The Closer She Gets

April 5, 2017
By NJacobY GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
NJacobY GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

     She's following him again. On my way home, I spot my classmate Allan, who's being followed by a strange woman. She's been following him for some time now. This woman had black hair, very pale skin, and a long black dress that covered her from her face to her knees. She had no footwear. Just a simple sleeveless dress. She was about three feet away from Allan. I'm walking right across the street from where they are. Until an intersection comes by and we proceed to our own ways. The woman stops at the intersection and stares at Allan. That was the last time I looked back. I look back again. She wasn't there anymore. She just disappeared. I didn't bother to look back again. I continued on my way home. Today is Monday.


     The next day, I walk home. I see Allan again. This time the strange woman was right next to him. I see her lips move repeatedly next to his ear. That is the only part of her face that I can see. Her pale lips. I can see Allan's face getting profusely sweaty. I can tell his scared. His eyes were moving from left to right frequently. I can also tell that he was getting nervous. I was thinking of helping him out. I was scared too though. Scared to see such a strange woman following a boy right beside him. I suddenly come to a stop as I almost hit the intersection. I turn to my way, and Allan turns to his. I look back and see the strange woman just stopping at the intersection across me. Just like yesterday. I could see her back facing me, and her head facing Allan. I look back at the path I'm heading. I look back one last time to check on Allan. When I turned around, I saw her staring at me. She was very skinny. So skinny that it seemed like her eyes were popping out. This was the first time seeing her face. She just stood there with her eyes wide open. I ignored her. Once I turned around, I had a sense of feeling that someone was behind me. Right behind me. I ran. I ran straight home. Once stepping foot at the front of my house, the feeling went away. I grabbed my keys to unlock the door, and upon unlocking the door, I heard a scream. The scream was deafening. Like the sound of death itself. After hearing that noise, I rushed to get in the house. Words cannot describe her looks. For she was that horrific. The image of her stare haunted me throughout the day. Today is Tuesday.


     The next day comes and I hear news of Allan. He's dead. His body was found by the intersection. It was time for me to go home. It was empty outside of school. No soul to be found. So lifeless. That's only if you don't count the strange pale woman that was waiting for me. I start walking home. As I walk home, she keeps a distance of about three feet behind me. I look back. I could see her face more clearly than the time before. The long black dress was not covering her face anymore. I could see her face with clarity. Very pale and rough. With eyes wide open. I look back just in time to turn by the intersection. The intersection has always been empty as far as I can remember. Upon walking by the intersection, I stop and turn to my way home. Once I was about ten feet away from the intersection, I turn around to see her. As usual, she stops at the intersection. Except this time, it was on my side of the street. She stares at me. I ignore it. When I look back to see where I was heading, my mind froze. All I could see then was darkness. My eyes open, and I feel a soft cushion behind me. I was in my bedroom. On my bed. Wondering what happened. Today is Wednesday.


     After that day, I decided not to walk home and wait it out. Maybe if I wait long enough she will leave. I'm wrong. She waits there standing, with nothing else to do. Hours have passed and she's still waiting. I don't think this is going to work. I start walking home. She's following me. This time, she's right behind me. Almost touching me. I start running. She starts running too. I ran all the way to the intersection. Amidst running to my destination, I turn around. Even though she's running, I'm way faster than her. I turn back around just in time to stop by the intersection. There was no way she would've caught up with me with my speed. I turn around to check. I suddenly see two glaring eyes right in front of me. Inches away from my face. She was bending over to match my height, and to have her face looming over me. I jumped back out of fear and surprise. Her eyes reflected horrific things. Things I cannot explain through even my most vivid words. I could see pain, suffering, and grief in her eyes, and upon staring at them, my vision could see nothing. Darkness and nothing more. Today is Tuesday.


     I suddenly find myself at the same spot where I was waiting for the woman to leave. She wasn't there. I leave the school and start walking home. Midway through my walk, and I still couldn't see her. I've been looking for her for some time now. Walking home while searching for some strange woman was this hard. Suddenly, by the intersection, I found her. I walked towards her. I needed answers. The closer I got to her, the more clouded my mind was. Clouded with visions of death. I didn't want to go closer, but I needed answers. I persevered through the dark things in my mind. I even saw my own gravestone. With the day Monday on it. I stopped walking. Now in front of her. She bended over to match my height. Everything went dim around me. Everything but her face. Her eyes reflected nothing, as if there were no soul behind it. As I stared to those eyes, she screamed. Like the sound of death itself. Today was Friday.

The author's comments:

The fear of not knowing what's behind us is what drove me into making this piece of writing.

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