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Test Taking: 5 Habits to Improve Your Score

Test Taking: 5 Habits to Improve Your Scores

Tests. Standardized tests. AP tests. Multiple choice tests. Fill in the blank tests. Pop quizes. Open book tests. The list goes on. Your entire educational career will be full of tests and hopefully you pass them all.

Great study skills and preparation lead to great test scores. Here are a few tips and tricks to help maximize the quality of your studying.

1. Make a plan

Don't get caught off guard. Create a calendar or schedule of your upcoming tests to help organize times for studying and homework. But don't forget to block out some time for yourself to relax and DEFINITELY don't skimp out on sleep.


2. Review every day

The forgetting curve is a theory that estimates the level of information lost over time when a person does not make efforts to retain or remember it. This is true for studying. Making flashcards by hand or online (for applicable subjects) is one of the simplest and mobile study tools to help you review your material everyday.


3. Practice your timing

Teachers often release the format of a test prior to administering it as well as practice or past tests. This is especially true for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and AP classes. If this is the case for your test, time how long it takes to get through all questions so that you can plan to have time to review your answers or work longer on a problem that stumps you.


4. Learn rather than memorize

Your test will most likely reflect the study guide and class work, but it won't be an exact copy. Make sure you learn the root of the question and the material so that you can properly deduce correct information rather than regurgitate memorized information.


5. Understand your learning style

Some people learn by watching others do, some people can learn by hearing explanations, and some people learn by physically doing the work. Each individual has different methods of learning; visual, aural, verbal, phsyical, logical, social, and solitary learning are all different styles of learning. Pinpoint the methods that work best for you and the subject of your studies.

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