Talking // Kylux

February 29, 2016
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Kylo is blasting his music again. One arm lies diagonally over his face, the other at his side. He's almost asleep, which would generally be a good thing for him, this man who never rests.


Hux sits down on a chair by the bed and waits for him to finish. After a few minutes, it becomes clear that the song is on repeat. Hux snatches the headphones off Kylo's head and leans into his face to talk to him.


"We need to talk."


Kylo rolls his eyes. It's a familiar gesture by now, one that Hux has learned to tolerate. 


"I'll stop breaking the consoles," Kylo mutters. Neither of them believe that.


Hux sighs and draws a hand over Kylo's forehead, smoothing out his hair with one gloved palm. Kylo nuzzles into his fingers and sits up as Hux steps away from him. 


"It's not about that."


"What a surprise," Kylo says drily. For once, they're going to argue about something unrelated to Kylo's many tantrums.


Hux leans in a little.


"My coat smells like you," he says.


Kylo blinks, caught off guard by this small and slightly ridiculous statement. Yes; Hux's coat now undoubtedly retains some of the scent that covers Kylo, this is a logical consequence of sleeping with someone. 


"What do you want me to do about it?" 


"I don't know." Hux sits down on the bed beside Kylo. This may be the first time he has ever not known how to solve a problem.


"If it makes you feel better, you're too scary to get close to," Kylo says, wrapping an arm around Hux's shoulder. "Nobody is going to be smelling you."


Hux sighs and reaches up to draw his fingers through Kylo's hair absentmindedly.


"That's reassuring," he says eventually. It is, really- the idea that nobody knows what happens behind the scenes. Especially the fact that Hux always goes to Kylo's room. It's far below him to visit anyone for anything. 


And yet...


"Was that all?" Kylo looks up at Hux, momentarily disarming the general with those ridiculous doe eyes of his.


"I... yes," Hux says, snapping out of it. "Yes, that was... that was all."


He can't remember if that was really the only thing he wanted to ask, but at this point it no longer feels like it matters. He stands, plants a small kiss on Kylo's forehead, and sort of pats him awkwardly on the head.


"Yes, that... that's all," he repeats. Kylo looks up at him confusedly, and he leaves, still feeling a little like he was just hit with some kind of very powerful radar.

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