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Not About Angels // Music Video Cover
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My cover of \\\"Not About Angels\\\" by Birdy. (more »)
I Lived - Fandoms United
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This is a music video that I made with content from various fandoms. I made it specifically for a... (more »)
Summer of 2015
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An attempt to illustrate myself and my adventures in 140 seconds of film. (more »)
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Photographic Memory
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Photography, writing and reading by me. (more »)
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Like, Share and Subscribe - A Poem
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We need to stop enforcing ridiculous stereotypes on women (and all people really). (more »)
Concert for 1,500 Kids!
This was an absolutely incredible experience I had with over 1,500 children aged 6-11! Wait until... (more »)
Why Haven't I Heard From You (Music Video)
This is a music video of Why Haven't I Heard From You by Reba McEntire that I made at Long Lake... (more »)
Whatt's Around the Coner (original)Editors' Choice
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My original soundtrack piece. I've fallen in love with the intensity of soundtrack music and how... (more »)
7 Minutes
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wallpaperEditors' Choice
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I wrote this song about nine months ago when I was going through a rough time, and honestly, I... (more »)
tmnt 2014 trailer review
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my review of the new trailer. (more »)
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the story of one woman, through many lives. (more »)
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The Final Showdown
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In this Western inspired video, the forces of good and evil encounter each other over a feud that... (more »)

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