Power Ballad Your Writing and Life

Power Ballad Your Writing and Life

I read recently that eighties power ballads are back in. When walking around town wearing headphones, people like to listen to "Eye of the Tiger" and the theme from "Rocky." It's inspiring to go through your day with a thumping beat and an empowering message -- you can think of yourself as a scrappy underdog taking on outsized odds. And the secret is, you can add a soundtrack to your writing and your life. With the start of a new school year, it's time to power ballad your life.

Swamped with homework? Power ballad it! Pull out the beats and pretend you're a fighter with the big showdown coming up. Doing homework isn't pointless drudgery -- it's your training montage. Writing a new story or poem isn't just difficult fumbling with words -- it's you getting stronger, faster, and better at writing great stuff. You're becoming a master.

The power ballad lifestyle is one that doesn't make apologies or excuses. It's all about throwing your heart into what you do, with the faith that working hard at writing is what is going to make you better at it. So instead of half-heartedly writing a line or two, then checking facebook, throw yourself into that writing and don't let yourself look away until you've written at least a paragraph.

The power ballad lifestyle doesn't make room for quitters. If you're disappointed by where a story is going, don't just walk away from it -- put in some time with the old punching bag and make it better! Just about all the stories and poems that you see selected for publication in Teen Ink or in other magazines have been labored over and edited by their writers. So get in there and do the work that needs doing!

So how will you work a power ballad lifestyle into your routine? Will you hum "Eye of the Tiger" while you're jogging around the clock? Will you think about your training while you're doing math homework? And most importantly, will you use it while you're writing great stories, full of passion and verve?