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Unnamed song, need lots of help

CowgirlBri posted this thread...
Jan. 25, 2013 at 12:45 pm

(I really don't know how to make a song...I hope this is a good try.)

They say the U.S.A is a free country, but we are so wrapped up in money, taxes, bills, loans, payments, earnings, where has the peace gone? (where has the peace gooone?, money x6)

Taxes, bills, loans, payments, and earnings, this is what you call freedom? More like imprisonment. (money)

You say we are free yet when we die our family must pay a tax on that? Have you no heart? It must already be a severe pain. (Oooh ooh yea)

[Chorus] They say the U.S.A is a free country, yes we have it better than most, but they lie when they say the U.S.A is a free country cause money runs us, bosses us all around. There is so much greed, it's quite sickening. [Chorus] (Greeeeed, money x4)

We are called the free country, but are we really? Oooooh hoooo ooooh oh oh oh OH are we really freeeee?
(Oooooh money, money x6, yea yea, money)

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