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Busting Through (A "Busting" Roleplay)

An-eloquent-leaf replied...
Jan. 27, 2013 at 6:39 pm

HectorCentral America
When Hector finally read the message and asked his first question, it was almost as if he had released a waterfall for Leona, as he words began tumbling out. He took it in without interrupting---there were few times when he was actually serious, and discussing war was one of them (he did, after all, have to take some things carefully, to have gained his own position).
Humbled and pleasantly surprised? Hm. Well, I'm glad you now know what we think of your position as 'Commander'---which, however you may deny it, was handed to you.
Even so, Hector couldn't deny that she had gained lots of people's respect, even if he (and most of his men, anyway) wasn't among those people. And he could, in a way, relate---she had to show people in North America she was up for her job at nineteen, and he was only fifteen when he started trying to prove himself in South America.
He continued listening. So basically she was asking him to trust him for no reason? To put all his faith---everything that he'd worked for, the people he'd been protecting, the lands he'd won over---in her, for no other reason than...well, that was it. He stopped, though, when she said a certain phrase that caught his ear.
You'll tell me everything...
"Well, you can start by telling me these secrets of your General," he began, surprisingly straight to the point. "And then you can explain why everyone believes the humans enslaved the Gifted three hundred years ago."
If he was going to join this cause---whatever it may be---, Hector wanted to know whatever the he.ll was going on.

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leah1027 replied...
Jan. 27, 2013 at 8:11 pm

Jo: Central America

Jo couldn't help but laugh quietly every time Snooze called Leona Lion Lady- it was just too amusing. She added a soda to her tray of food and then went to sit by a small table in the corner of the room.

Snooze seemed a bit shaken by the encounter with Leona, but Jo thought he was actually taking it pretty well. At least, she assumed that most nine year olds would be more scared than Snooze was after getting tackled by a lion just hours earlier. He was still scared of course, but not overly so.

Jo didn't like the thought that Leona could still be around the base and possibly run into Snooze- the boy didn't need to be any more stressed out than he was. And while Jo could understand the rationale behind Leona's reaction to an eavesdropper, she couldn't help but being p.issed that she'd attacked Snooze. But hopefully she would never have to meet the cold North American commander.

"So you knocked out the guards, huh? That's pretty cool," She said. "So how does that work exactly? Your power I mean."

Noah: Fort Paris

A smile slowly spread across Noah's face as Bobbi finally explained their mission. London, eh? Since it was a human base Noah had never thought he'd get to see the old city, but it looked like now he would get his chance.

Noah had never really considered doing espionage work; it just wasn't his thing. He could definitely see how Bobbi would fit into that line of work, though. It wasn't surprising that she would be chosen to walk right into the heart of the human's territory. He sighed at the thought of having to walk all the way to London- walking would be less conspicuous than a car, but still a pain.

"A. Hopkins Parker- got it," He replied, taking his I.D. card. He smirked as she told him he'd be playing a captain. At least he'd get to play a captain for a little while even if he didn't get promoted to one after the mission. Playing a human captain might even turn out to be fun.

Noah turned to take one last look of Fort Paris before the gate closed behind them. He was excited to be leaving but the base really had been nice while it lasted- someday he'd have to come back here again.

"So I guess this general must be pretty important if we're being sent to take her out." He said, adjusting the pack on his shoulders and starting forward.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Jan. 27, 2013 at 8:16 pm

