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The Bargain UPDATE

TheStoryteller13This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. posted this thread...
Oct. 4, 2017 at 3:28 pm

I've made some Progress on The Bargain. Here's the whole thing now. The Bargain
The winter rain fell in chill piercing blades.

He had to do this, for the sake of his wife and unborn child,

he managed to slip through the glades.

In the sleeping town, he knew where to go,

he slipped inside, following the road with his head hung low.
His heart sank when he walked up the doorstep,

he knocked on the door, and heard the lock unlock,

yet inside he had heard no footstep. He watched the door

creak open, to reveal a dusty floor with a cobweb veil,

"It is very rude, to linger in doorways." acknowledged the

black velvet voice of a male. "Come in," the voice added.
Ravis hesitantly slipped through the doorway,

his heart sank to his stomach, with the pricking

feeling that he would be led astray.

“I said, Come in.” the voice commanded,

a hand among the shadows curled its slender fingers

effortlessly to form a fist. As if he had a rope

tied around his waist, he was pulled inside the building,

and with a thud, he landed.
He had landed on a carpet as red as blood and wine,

he could see the sorcerer's face from the candlelight's shine.

Ravis bit his lip as he rubbed his side,

“Now then, what brings you here?’ the sorcerer asked

As his hand slid over a glass of wine,

And watched the clear ruby liquid effortlessly glide.

Ravis was silent, he recalled rumors

Of the sorcerer Hreel Nathair.

The sound of cracking glass caused

The silence to stir, “I will not ask

You a second time,” Hreel hissed tilting

His chin up, “What. Brings. You.

Here?” he enunciated.
“My wife is with child,” he muttered,

his jade eyes betrayed the nervous

waves dancing within him, “But she is ill,

and nothing seems to be helping.”

He added. He shuddered at the claws

Of a chill, as he took a small

Brown sack, and placed it on the table.

Three silver coins, two shards of stained glass,

And four flowers of each of different hue

And scent slipped out onto the table with a lull.

The corner of Hreel’s lips curved slightly

With a smirk, that was hardly a

Payment. “That’s not enough for my services,”

he answered in a tone that was cold

and icy. Ravis looked down in dismay,

“Please, I-” Hreel caused a black

Cloth to slip over Ravis’ mouth, “However,” he

Interrupted, “I’m willing to be lenient.”

Ravis’ jade eyes turned blue with hope, as the cloth fell,

“I will give you


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