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My Own Worse Enemy

Hijabi_WriterIntheMaking posted this thread...
Jan. 18, 2013 at 3:18 pm

These thought are running in my head I open my mouth,
I try to scream but no sound would come out,
I can’t sleep the dreams are messing with my brain,
I try to forget them but I think I’m going insane,
The envisions are seeming much too real,
 I’m too stressed that I’ve been forgetting to consume a meal,
I’m bleeding red teardrops,
I’ m running from myself when will I stop
I’m worried that I can’t tell a soul,
I know those lies people embedded in my head are starting to unfold,
I’m bleeding red tear drops,
I’m facing my inner demons; will I ever make it back on top?
I try to scream but it won’t come out,
I try to escape there isn’t any out,
So I sit and reminisce on this Castle on a Cloud.
I’m forever going up and never coming down,
Please help me; I’m trying to escape without any out.
Not my Sisters, nor my Brothers, nor my Mother can help me,
It’s just the other part of me that they can’t see,
In the end I’m my own worse enemy.
You’re in a place where no one can hear you,
No one can see you,
And NO ONE can save you.
Why even try?
When I’ll only say….
I can’t save you, I can’t save you,
I can’t save you one more time,
I can’t look you in your eyes,
And tell you things will be alright,
I can’t feed you any lies,
And say “You’ll make it through the night.”
Because in the end I Am ‘My Own Worse Enemy.’

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praise_pray_write replied...
Jan. 18, 2013 at 6:34 pm

Fantastic! Loved the repitition and description but above all the main point "I am my own worse enemy." Great work, keep it up :)

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