(Nacho: Just out of curiosity, are you, by chance, going to have Jem change his mind to give Hail the message? If not, that's fine; I was just curious, because, as fate would have it, several characters are now making their way to the fort, so there could be some interesting interaction if you want him to have it. ^_^ Either way, though, is fine with me.)
Nyx: Cat's Eye Inn
"I would love to see you in a turtle-neck." She couldn't help but grin at the mental image, her hair already damp from the water. She brought out the dye, squirting the chemical into her hands before smacking it on her scalp, rubbing it in with a wrinkled nose.
"Amanda Wright, gotcha. Soldier. Ambushed. Fort London to the rescue." Nyx mumbled out the information she picked up, her eyes narrowed on her hair, the purple slowly fading. When the dye was gone, she threw her hair up in a towel, reading the time she was ordered to wait for it to dry.
"No faces, no capture," she repeated, smiling lazily. "Don't worry. We'll be gone before they can search our names in their records. They lose platoons every day, just like we do; finding the right one, let alone the right Captain, will take three days, at least. They won't be worried; at the very least they'll think we're humans lying our way to some free fod and shelter."
Nyx brushed past Tesla, humming the same melody she always did, reaching for her change of clothes with a sigh. "I suppose we'll need to look ratty, won't we?"
Leona: Central America
Leona expected his answer, though it made her sigh. Start with the most difficult topic. Typical.
She turned to face him, her neck strained from remaining stiff for so long. She crossed her hands over her chest, losing all pretense of formality as she leaned back against the counter. "Right. The General."
Leona braced herself mentally, the information she was preparing to share something she had told no one. She hadn't even known herself until several years ago, but even so, she wasn't used to the idea of letting someone in.
"The General is the cause of the War," she began, frowning. "I'm not quite sure how old he is, though it's obvious he's well over three hundred. Even I don't know everything, but I do know the facts: He's the only Gifted known to have multiple abilities, all of which that have to do with the mind. Telekenesis, telepathy, general access to the mind and its memories or dreams.
"His name," she went on, "is Delias. And if you're going to know the answer to your second question, I'm going to have to tell you the entire story. Of him, and of...well, our ancestors."
Leona let out a deep breath, her shoulders tense. "As you already know, he was the first Gifted. This nice little story begins with loneliness, which is what he was: lonely." She waved a hand. "He bought the island---you know which one---and he built the prison Vrogad. His intent was to create more Gifted, to fulfill a prophecy of the future he'd been shown in a dream. The prophecy was...well, the War. To him, it was everything. His answers. His prayers. A world ruled by people like him, ruled by people for him."
Leona pursed her lips. "This is where any sympathy someone could have for Delias disappears. It wasn't about being lonely, not anymore. Now it was about a world ruled by Gifted on the backs of mankind. He may have started Vrogad, but I assure you, he didn't run it. He let the humans do that. Hired scientists. Armed guards. Brilliant minds and brute force." She shrugged. "You can see why we believed the humans did it. Delias was never around, not while children were being kidnapped or tested or changed into what the humans called mutants, not for years. He let the humans do everything. He was..." here she hesitated. "Smart. But cruel.
"That's why everyone believes the humans enslaved us. They did create us, even abuse our ancestors, but on Delias's orders. He created an island of torture to create an enemy of the humans, to eventually lead to the world we know today. Those brave few, the Originals who escaped and returned to destroy the prison? He allowed it. He had everything planned, Hector. There might even be proof the Originals knew of his evil...but with the prison destroyed, they thought he'd gone with it. If he wins...if we win, the prophecy is fulfilled."
Leona rested her head in her hand, propping her elbow against the counter. "I've gained this information through my very valuable informants; I assure you, you're not being misled. Prophets with abilities much like Delias's were used to find out these facts." Here she paused, gritting her teeth. "He also allowed me to see...some of his past. When we briefly met."

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Jan. 27, 2013 at 8:32 pm

Luka:  New York
Luka shrugged,
"Didn't really want to spend anymore time in the jail." he admitted, he shrugged, not really answering because he didn't have a developed ansswer to the question.  He felt the plane start moving and grinned, they were getting away with sneaking out of the country on a plane that he'd helped reak into.  He leaned against the wall of the plane and put his hands behind his head.  He hoped once they hit the ground to change out of his itchey jail uniform,
"How long til we land?" he asked Selah because he didn't know how long it took to fly across the ocean, he had lost count of the minutes when he'd first been tranported here. 

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iluvnacho replied...
Jan. 27, 2013 at 8:33 pm

(Carson:As much as Jem wants to avoid his brother ((and all the awkwardness involved in that meeting)) he can't disobey orders from Leona. It's too...rebellious, for loyal Jem, that is xD It's definitely going to be interesting, especially with Eve's hitmen haha (: We're just waiting for Karma to reply, right? )

Jem London

Jem released a breath he didn't realize he was holding. He really didn't want to fight Quentin now. Someone who wasn't prejudice...that was someone who gains Jem's respect almost instantly.

