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Devil's Diamond: The story of Mary Watson

September 8, 2017
By DroyStar SILVER, Nagpur, Other
DroyStar SILVER, Nagpur, Other
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It was dark; the street was so lonely, suddenly! An old woman appeared in front of my car, I tried to stop the car and I woke up, and found that it was a nightmare. I’m Mary Watson, an archaeologist and it all started when I, got the work of searching “The Devil’s Diamond”. The Devil’s Diamond is a cursed black diamond of about twice the size of Koh-I-Noor.

On 25th November 2016, we visited the national library of India, in West Bengal. There we found a book named “Pishachik Ratna” in a stock of ancient Sanskrit manuscript. It suggested that the Devil’s Diamond or Pichachik Ratna is the only diamond which holds the power of Saturn and if anyone kept it for long, the curse of The Saturn will follow them and send them to death. It says that the Devils Diamond is situated at the heart of the secret tunnel of the Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan but it warned that the evil spirits protects the Devil’s Diamond.

On 27th November 2017 we set out for Bhangarh Fort knowing about its history and the legend of Princess Ratnavati. It was mid night of 1st December and our team of five was travelling by the highway, there was no street light, we were dependent on the head lights. Suddenly, I saw someone standing in the middle of the road; she was dressed in white clothes. I told the driver to the car but it was too late. We thought that the women was crushed by the car, so we looked behind and saw that the woman was standing at the same place, the women looked behind at us. We couldn’t see her clearly but her left hand was a bit unusual, there was nothing but bones covered in blood. We were frightened, so we ran the car as fast as we could and by the morning we reached Bhangarh Fort. We believed that the woman was the spirit of princess Ratnavati.

After two days, on 4th December 2016 we found the tunnel that led us to the Devil’s Diamond and the secret of that old women. I can never forget this date in life. We were going deeper and deeper into the tunnel, when we reached a place where the tunnel divides in three. One of them suppose to lead us to the Devil’s Diamond and the other two will go on forever as it has no end. So our team was divided in three. The bravest of us went to left, our leader went to right and the rest of us walked straight to the middle. The book suggested that we have to go 20 foot straight and then turn right and the next two steps will lead us to the heart of the tunnel. So we followed the instructions but the next instruction was awful. The book said that the “Devil’s Diamond” is with a monster created by the power of the lightning and we have to kill it. We reached the heart of the tunnel, it was like a laboratory where unknown machines were kept and many human corpses were lying one by one on the tables. Suddenly, a man came; we were scared so, we hid behind the pillars. The man looked crazy, he was holding a dead rat in his hand but before we could see what he was doing, we were caught by that woman and this time we could see her face. Her skin was half burned and her eyes were bleeding, her face reminded us of the warning. We tried to get away from her but she trapped us in cage. And then something happened that I can never forget. The women took one of us to the old man. The one she took was “Gorge” the true genius among us. The women ripped off his hand. He was screaming in pain for hours and then he died in that tunnel of secrets and unhappiness. Only I and my friend Stacy were alive in that tunnel, alone with those monsters.
The old man put his corpse on the same table where other corpses were kept. The old man again joined Gorge’s ripped off hand to his body and then something wicked happened. He picked up the wires of a machine containing electric eels producing hundreds of volts of electricity. He connected the wires to the corpse and in a few seconds Gorge opened his eyes and started to walk, he no more remembered us, he was frightened so he ran away. That was my last time I saw Gorge. The women took both of us to the old man, Stacy became senseless in fear.  They thought that she was dead and put her with those corpses. I had a knife so I cut that woman’s hand and tried to run away. But how can I leave my friend lying with those corpses alive. I believed that if electricity can give life, it can take life. So I picked up those wires and threw it on the old man and the women, and in a few seconds they died.

I saw something near the old man’s corpse. It was an identity card, his name was Johann Conrad Dippel, and he was born on 1673   which means he was 343 years old. I suddenly remembered that Johann Conrad Dippel was a germen alchemist and the owner of the legendary burgh- Frankenstein, who died after claiming his discovery of elixir of life. Few people say that he had gone missing from his grave.

I was freaked out, but still, I checked his pocket and then something sparkled in a corner of the room; I went closer and closer and found that it was nothing but the radiant of the Devil’s diamond. I picked up the devil’s diamond and my friend Stacy and ran away from the fort.

I now believe that the legend of Frankenstein is a work of non-fiction. As the real Dr. Frankenstein existed because Johann Conrad Dippel existed.

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Achi said...
on Sep. 16 2017 at 11:48 am
Such a amazing story I have gone through this story. I think you should write a novel on it.

on Sep. 12 2017 at 9:20 am
Willthewiccan GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Interesting to me. I do wonder where your inspiration came from though.The story I would say is quite a nice one and is most likely under appreciated.Fun fact devil diamonds are real and have been known in history to grant the sight/ visions. -ssm willthewiccan good luck to ye