presence, even those who were cruel and sent taunts her way. But this blatant hatred stemming from seemingly nowhere confused Nyx.
It was only by good graces that the door opened in that moment, Hail---Nyx couldn't bring herself to call him General, not with his being Jem's brother---Tesla and Jem filing in, crowding the room. Tesla took up a snappy tone with General Vrain, but Nyx was strangely silent, keeping her eyes on her hands in her lap. She feared she would say something wrong, something that would trigger a spark in the humans in the room, something that might even turn Quinten against her.
What did Quinten truly think about her? Was he similar to this Vrain woman, with better acting skills? Nyx had never felt so insecure before, and it felt her feeling uncomfortable and out of place.
Bobbi: Fort London
Bobbi, hands clenching into fists, ignored Jaden at Noah's sharp words. It seemed he was the only piece of the puzzle holding everything together, and it frustrated Bobbi in ways she couldn't explain. For one girl to bring out the worst in Bobbi was immensely discouraging, and Bobbi found her self-confidence slipping by the second. After all, who was she next to Jaden, all-powerful pilot, with an overdose of arrogance that Bobbi, admittedly, envied in moments like these?
When she spoke, it was to Jaden, though her kept her eyes on Noah to keep her temper in check. "You won't wander around the camp, Jaden, without any disguise. I'm not going to let you endanger our mission---and by our, I mean mine and Noah's mission. As soon as we're done here, and we return to Fort Paris, I'm dropping you. You're not getting anything out of this, not if I have a say in it."
Don't say anything else. Just stop.
Bobbi took a deep breath. It was all she could do to not rant on; as it was, she was proud her voice hadn't even shook. Her statement was clear and to the point, and it brought her some small satisfaction, and with that satisfaction came confidence. Bobbi was in control here, she had been given this mission, and Jaden wouldn't ruin this for her, not this time.
"Our story," she went on, this time speaking to Noah, as Jaden would, technically, have to make a story of her own to pull off the blind-girl facade, "is that we were born and stationed here---the profiles we're covering say as much. We were sent away three months ago for a mission. The real people were intercepted by Gifted and taken out, but the soldiers had enough sense to dispose of the bodies before their deaths could be reported. We're taking advantage of that, and the new story will be that we miraculously survived a Gifted attack and managed to find our way back on low supplies, where we picked up this one." She nodded her head at Jaden.
"They won't ask much more than that. Anyway, the folders on our profiles only cover the basics, so they won't dig into our pasts."
Leona: Arizona Base
Leona was unexpectedly pleased when both the boy and Umbra accepted her invitation to the tour. She nodded her head, not able to help her smile. The soldiers walking by still eyed the visitors curiously, but Leona was proud to see that none gave too piercing looks, nor too unfriendly, as Leona herself had become all-too accustomed to at the South American base of Hector's. For a moment, Leona wondered what Umbra thought of it all---the rigid lines, the uniformity---before brushing that query off.
A familiar voice called out to her; when she turned, Wade was strolling up to her, waving. She smiled, genuinely pleased, and waved back. "Wade! Come. We have guests." She gestured to Umbra and the boy.
She pointed to Umbra, unable to think of any specific title the woman had gone by in the south. It seemed she simply went by her name. "Umbra, of the South American rebel base you may have heard of, with Hector Valentin. She'll be acting as an...abassador, of sorts, for a few days." She then waved to the boy. "And this..."
I don't know his name.
She looked down, noting that he stood very close to her. She blinked, giving an apologetic flick of her fingers, a vague gesture. "I'm sorry. We were never properly introduced. What's your name?"