"Good." Jem replied, allowing himself to give a relieved smile."I ah...believe you are stayin at The Cat's Eye, too?" He didn't really worry about sounding creepy anymore.

Snooze Central America

Like a puppy, Snooze trailed behind Jo obediently. He noticed many pairs of curious eyes--all with colored rings that seemed to be present in every Gifted--followed him and Jo. He did his best to ignore it as he sat across from her, beginning with his apple. He always saved his main course for last.

At the question of his power, Snooze chewed thoughtfully. He wasn't used to talking so much, let alone someone being interested in him as a whole. Snooze was kind of a wallflower. He knew nothing about Jo's power, but didn't mind. Like little kids often do, Snooze trusted her enough.

"It's like...like turning off a light switch." Snooze explained, after he was done swallowing."When you're awake, you're glowing. Not really, but,"He shrugged, as if Jo could understand what he meant,"That's what it's like. When I get really scared, or angry,"At this, Snooze looked slightly ashamed, before it passed,"It's works more. It's stronger."He paused, setting his half eaten apple aside as he folded his hands in front of him.

"You have interesting dreams."Snooze finally said, picking his apple up again."I can see those. And yours are always colorful." He smiled a little. He liked Jo's dreams a lot. It was one of the things he'd miss the most about her.

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An-eloquent-leaf replied...
Jan. 27, 2013 at 9:05 pm

HectorCentral America
The next bit to come out of Leona's mouth was almost unbelievable---almost. A Gifted---the first Gifted, at that---ordering humans to abuse other Gifted, and even causing this war? Why would he even want to do that? Hector never held the General (if the whole situation wasn't so serious, the fact that his name was Delias probably would have made him crack up) much in high regard, and this only made him more irritated, or even angered.
That is the man who has been leading the Gifted, or at least the official armies? Leona seemed to actually be telling the truth, or at least saying what she believed to be the truth.
Even so...even if this is all true, even if I can trust her with everything, would it really be wise for me to join this cause? If I were to help, and then our side lost...what would become of me, my people? Would it really be wise for me to join now, without waiting to see how things will work out?
Rather than repeating his thoughts aloud, he asked a separate set of questions:
"How do you know, then, that you aren't playing into your General's" ---saying 'Delias' was a bit strange for him--- "game this very moment? How can you know he hasn't been anticipating this?"

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An-eloquent-leaf replied...
Jan. 27, 2013 at 9:06 pm

(Imma rephase that last bit:)
"How do you know, then, that you aren't playing into your General's" ---saying 'Delias' was a bit strange for him--- "game this very moment? How can you know he hasn't been anticipating you trying to...gather people to rise against him, if that really is what you mean to do?"

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_Skyye_ replied...
Jan. 27, 2013 at 9:25 pm

Tesla: Cat's Eye Inn
Tesla opened her mouth and closed it a few times, confused and unsure how to respond to Nyx's comment. You really need to get out more, Tes.
Tesla silently watched Nyx rub the dye into her hair, a momentary bout of unhappiness flashed through her, neither of them should have to be hiding the things that made them unique....
Tesla gave Nyx a sideways glance and a light smirk, "Yeah, that may be true, but better safe than sorry, and by sorry I mean dead."
Tesla followed Nyx out of the bathroom and leaned against the frame, glancing down at her jeans and tanktop. "Well, our clothes didn't exactly make it through the travel and rain without injury, so I think they're almost ratty enough already. We just need it to look like we've been hiking across England for a few weeks, which we almost have been."
She looked up at Nyx, eyeing her, "I think I have a torn pair of cargos you can borrow if you need 'em. I only have one jacket, all the others were Gifted uniform, what about you?"
Quentin: London
A wry smile touched Quentin's lip as he looked at Jem, "It seems you know more about me than I know about you, Doctor."
He reached into his pocket for a cigarette, bringing one to his lips, but he paused for a moment, peering at Jem, after a second Quentin pursed his lips and shoved the thing back into the pack. he needed to quit anyway.
Quentin leaned forward, his eyes serious, "Where are you from, Doctor? Who gave you this message? Is it being spread?"

