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April 12, 2016
By KawaiiCooper DIAMOND, Winter Garden, Florida
KawaiiCooper DIAMOND, Winter Garden, Florida
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“You’re on a road, taking a stroll. Suddenly, you see a house and decide to explore it…”


The thin gravel road under your feet crunches with every step you take. The immense blue sky above you stretches across the near featureless earth. On either side of you, golden wheat sways in a dull breeze. The corner of your eye reveals a few fluffy white clouds as they follow your path.

The breeze cools you down from the sweltering sun as it stalks you with a burning persistence. You could go like this forever, stuck on autopilot. And you do, until a small shack comes into focus. Dull mocha wood encases the walls, a rotting door jumps in either direction as the breeze presses against it.

The sun is suddenly scorching hot on your shoulders, so you divert from the gravel road and cautiously pry the door open. You take a ginger step inside and scrutinize the inside.

The floor is concrete and covered in rogue pieces of rock and plant matter from the wheat outside. The dirty eggshell walls are coated in cobwebs, and on one wall there’s a picture frame. Inside is an ancient looking photo of a woman. She’s in a white dress and the expression on her face is dismal at best.

There seems to be a chair and a small side table, but both are cloaked in dusty white cloth. Seeing that there’s nothing for you inside, you leave and decide to look at the outside of the shack. With a quick circle of the premises, you discover that there are no distinguishing features other than what looks to be an entrance to a cellar. You tug on the handle, but it doesn’t budge. You kick at the wood, but it refuses to give. Unlike the door, the wood here seems to be in near perfect condition. It’s so pristine it has almost a defensive air to it.

So you return inside in search of a key.

And you find nothing. There is no way to open the cellar, to crawl inside and find what’s kept hidden from the world.

What’s trapped there will stay there, and most likely will for a long while.

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