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The Fear of Rolling Waters

HannahBanana99 posted this thread...
Mar. 4, 2013 at 8:28 pm

I gripped the railing of the pier, while watching the giant waves of the ocean swallow all light. The clouds began to darken, and the wind tried to drag me back to shore, but I wouldn’t give in.  I was stronger now than I had been, but the vastness of the ocean still made me tremble. The last time I came up here was the day my mother drowned. The memory hit me like those merciless waves, rolling over and over. Just when I thought I recovered, it’d wash me away again. The water traumatized me.
            I rubbed my rough hands together; it was getting chilly. I thought of Angela back home, waiting for me to walk through that door. She’d be there with her teddy bear in her hand, asking me to tuck her in, while my father sat in his bedroom sulking by the window.
            Footsteps echoed on the wooden planks of the pier. “Still scared of the water, Mama’s Boy?” Michael leaned against the railing. He kept a few feet of distance between us like I was infected with some contagious disease. I knew who he was from school; he was one of the popular jocks of Houston High. I turned away in disgust and didn’t answer.
            “Came to face your fears like a real dare devil, huh Sammy?” His blonde hair mockingly whipped in the wind.
 I wished everyone would just leave me alone.
            “Don’t feel like talking?” Michael snickered. Anger bubbled inside of me. I looked the other way and pretended he wasn’t there.
            “So, you’re giving me the silent treatment,” he said with a fake pout.
            I shook my head and ran my fingers through my short, black hair, still facing the other way. He was just trying to get on my nerves. If I ignored him for a while he’d leave.
            I gazed at the horizon; a storm was definitely brewing. Lightning was visible in the distance and the wind picked up speed. 
            “Everyone knows you killed her,” he accused.
            I clenched my fingers around the railing, causing my knuckles to turn white. “Watch it, Michael.”
 “Hey, it’s the truth,” he said, lifting his hands up in defense.
I spun around, piercing him with my sharp hazel eyes, getting as close to his face as I could. 
I felt the clouds building around me. The lightning crackled closer. “I tried to save her,” I said fiercely, “It’s not my fault they rescued me instead.”
“It’s not my fault you murdered her,” he replied casually.
All of my feelings erupted out of their cage, and it felt like electricity was coursing through my veins. I didn’t have control. My hands pinned Michael to the railing. I shoved him with all my strength, almost letting him churn with the waves.
“Say it again,” I warned with clenched jaws.
The wind grew stronger around me; I was the storm. My tears became the pounding rain. He begged, but I felt fire burn through my eyes. He deserved it. Everyone deserved it.
“Samuel, I didn’t mean it,” he pleaded. “Please, you don’t know what you’re doing!”
By now he had to shout over the roaring waves and raging wind. Water sprayed all around us as my grip on Michael’s arms tightened. 
Then, I looked into his terrified eyes. As quickly as my anger began, it diminished. I released Michael and turned away. Tears stung my eyes. My shirt was soaked from the pouring rain which was still hammering against my back. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Michael’s wrists, covered in dark red.
            I ran away with a new fear.

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HannahBanana99 replied...
Mar. 4, 2013 at 8:30 pm

This is just a short sketch that I worked on... Im not sure if I should make it into a short story...Please comment and tell me what u think :)

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Alex_Writer replied...
Mar. 5, 2013 at 9:44 am

This sounded like a really great start!  You should totallty make this a short story, can't wait to hear it

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