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@nime.@ngel posted this thread...
Mar. 2, 2013 at 2:40 am

One night in a village, people started hearing mysterious cries coming from the mountains. The intermittent screams sounded of children crying out in fear. Coming and going; starting at dusk and ending at dawn, but it only ever happened at night. This made commotion and controversy within the village; they wondered whether if they were real children or evil spirits being deceitful. The ones who believed they were real wanted to go and find them, but the ones that didn't forbade it. Most of the people who believed in the cries were young and gullible, or strongly believed in justice, but the ones who were against it were old and wise, or scared. After awhile enough was enough; they set out to find the source of the torturous screams. 

They went searching for hours until the villagers found two little kids; one girl and one boy; they had eyes the color of blood and white nothingness painted on like a canvas. On one, it seemed almost normal, but they were red with the pupils white; like a demon. Even worse, on other eye the colors were flipped. It was same with the boy except the color pattern of each were on reversed sides. Not only just that, that was strange and foreign, they also had two small horns on each side of their heads; the color or death. Other than those features they had the bodies a human.

After a long look at these monstrous beings the villagers started throwing their torches at them with someone saying "GET BACK! GET BACK I SAY!! YOU VILE CREATURES!"
The people started to run in fear; leaving the children alone and burned by the fire and by their words... they of course did nothing to deserve such treatment, but they not could help if others did not want see past their beastly features... Nothing mattered as long as they had each other....That's what they thought until they again begin to cry out in their sleep in the night.... in search for someone; anyone that could.

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NiaraTiara replied...
Mar. 14, 2013 at 10:29 pm

This story is so cool :) It's very interesting and I love the whole meaning behind it.

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