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Ring Making from Quarter
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Short video/film on how a US Quarter is made into a ring. **Section 331 of Title 18 of the... (more »)
Developing the Deer
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This was a quick and fun video that I made of my drawing process :) (more »)
How to Draw a Ladybird using Sketchbook Express
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Me just being bored (more »)
Who Am I To Say
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Me singing "Who Am I To Say" by Hope (more »)
The Charleston (Back in Time)
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Ted finds a mysterious old fashion photography that inspires his imagination to blossom. (more »)
Colliding Myths Trailer
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This is the trailer for my new Breyer Horse series!! (more »)
The LocketEditors' Choice
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A short film I made for my final at a VCU summer film program. (more »)
Bear With You
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This is a video project we did at school. The song is Bear With You by Trip Lee. (more »)
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Henna Design
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This is a time lapse video of my sister applying a henna design on my other sister. The... (more »)
A day at the museumEditors' Choice
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Gerald is a clumsy adorable character and he spends the day at the museum where he gets up to all... (more »)
Lights, Camera, (but mostly) Action! Teaser
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The intro of a hopefully long-running series of reviews. (more »)
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Washington, D.C.: A Visual Tour
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A tour of famous landmarks in our nation's capitol: - Washington Monument - White House -... (more »)
Ghost Boy (Original Song)
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An Acoustic Demo. I wrote this one awhile ago, hope you enjoy it. (more »)
Normal Freak (Original Song)
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An acoustic demo. I wrote this one just recently, I hope you like it. (more »)
Romney hosts Town Hall Meeting in Michigan
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Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney visited Eagle Manufacturing in Shelby Township,... (more »)

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