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dolphinportkey7 replied...
Jan. 28, 2013 at 4:04 pm

(Xiphias and Carson: Is it okay if we skip a few hours ahead at the school to nightfall, and perhaps have some kind of a bomb/air raid attack there?)

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Jan. 28, 2013 at 5:05 pm

(Dolphin: Perfectly fine with me! ^_^ Sounds like it might be exciting, too. XD
And if you guys are ready, Dani and Leah, we can go ahead and make the skip, unless you want to put in another post or two for Jaden and Noah. I don't mind when; just let me know.)
Bobbi: Leaving Fort Paris
Bobbi pursed her lips, the importance of the mission falling onto her shoulders, as if it were actual weight. "I know. It's what's been bothering me...I mean, she's over two platoons, which is one more than usual. Rumor is she's close with the Commander's son, but that might be wishful gossip. My thing is: If it is true, then we'll be taking on more than her. They said if we could, if the opportunity rose...we could take out the Commander himself. If not him, then maybe his son, if he's even in town, so to speak."
Bobbi sighed here, rubbing her hair, smoothing it back into a neater ponytail. "But what really gets me is---and don't get me wrong here: Why us?" She shook her head. "I mean, I'm good at what I do, I'll admit. But I'm still new. And for them to let me choose a soldier, which they had to have known was going to be you---they know everything, I mean gracious---is odd, too. It's nearly like they expect us to fail. I mean, we'll be reporting back to them every couple of days, so they'll be getting updates on their defense, offense, structure...maybe that's all we were meant to be. Kids with a mission that's not even real, to give us some motivation."
Bobbi sighed again, throwing her hands up as the path before them became a road. They'd walk several miles on this before coming to the divide in the road, in which they'd take a right. Eventually, a marked path---Bobbi didn't know how it would be marked---would show them the way they'd need to go in order to stay below the radar on their trip to the human fort.
"I don't know. If you think about it too much, it gets to you, I suppose."
Nyx: Cat's Eye Inn
"Just what I'm wearing and a jacket." Nyx gestured to her jeans and T-Shirt. "I can rip a hole or two in them to make it look more authentic. The jacket...well, it's ratty enough as it is." Nyx held up the windbreaker, rolling her eyes at it. "I think we're good."
Nyx didn't even wait the full hour for her hair to settle; only twenty minutes passed before she threw down the towel and trotted to the bathroom, tying her hair back in her usual long braid, all traces of purple now gone. She looked at her tresses sadly for a moment, missing the color, before turning to smile at Tesla.
"Oh well. It'll come back. Anyway, we should get going; it's already going to be dusk in an hour or so, and I want you to meet Doc Boy."
Leona: Central America
Leona watched Hector take her words in with a surprisingly attentive expression, one that both pleased and shocked her. He was taking his business seriously, a side of him Leona had only heard of but never seen. It was refreshing, and she felt a small bead of hope begin to swell, even with his last round of quick-fire questions.
"I don't," she answered honestly. "Delias is, after all, his own prophet. I've had to collect this information over years, through multiple Gifted resources; he's had it all in his head for centuries. No doubt he's predicted a band of Gifted learning the truth behind the War and trying to put a stop to it, but thinking like that will drive you insane."
Leona waved her hand in the air, frustrated at the situation. "Believe me, I've turned over this for as long as the truth's been in my mind. And in the end, I've had to think of the worst possible situation, which would be that Delias does know about a group trying to rise against him. Perhaps our efforts would even prevent the humans from winning some way. Perhaps he's truly manipulating us at this very moment." She shrugged. "In the end, there's not much we can do. We can fight this War as we have been, and eventually, we will win. Gifted will rule, and Delias will get his desire, eventually overturning the power to himself in a ruthless dictatorship---I've seen that future, and I don't look forward to it."
She paused. "Or, we can fight it. Maybe even win the War for Gifted and humans seeking peace. Maybe, God forbid, we can all learn to get along again." Leona sighed. "At this point? I just don't know how anyone can want this War to go on. People are growing weary of all the death. An end is coming, but what end...well, that's to be decided."
Leona stood, brushing down her jeans, suddenly exhausted but, at the same time, tired of sitting. "I don't know about you, but I'd take my chances with the humans over a world where I'm a slave as much as everyone else, forced into a set of rules I didn't fight for or determine." She glanced up at Hector. "Because that's his prophecy, Hector. Not Gifted ruling. Him. He doesn't care about his people. That's why he allowed them to be tortured all those years ago. We're not in his best interest."

