What's Your Fall Writing Plan?

What's Your Fall Writing Plan?

Time for a new school year, writers! I always love the excitement of a new season, particularly the fall. As someone who was a student for most of her life, and who still teaches, my life is still governed by the academic calendar. And the fall is a chance for a completely new start. So why not take a few steps now to make sure you achieve your goals this season?

Take a few minutes and pull out a piece of paper or your favorite notebook. No, you cannot type this on the computer! It’s important to write some things by hand to reinforce it in your mind.

First, write down the three creative things you want most to achieve. It could be writing a new story, finishing a handful of poems, or editing that piece of writing that’s been sitting around for ages. It could be writing a novel! Be ambitious but realistic. And be sure to prioritize what you think is most important to get done.

Second, write down the three creative things you want to experience. Good writers immerse themselves in life experience and great stories. So what experiences will be most helpful for your writing? Do you want to see a play or watch a particular movie? What about a trip to the place where your novel is set, or a photo quest to the field, the building in town, the street corner you want to write about? Set yourself three “creative experience” goals.

Third, write down three things you want to read. Good writers are good readers! If you’re only reading what is required for school, you’ll feel more and more that reading is a chore, and you won’t be reading for creative inspiration. Pick three books, comics, or graphic novels that you’ve heard are good, and put them on that list.

Now pin that piece of paper somewhere prominent. As in, a place that you’ll look at every day. Keep that list in mind when you sit down at your desk or when you wake up in the morning. Maybe it’ll help encourage you to crack open that book, or to go for a walk in your neighborhood in a place you’ve never been before. All of that is good news for a productive writing season!