June 11, 2016
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She’s locked in a glass box. No matter how loud she yells or pounds on the thin walls, nobody notices. They look at her sometimes, but mostly she feels transparent, cut off from the smiles, the hugs, and the genuine laughs. No one cares though. They all gaze at her like she's an animal on display, but at least they never directly stare at her for too long. She sees them whisper with wide eyes and fingers pointing to her direction. “Why can’t I break this wall?” she asks herself, “The walls are so thin. Why can’t I shatter them?”

A tear rolls down. Then a few more tears follow until streams pour out from the eyes that are already dried up. She’s tired of crying. It seems like there’s no more tears to squeeze out of her frail body, yet they rain down on her face anyways. Looking out, all her old best friends giggle and blab on and on without her. “They don’t care,” she whispers to herself. The glass cage seems to shrink day by day. Shoving her arms at each side, she pushes as hard as she can at the cage, but it only gets smaller.

The glass cage became so small that she was forced to stand up straight at all times. One day someone approached her. To her surprise, he walked even closer, standing directly in front of her through the glass. He grins, but not out of pity or hostility.

“Why don’t you ever hang out with us?” he asks her gently.

“I…I wanted to” she yells through the cage, “But I just can’t”

“Of course you can. It’s all in your control.”

She looks down from him. If it really was in her control, why hasn’t she been able to free herself? Her palms circle into fists and blast onto the only thing separating her from the boy. He shakes his head and tells her, “I believe you can knock this down. You’re strong. No you’re more than strong, you are unafraid and resilient.”

She spins around and backs up to the glass, “I am… capable? Strong?” The girl closes her eyes, “Yes, I guess so. I DESERVE a life. I am good enough to have a life. I care.”

As she opens her eyes, she feels two warm arms wrapping around her. “It’s been yourself the whole time. You encaged yourself,” the boy says.

“And now, I’ve freed myself from myself,” her lips dip up into a smile, “I could choose to submit to my own insults and fear, but you cared and I broke free”

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