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leah1027 replied...
Jan. 28, 2013 at 5:52 pm

(I'm good with skipping, Carson :))

Jo: Central America

Jo leaned forward curiously in her seat. She had strange dreams? Really? That was interesting... Jo hardly ever remembered any of her dreams when she woke and to her it seemed like being able to see forgotten dreams must be a really cool ability.

She had many questions to ask about Snooze's power. His gift was an interesting one- complicated and complex rather than straight forward like most other gifts were. If he could make people fall asleep and see into people's dreams then Jo wondered what else Snooze might be able to do.

"Can you see your own dreams?" Jo asked. "Like, are you conscious whenever you're dreaming?"

Selah: New York

Selah resisted the urge to hit herself after he answered her question. Duh he'd go to Paris if it meant getting out of prison! Sometimes Selah really regretted her thickheadedness.

"Oh yeah," She replied, laughing awkwardly. "Sorry about that."

Hm... But so far Luka- his lock picking skills aside- was acting like any nice kid would, if a bit reserved. It was hard to picture him doing anything worthy of getting sent to prison for. Then again, in this time of war they were sending people to jail even if there were just suspicions of a crime.

"Um, if you don't mind me asking," Selah said. "What did you do to get stuck in that prison?"

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Jan. 28, 2013 at 6:04 pm

Luka:  New York
Luka paused, thinking back at the events of the past few days and trying to put everthing together so eh could give Selah at least a semi inteeligent answer, though he really wasn't sure why they thought he was a spy after he went through those days of interrogation without cracking, they obviously still did,
"I was at the House and snuck in to grab something to eat, I was caught and they thought I was a spy." he threw his hands up to show his own confufsion at teh situation.  
"That was what I was told by the lovely interrogators anyway, I still don't think I even look liek a spy." he said lookingd own at himslef,  "I'm way to handsome." he added jokingly, running his hand through his messy tangle of hair.
((I'm good with skipping))
Humphrey:  Fort London
Humprey jogged after Jury,
"Hey, Judge, waht's up?" he asked, catching up and keeping stride with his friend,
"You've been acting kind of strange since you left the oub, did you have too much to drink?  Did you eat something funny?  Do you need a doctor or something?  Or did something bad happen?" he asked, his questioning method rapid fire and resembled a prosocuter cross examining a witness in a very important court case.

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_Skyye_ replied...
Jan. 28, 2013 at 7:11 pm

(I'm at school right now, but I'll post for Tesla when I get back. And I'm up for the skip anytime!)

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iluvnacho replied...
Jan. 28, 2013 at 8:20 pm

Jem London

"Ah..."This was the part where Jem struggled. What to tell him, and what not to tell him? That was the question. He didn't mind showing how uncomfortable he was; actually, he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, flashing the tattoos on the underside of his right wrist.

"How about we talk about this in...your room?" Jem suggested. He didn't like the openness of the reasturaunt, not the way people kept glancing at them. Call it paranoia, because it probably was, but Jem would rather be safe than sorry any day.

"Privacy." He explained, standing up with his laptop. It would be nice to meet eye to eye with someone for a change.

Snooze Central America

Snooze slightly flushed in embarrassment. No one had ever been this interested in him before. At Jo's questions, he moved his corn around his plate, before answering.

"Uh, if I want to, I guess." Snooze answered with another shrug. Truthfully, he had never tried it before. He didn't really have dreams. Only nightmares. That's what Jo seemed to be not understanding. Snooze may be able to see dreams, but nightmares fell under that category as well."I don't like the Dream Realm. It's scary." He left it at that, before he gave her a curious sideways glance.