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_Skyye_ replied...
Mar. 7, 2013 at 10:41 pm

Jaden: Fort London
Jaden sat stiffly, still acting the wet, cold, blind young girl. Pain was still radiating from the tips of her fingers, making them feel like they were on fire. She listened to Bobbi distantly as she clenched her jaw.
For a moment was wanted to grin. Jaden was finally figuring out just how much it would take for Bobbi to quit acting like a wussy and man up. Jaden, honestly, didn't understand Bobbi. It was obvious, to Jaden at least, that Bobbi had talent. She'd been chosen for this mission so she'd obviously been noticed by others higher up as well. So why did the girl always act the way she did? She was talented, she should embrace it, be more commanding, she shouldn't let people walk over her. 
Jaden, without moving her head, eyed Bobbi, "Who said anything about wandering through the Fort. I don't plan on leaving you two, who knows what sort of trouble you'll get into."
She smirked and sat silently as Bobbi kept speaking. Jaden didn't care about whatever praise Bobbi and Noah would get if they completed their mission. Jaden didn't follow them for the glory or the name it'd get her. She followed them because it would be fun.

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iluvnacho replied...
Mar. 7, 2013 at 10:49 pm

Eve Fort London
Eve couldn't have helped but to feel the slightest bit of pity on the obvious affect her words had on the Nyx. It was her one weakness; the youth being whirled into the mess of the war. She glanced up at Keegan, and only he would know her well enough to read the question in her eyes. What is going on?
Her gaze needled onto Aurora as soon as she spoke, and she fought the urge to curl her lip upwards. She was in need of a major attitude adjustment, and when she held out her hand, their was hesitation.
"And if I do have a problem witht that?" Eve asked, her voice like the gleam on the edge of a razor blade as she slowly stood up. She briefly caught Quentin cross his arms, and faught the urge to laugh. What was the man trying to do? Mimick a bouncer? Did he honestly think she was scared of him? Aurora's hand still wavered in the air, and her pale hand grasped it in a brief yet firm shake before she let go.
"Eve, I can explain." Jem was walking towards her now, a slip of paper beneath his fingers. She still was standing, and her heart fluttered under her chest like a butterfly on fire. Trying to escape, only making matters worse."Please." He was as tall as Keegan, with pleading hazel eyes. She sighed, taking the slip of paper and opening it with smooth quick movements.
The war is not what you think it is. Humans fight Gifted, and Gifted fight humans, but the humans did not start this. There are secrets about our General you do not know, but know this: The humans did not enslave us three hundred years ago, and they did not start this war. It's up to us to put a stop to it, or life as we know it is over. Prepare to fight.
The message was obviously copied, and as her eyes scanned the paper, her pinched up face slowly smoothed out as she flickered her eyes up to Keegan questioningly.
'What?" She asked, feeling lost. It was an overwhelming emotion that Eve was not too fmailiar with.
Snooze Arizona Base
The boy that approached them reminded Snooze of two things put together. That is, he was two ethinicities. He a tan coloring, though not like Snooze's own. Leona called him "Wade", so that must of been his name. His eyes landed on his left arm, which was a fake and a blakc shiny like his hair.
Just like Jo. Snooze thought to himself, and his throat closed up at the thought. He very badly wanted to reach out and grab her hand, but Jo was gone. She had to stay, and Snooze couldn't rely on anyone anymore. Sure, he was independent, but only to the extent that a nine year old could be...
"Uhm," Snooze was taken off guard by Leona's question. She didn't know his name? This made him feel like he was even less significant than he already was."My name is Snooze." He answered, casting one more glance up to Wade before he focused on his new boots from South America. The memories of that place literally covered him.

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leafy replied...
Mar. 7, 2013 at 10:53 pm

(I don't have time to post tonight, but something suddenly came up and the plans I had for tomorrow suddenly can't work :P. SOooo, I will most likely be able to post tomorrow :) 
I've never done Camp NaNo, either- I registered for it, though I'm still not completely sure if I'll do it (I'm gonna wait and see how things will look then). Basically, it's like normal NaNoWriMo, but it's in April and you get to choose your wordcount ^_^
Yeah, I had no idea there were actual Avatar comics that explained what happened in between LOK and AHOE. So I'm happy, now that I know at least a few of my questions will be explained haha ^_^ )

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