February 20, 2018
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I took a deep breath and sighed. The night air usually helps me clear my thoughts,but tonight has been different. It’s been hard these past few weeks for me to really think and concentrate on my work; both for school and for other things. I looked up into the brightly lit night sky and observed the moon and stars. I took note of how bright the stars have been these past few years and it seems as if they are only getting brighter as time goes on. Even then areas they had been in past have changed; as if the stars have been shifting to new areas ever so slightly over the millenia they’ve been alive. It worries me. I laid back on the cool grass, continuing my observations of the stars, and listened to the sounds around me. It was quiet except for the occasional footstep of a small animal or bark of the neighboring dogs. I’ve enjoyed the time I have spent in this little neighborhood. My husband and I have found the quietness of the neighbors and the peaceful demeanor the little place holds has a certain charm we haven’t been able to find.  My husband and I have found many peaceful things here that we haven’t found anywhere else. That's when it hit my why I was worried about the starts moving into the right position. I loved it here. Everything here is beautiful; to the grand luster of the bright blue sky to the smallest blade of grass I loved it here. Nowhere else we have been compares to here.

“My love are you going to come inside soon?” I heard my husband ask as he pushed open the backdoor of our home.

“Yeah I shouldn’t be too much longer, hey, honey, do you like living here?” I asked with concern etched on my face.

“Of course why wouldn’t I?”

“Sorry just been worried is all things seem to be changing you know and I just wanted to make sure you still liked being here and all.”

I heard him chuckle as he told me did and went back inside. I gazed back up at the stars one last time; it seemed as if they were taunting me with their brightness and laughing at me with their beauty.  I got up from the ground and began to walk back to the door of my house. I know this scenery wouldn't last forever, but I also know my husband and I will have already left by the time the end does come. I chuckled. Truly with strange aeons even death may die.

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