"What about you?"Snooze asked curiously."What's your power? I've asked the other kids, but they never want to tell me." He frowned slightly, a worry line forming between his eyes."It's not bad, is it?" Because Alice had always thought her power was bad. Just because she could control fire. But Snooze saw it so much differently. Alice created light. She created warmth.

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An-eloquent-leaf replied...
Jan. 28, 2013 at 10:21 pm

HectorCentral America
Hector twisted his lips downward into a frown. So much of what Leona was telling him was just so...uncertain. Sure, she gave him plenty of facts (or, at least, what she believed to be facts---most of it no one else knew for sure whether or not it was completely true), her plans for the future were just so vage, as if she was waiting to gather people first, before deciding to get rid of this General.
Hm. It the Gifted's---the military Gifted, that is---fault for allowing him to be General in the first place, he couldn't help but think. But even if it shouldn't have been his problem, it was. Perhaps not now, but by the dramatic way the Lion Lady worded it, Delias would be sooner or later. But is it even worth me getting involved in all this, anyway? Or would it be a better decision to wait it out and not risk the lives of thousands of my people?
Honestly, Hector wasn't sure.
And, of course, he had more questions to ask. Everything that Leona told him...well, nearly everything that she told him was some completely new piece of information that only left him with more things to ask. A man with more than one Gift, the only man known with that sort of ability? A possible solution to end this drawn-out war, a solution that could turn to the death of many if failed? Just the mere fact that she mentioned a "group" she was trying to raise made him wonder. How many other people had she already asked about this same deal, or how many would she ask?
He ran his tongue across the front of this teeth before coming up with what he wanted to say. "And how do you plan to..." ---he gesticulated, trying to conjure the correct words--- "carry out this plan of yours, to bring down your General?"

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_Skyye_ replied...
Jan. 28, 2013 at 10:55 pm

Quentin: London
Quentin watched Jem shift uncomfortably with mild amusement. He wasn't upset, not really, but he wasn't used to people knowing his name, much less where he was spending the night in the middle of London.
Quentin gave the tattoos on Jem's arm a brief inspection, noting they were names, but he couldn't make them all out. He flexed his right arm lightly, remembering the time he got the band around his bicep. It was a fond memory.
Quentin didn't move for a moment as he watched Jem rise to his feet, but seconds later he gave a small nod, "Yes, maybe that would be best."
Tesla: Cat's Eye Inn
Tesla nodded, still silently watching Nyx from the frame of the bathroom door. Though she was expecting it, she was still unhappy to see the purple gone from Nyx's hair. She felt strangely responsible for being the reason Nyx had to cover up the obvious part of her that made her unique.
Tesla shook herself out of her thoughts, running fingers through her hair. A quick glance in the mirror told her it was just as messy and fluffy as usual. Oh well.
She turned to Nyx and nodded, "Yes. I need to talk to him." She mumbled the last part almost as an after thought as she led Nyx out the door. Once downstairs she quickly spotted Jem in the far corner with another man. She paused in surprise for a moment, the two men looked eerily similar, they could almost be related. The only specific difference Tesla noted was hari color.
Tesla moved forward, slowly approaching the table. She knew Jem would recognize her, but she wondered who this other man was. "Hey, Doc, fancy meeting you here."
She graced her face with a smile, knowing full-well the man knew they were in the same building before meeting face to face.

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iluvnacho replied...
Jan. 28, 2013 at 11:34 pm

Jem London

Jem was glad Quentin was being cooaportive. Maybe his luck hadn't run out after all. That is, until he saw an all to familiar face.

The woman with short ruffled brown hair, and blue eyes walked toward him with a purpose. She was stockier than most woman, but not ugly. Next to her was Nyx--where did her purple streaks go? Hadn't he just seen her?--and the woman had scars trailing up her neck.

"Hello, Aurora."Jem greeted pleasantly. Like almost everyone, he towered over her, but kept a few steps of distance so he didn't so much. Unlike everyone else who addressed her as Tesla, Jem preferred to greet her by her real name. Even if she didn't return the favor by calling him "Doc". Jem was already used to the title, anyways.

