How the Presidential Elections Changes the Way We Tell Stories

How the Presidential Election Changes The Way We Tell Stories

This year's presidential election might be the craziest yet. Never before have we seen so much name-calling, so many circus acts, and so many wild twists, turns, and surprises. If this is the first election that you're paying attention to, you know what I'm talking about -- and if you aren't paying attention yet, remember why you should.

The future is now! In a funny way, the choices we make now will determine the way the cards of the nation get dealt for years to come. Just think about that for a moment -- it may seem like a never-ending episode of reality TV, but while the characters on reality TV fade once the entertainment is over, these men and women running for president will become the leaders of our country. One of these people is going to be leading the charge to change our country.

So have you been paying attention to the debates and to all the commentary from the pundits? Have you been keeping yourself educated on what policies the candidates would support? And what issues are most important to you? Whether you're old enough to vote or not, it's important to start thinking about your country and the society that you're participating in. What kind of world do you want it to be? And what's most important to you?

We at Teen Ink are hungry to hear your voices and learn what teens are thinking about the election. What are the most exciting things that candidates are saying, and what are the most frightening? Do you think immigration is the most important issue, or jobs? How should we be handling the Syrian refugee crisis, and should we be protecting abortion rights? How about racial issues? What about the issue of police brutality? What is the biggest problem in our country today, and who do you think is the most committed to tackling it?

What's most fascinating about this current presidential race is the odd struggle going on between the issues and the question of fame and personality. Is it more important to vote for a person who has specific plans about the issues you care about, or to vote for the most powerful personality, the person whose character is the most magnetic? Americans are often swayed by the force of personality, and I think we can really see that with the meteoric rise of Donald Trump. Trump hasn't even been very specific about his policy plans (beyond the promise to build a giant wall between the U.S. and Mexico), but he's leading among Republic voters. Why do you think that is?

On the liberal side of things, this might be the first and best chance we've had for a woman to be president. How do you feel about having a woman president, and is that an important reason to vote for Hillary Clinton? Some people have gotten angry at the suggestion that they "should" vote for Hillary purely because she's a woman. But if she's a woman who supports the causes that women support, then why not? The picture of why a person votes is always more complex than it first seems.

Send us your thoughts here at Teen Ink, because we want to hear all about it. Who would you vote for, and why? What's most important to you, and what are you most fearful of when you think about the future of our country? Remember -- we only get the right to complain about politics if we take our chance to raise our voice.