The Medic

January 4, 2018
By integra BRONZE, Berkeley, California
integra BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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(note if you don’t like the thought of death or gore then don’t read) thank you and enjoy!
P.S This is not 100% nonfiction but I try to make this as realistic as possible.
Note: This is a work in progress!

Chapter 1: Deployment


Dear Reader,

My name is Frank Lynch i'm part of the an cóir leighis (Irish medical corps)

Today me & the lads are heading to the fronts. My squad mates Connor, O'malley, Sean & me have been training medical procedures for almost a year so I think were prepared for the worst...hopefully.    I Better get some sleep.  -Lynch

Chapter 2: Here It Is

April, 22nd, 1915

Dear Reader,

We finally we arrived to the HQ in France. Me & my squad go to the tents & get our equip’mnt then the sarge comes in & tells us we need to hurry up and send support to a squad west of the trench’s, I have to go.      - Lynch

Chapter 3: The Gas

April, 22nd, 1915
Dear Reader,

We’ve made it to west squad & it’s quiet, too quiet, no artillery booming, no bullets, nothing… We unpack our medical supplies & start patching wounds & bringing food & water of course nothing's warm that's impossible. I spot a green mist coming from the german trenches, I yell “GAS!” & quickly grab the gas masks nearby but nobody else does except the medic squads. The gas is getting closer & closer so I run over & put masks on the wounded then I Shout to the scout
“Go, Run to HQ & send reinforcements and make sure they have gas masks!”

I see him get in the jeep & flore it. The gas is finally here & the gas is so thick that we can’t even see the ground but off in the distance Connor & me can hear choking & gasping. I start to panic & then a artillery shell comes out of nowhere & lands in the trench the gas clears out… all I see is death & blood everywhere.
my squad was the only ones without major injuries. 5~ish minutes  pass & the cavalry arrives. Medics, soldiers & guns. Were saved…  - Lynch

Chapter 4: Recovory

Dear Reader,

O’malley & Sean got shrapnel in their arms so we got called back to HQ. I was traumatized all the death everywhere I thought we were prepared but I was wrong, so wrong. I have to stay strong, for my wife katherine & for Ireland!  -Lynch

Chapter 5: Happy New Years!

December, 31st, 1915,
Dear Reader,
Happy new years people! Tonight we get drunker than the ocean is water…  -Lynch

Chapter 6: Almost A Year Later & I Can’t Believe they did it...

April, 29th, 1917,
The Brits actually surrendered. They were over by the town of Kut-al-Amara then they just left, surrendered.  -Lynch

The author's comments:

I was inspierd to write this by the video game Battlefield 1. And Call Of Duty ww2.

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