"Touché." Jem added, with a small smile. He couldn't believe Nyx was paired with Aurora, of all people. They were complete opposites; Nyx laid back, Aurora serious to the extreme. He supposed someone a little older had to be there."I suppose you two are a team?"Jem guessed, before realizing Quentin was stil there, standing next to them in the crowded bar. Was it too much to ask for some privacy!?

"Well, it's good to see you in one piece."Jem concluded to Aurora, genuinely."As you, Nyx." He gave her a nod, grabbing his laptop firmly. No doubt Aurora could feel it, itching to control the device of his."Perhaps the three of us can have dinner tonight? My room number is 209." He left he offer hanging, raising a brow. Jem seemed to be doing that much to often lately.

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_Skyye_ replied...
Jan. 29, 2013 at 12:00 am

Tesla: London
Tesla smiled obligingly up at Jem, who towered above her. The man insisted on calling her Aurora when almost nobody did, but she let him do it, there was no harm in it.
Tesla quietly noted the way Jem's eyes flickered with slight confusion between she and Nyx. She had to admit, their pairing was......unusual, at the least. "Yes, we are a "team", if you want to call it that."-she glanced at Nyx with a slight grin-"More like a partnership with a mutual goal."
She peered up at Jem, her eyes searching, "A mutual goal that I think you share, yes?" She smiled lightly, waiting to gauge his reaction, but she suddenly remembered the man standing there. "I'm sorry, Doc, aren't you going to introduce us to your.....friend..here?"
The man's eyes narrowed almost imperceptibly, but he smiled genuinly and held out a hand, "Quentin. Mr. Hail and I had some business, but it seems you do as well, I think I'll be taking my leave."
Tesla shook Quentin's hand along with her head, "No, please, stay. I have a feeling all four of us may be sharing that mutual goal, so I think it would be best if we all had dinner."
She looked up at Jem, locking gazes as she stressed the word "all." Her eyes passed an unspoken message, I outrank you, remember, I kno why you're here. And do you have so little faith in me, Jeremy, I'm not going to bother your laptop or the other devices you have in that bag of yours.
Her gaze flickered to the laptop and bag before rising again to Jem's eyes.

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CarsonFaircloth replied...
Jan. 29, 2013 at 6:33 pm

