Your Literary Gift Guide for 2014

Your Literary Gift Guide for 2014

There's not much time left before the holidays are upon us, writers, and there may be other writers in your life who you need presents for. Don't be stuck giving out generic ties and other been-there-done-that gifts this season; get something writers really want. And who knows -- maybe you'd like to treat yourself with something literary on this list!

1. Litographs - books in wearable form

I bet you've always wanted to walk around wearing your favorite novel. Now you can! The full text of dozens of classic novels and poems have been turned into the text of these gorgeous t-shirts and posters, shaped in stunning themed imagery.

2. Notebooks, notebooks, notebooks

There are too many beautiful notebooks out there for you to choose from. Everyone has different tastes and desires in a notebook, but beauty and functionality are the two key ingredients. A few personal faves of mine include the classic Moleskine notebooks, the gorgeous cloth-bound notebooks from Bookbinders design, and the tech-savvy evernote notebooks that can be scanned automatically into your computer.

3. Writing tools

Today's modern writer probably uses software to turn his or her stories from dreams into realities. Some of my favorite writing software includes the comprehensive novel-writing tool Scrivener, the ultra-minimalist full screen writing app Ommwriter, and the note-taking app Simplenote. Buy the writer in your life one of these apps and they'll be writing more and writing happier.

So what do you want under the tree or the menorah this season? What writerly gift are you hoping to get, and what writerly gift are you excited to give? Tell us what great literary gifts we're missing!