3 Ways Writers Are Cooler

3 Ways Writers Are Cooler

When you're in high school, there's a pretty narrow framework of coolness within which people can fall. Whatever it is at your school - whether it's the football/cheerleader set, or the beautiful and fashionable crowd - it can be tough to be out of the limelight. Writers tend to be nerdy types, not the people who get all the attention when they're young. We're too busy being off by ourselves with our noses stuck in books to worry about parties and prom dates.

But the secret is, it's actually incredibly cool to be a writer. Wanting to write makes you stand out from the crowd in a few key ways. And if you wait just a little longer, and stay true to your writerly identity, you'll find yourself at the center of the coolest club on the planet. Here are a few reasons that writers are the coolest people around.

Writers never stop asking why.

We learn that it's the rebels, the innovators who question authority, who ask why things are the way they are and seek to change it. But all too early in life, too many people settle down and accept the expectations society or family has for them without ever stopping to wonder why some things are seen as good and others are bad. Why is being popular a good thing? Why is owning a lot of stuff a good thing? Why is it a bad thing not to conform? Why is it okay to treat people with less power callously? Does our society encourage us to be consumers? There aren't easy answers to these questions, but writers never stop wondering about them. It's what makes them such curious, interesting people.

Writers are chameleons.

The coolest people are the ones who are able to adapt to the changing demands and trends of the groups around them. Whether it's fashion or music or books or movies, cool folks are always listening to or wearing or reading the latest thing, transforming themselves. But writers scoff at the usual clothing changes average people make. Writers are changing themselves from the inside out every day. Every time they create a new character, they're discovering what it's like to be a completely different person. And if they're any good, they're shape shifting artists, changing their voice, their styles, their tones and their emotions to match.

Writers are Empathetic

When you get out of the craziness of high school, you start to discover that what truly matters in friendship is who you respect and who is willing to be there for you. It's all about compassion and empathy. The secret challenge of being a writer is in bringing compassion and empathy to even your most appalling characters. That doesn't mean that writers are all fountains of sweetness and light, but it does mean that they're a bunch of people are at least wrestling with compassion and empathy on a daily basis. If you're looking for a friend, a friend who is curious, compassionate, and kind, a writer is a good place to start. And if you ARE a writer, well, that automatically puts a few points in your coolness score!