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Devil's Diamond: The Origins

May 18, 2019
By DroyStar SILVER, Nagpur, Other
DroyStar SILVER, Nagpur, Other
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It was 2017; one year from the incident of devil’s diamond. Stacy and I use to live in Burlington Street, London. The devil’s diamond was now in a museum under high security in Africa. But there was still a problem, the museum staffs said “Every night a strange man comes in search of the devil’s diamond and two girls named Mary and Stacy.” We were scared, and we couldn’t figure out who was the man, so we decided to stay there one night to know who the person was.

It was 16thmarch 2017, my 26th birthday, and we travelled all the way from London to South Africa as we planned to stay at the museum that night.

We were waiting and waiting for someone to come, and near1:00 A.M someone appeared from the middle of the woods, it was Gorge searching for us. We asked him that how he got here but he was trying to say something else something about a roll of paper he was holding. He showed us the paper it was the map of the mountains of the moon or Ruwenzori Mountains of Uganda. Suddenly, it felt that Gorge dissolved into the thin air. The next day we followed the map to the mountains of the moon, when we reached there it was already dark and we were tired. So, we decided to stay there till morning. After some time, when we were thinking about Gorge someone appeared, someone really mysterious she was sparkling like a star. She told us that she has something extremely important to tell us.

 She said “My name is Athena; my friends use to call me Dracul which means dragon. But who knew that this dragon had to meet Dracula.

It was 1518; we were exploring different parts of the worlds in search of the Tera-Incognita the unknown territory. By “we”, I mean me and my friend Sara. Our search stopped in the south-west part of the world, in a place the world didn’t know about, a place hidden from the eyes of the people. It was the hidden temple of bats in the western wings of the forest. It was dark in the woods, hard for the sunlight to reach the ground. When we reached the temple it was covered with mosses there were red strains on the golden floor, I thought, it was iron oxide but it wasn’t. We were investigating the pillars when suddenly someone strange appeared; he was sucking the blood of a small girl. In a few seconds he transformed into a bat and disappeared in the woods, we ran away from there with the devils diamond but in our way to the town there was an accident and a bright light flashed in front of me and when I opened my eyes I was trapped here from the past 499 years, unable to cross the boundaries of this cave. And if you didn’t hurry Gorge will also be trapped here.”

Stacy asked her “Why would he be trapped here? What have he done.”

Athena said “He has done nothing, but the mechanism which made him come to life was charged by the devil’s diamond.”

We tried to ask her that what we should do when suddenly she said that there is another parts of the devil’s diamond and only the sword of lightning can save Gorge.

I asked her “where is the sword of lightning?” She didn’t answered instead she gave us an old piece of paper and disappeared as the first ray of rising sun touched the ground.

We went back to the museum and saw what was written in the paper, it says “In the land of ice and snow, where brooks covered the heights below, the heavenly lights of dusk and dawn, where the lightning merged with foe your wish will be fulfilled with a blast of snow.”

Stacy and I tried to decode it and found the answer as “the land of ice and snow” means Alaska where the brooks mountain range covered great heights below the northern light as it can only be seen from dusk till dawn. “lightning merged with foe” means that the sword of lightning merged with the devil’s diamond.

On 25th of March we reached Alaska with the devil’s diamond, that night we visited the brook but nothing happened. The next night we visited the brook with the devil’s diamond and the a few seconds the place became cloudy and lightning struck the ground in front of me when I looked closely and saw a sword and I picked it up when suddenly it lit up and the snow fall started and in a flash of light I saw the two lost member of our team our leader Joe and the bravest of us Tony, although Gorge was missing we went back to the town with Joe and Tony. When we were talking I saw a big hole in the sword and tried to fit the devil’s diamond there, somehow I did that and again the lightning struck the ground and Gorge appeared out of nowhere with someone behind him it was Athena, she was now free and had magic, we all were finally together but in a flash of light we all were transported to a different world, out of any human imagination.


I asked Athena “what place is it?”

She said “This is the land of Titans and you, are the chosen one….”

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