(Nacho, Leah, would you check out the thread Dani made for me? We have so many characters about to collide, I figured we should. XD)
Bobbi: Fort London
The walk to the human fort was exhausting. Bobbi found herself weary by the time night fell, though she knew they'd have to walk at least until tomorrow morning. If everything went according to plan, they'd catch some sleep outside of the fort before attempting to use their new identities to get in.
Walking the road was easy enough; walking the path they eventually had to split off to take was not. Bobbi's body ached by the time the sun rose, and even more so as she forced down a hard military meal. They rested only once to catch three hours of sleep; even that did little to revive Bobbi. By the time Fort London was in her sights, the sun beginning to drop into dusk, she could have sang in joy.
"There it is." Relief was clear in her voice. "The fort. Thank God."
Groaning, she took a seat on a boulder situated behind a grove of trees, effectively hiding the fort from sight---and hiding them from the fort. She rubbed the back of her neck, wincing. "We've still got a few miles. But we can do that later tonight. It'll be easier to sneak in then. And I'm exhausted."
Bobbi gave Noah a tired look, giving a lazy thumbs-up. "But we made it, right?"
Leona: Central America
Leona was now slowly rubbing her temples, the cigarette Hector held becoming more tempting. She pursed her lips at the thought. I need a drink. If he allows me to stay, that is. And if he doesn't...I'll be an unwelcome guest.
That sounded difficult, and Leona wished desperately he would just let her stay.
"I only know bits and pieces. Of the future," she clarified. "My finest advisor happens to be my best informant; he has very vivid visions, and he also happens to be a talented artist. I've got his drawings, back in my bag." She thought back, remembering setting it outside of the building they were currently in, still waiting for her to bring it in. She'd left it by the Jeep, but that was now long gone.
"I'll get it." She waved a hand, unbothered. "But the pictures, they're...detailed. Fourteen drawings in total; every person I've sent to receive the message, yourself included, are in them more clearly than those in the background. They depict a battle, and that's how I believe this will end: One final battle. I also believe the General plans on this, ending the War with one last punch. He's been ordering us to draw back more, to be less offensive." She frowned. "In fact, we've been getting warnings that possible movements may be occurring in our future---movements from, say, Arizona to Paris. Europe seems to be his target for the last stand."
Leona frowned here. "It gets fuzzy here. The human army, the Gifted army...all in one place. Europe is large, but I can't imagine a single city to hold such a thing, but maybe it'll span many cities. When we strike, it'll have to be there." She thought back to the pictures. "We have to expose him. Somehow. Do something to stall the Gifted long enough for them to see reason, for the humans to realize the mistake.
"Some will still fight." Here, her voice was disappointed. "As you said, not everyone fights for the same reason. Some are bitter, their hatred for the other race too strong to end in one fell swoop. All we can do is try and sway enough to calm the fighting, perhaps even use our Gifts to control the crowd after the General falls."
Leona looked Hector in the eye once more. "Not only Gifted were called for this...humans are involved, too. It means something. If we can work together on this, surely others will see fighting isn't the only answer." She shrugged. "But we can only try. That's all there is. Try and plan, that is. And plan fast."
Nyx: Cat's Eye Inn
Nyx grinned at Jem, nudging Tesla to try and loosen her Captain up a bit, her words harsh and filled with meaning. The boy beside Jem, Quinten, could have been a brother, his height rivaling that of the doctor's, even his features and eyes similar. Nyx oogled for a moment openly, completely unashamed, before Jem's request got through to her.
"Dinner?" She asked brightly, looking at Tesla and then at Jem, noting Quinten by his side. The connection lit like a flame in her mind. "Oh. That's who you had to find. Like Tesla found me." Nyx tapped her head. "Got it. You got it easy."
Only when the boy Quinten said Jem's last name did Nyx blink, honestly surprised. After all, she'd only known Jem when she was younger, and never by full name. Hearing his last name, however, made her realize a sudden connection.
"Holy cow." She gave Jem a wide-eyed look. "Hail? Like, Commander Hail, from over here? You do realize that's the same last name, right? And that his youngest son is in town, like, a mile to our left, right? Are you related?"
Nyx didn't whisper, but nor she did yell. This subject was more tender than that of secret missions, and she was aware of it, even as her mind rejected the idea that this man---her Head Doctor---could possibly have a connection to the European human Commander.

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Kors: Texas Institute

Thump-puh, thump-puh, went the sound waves issueing from the fingertips of a Gifted a few years older than Kors named Fred. He'd been here when Kors arrived for training two years ago, and still hadn't left. Regga joked that they wouldn't let him; he was too perfect at parties. Without him, they wouldn't have a bass line to jam to at these not-so-secret dance parties held every now and then in the downstairs exercise gym. Once the telekinetics had cleared out the equiptment, it actually worked perfectly as a dance floor.

Kors wiped some sweat from across his brow. Regga's floating purple hair reflected the sparkling lights coming from a couple of glowing kids who acted like human disco balls as they danced around the floor.

He nudged Regga and pointed to the wall: Tired. Break. They made their way over to get some water from a stolen cooler.

"Hey, where's Double-H?" Kors wondered suddenly. Regga gestured behind him with his thumb as he sipped. After gulping, he explained,

"She's on guard duty tonight."

No biggie. She never really came to these dances anyways. Probably the spikes.

" 's cool," Kors said. "C'mon, let's go and--"


A gigantic ball of flame dropped through the ceiling, which suddenly had a hole in it, and people were screaming loudly, shrieking.

A second later, two or three of the older ones were springing into action. Neon green bars of solid light began stretching across the ceiling, while kids began disappearing one by one as a wind rushed by them.

"Speedster," Regga murmured in explanation, floating a few inches above the ground, his anti-gravitational powers activating.

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